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    The presented files for root in the official firmware f800 * Android 9. Based on the official sources PIE of the LG with minimal changes (fixed static boot ).
    Only for F800 * phones with unlocked bootloader.
    Small manual
    LGup firmware in "partition dl" mode KDZ android 9, remove daws aboot, abootbak, laf (
    laf must be left from android 7-8).
    In Fastboot mode, run boot-twrp.bat (the kernel and TWRP will be flashed).

    Go to TWRP: Cleaning - Selective cleaning - select the "ENCRYPTION" swipe ... be sure to before each DATA format .. (This is a feature of this TWRP only), data format, wipe cache and dalvik cache. Reboot TWRP.
    Installing Magisk first, then Lg_rctd_disabler as desired. If you need to disable encryption, flash Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt_03.04.2020, otherwise you do not need to flash this file. TWRP supports encryption MTP+ADB+OTG .
    For F800S only: Before the first system boot, System / Product / Priv-app remove "Findlostphone".
    Next, reboot into the OS.

    TWRP 3.4.0 : Enable MTP before connecting to PC! , Use the data backup with the previously disabled password lock, pin code, ....
    Config TWRP android 9 (us996.zip)

    MTP, second screen...OS no problem F800S version (as in android 7-8).

    The "fixed static boot" and "us996.zip" files are the source for developers who wish to build their own kernel or TWRP.
    Presented as is. any borrowing, modifications and changes are welcome :)
    hi thank you for your effort
    Could you enlighten me about the f800l bootloader unlock
    I have applied the dirtysanta method to unlock then I root with magisk now I am under pie and root with magisk but when I check the bootloder status it displays locked under nougat and under pie (when updating)
    I wonder if the ditysanta method and to bypass restriction of the bootloader to root the mobile or it is a permanent unlock or imissed sme think?
    You can ignore it!
    The dirtysanta method does not bypass the bootloader.
    The bootloader is overwritten by the engineering unlocked from us996 (aboot.img, abootbackup.img).
    With the rule ((LGup firmware in "partition dl" mode KDZ, remove daws aboot, abootbak)), there will never be problems when downgrading or upgrading the android version (repeating the "dirtysanta method" will not be needed).

    In short, "permanent unlock" with an unlocked bootloader from us996.
    thank you very much... in your small manual you did not explain how to use the fixed static boot file because I have this problem thank you in advance for your patience
    Added an explanation of the files.
    one thing if you allow
    it is about mic the caller does not hear me except in free hand I test the mic with app recording it works well I deactivate voice google I resolved by changing some value to mixer_paths. xml but the recording in somme apps like whatsup is very low and not clear in pie and nougat if you have an idea
    The F800 dialer has a built-in call recording and records well. Google Voice is not needed for this. WhatsApp, like many other messengers, does not have a built-in recording, attempts to record by third-party applications often lead to poor quality (the compression quality plays a big role as the connection quality). Try every possible application, even outdated ones, and you might find the right one.

    I can be wrong somewhere, I don’t use call recording.
    thank you for posting this thread, it help me fix my ****ty f800 v20 its working fine now.