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[KERNEL] UnicornHorn Kernel [begonia][AOSP][MIUI]

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Feb 22, 2011
Is there a way to enable quick charge?

Edit: it's a problem with last stock MIUI, tried going back to stock kernel reflashing everything via fastboot, and the problem persisted. Trie MIUI 12.5 China and still without quick charge. Finally today flash A9 last stock and the problem was solved, but A10 12.0.7 probably works too (since it was working before)
Problem not solved, i was fooled since in A9 the double ⚡ showed, but fone still in charging very slowly, but it's not related do kernel.
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    UnicornHorn kernel is a v4.14 Linux stable based, trying to be upstreamed with AOSP Kernel Common , aiming to give a balance of performance to battery life.

     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    - Any custom non CFW AOSP custom ROMs on Android 11 for AOSP
    - Android 10 MIUI 11/12 for MIUI

    Reporting bugs:
    - If you want to report any bugs, please post a logcat and kernel log - I recommend syslog to give all the logs I need.
    If this information is not provided, I cannot - and will not - help.

    - CPU Masks and bi-cluster API support
    - Disable and fix a lot of MTK debug spam
    - Module for get current display framerate
    - MTK modules builded
    - O3 for clang and vDSO
    - Overall improvement
    - vDSO32 support
    - Upstream to the latest Linux kernel 4.14 version available

    Latest Release
    All releases go under this format: UnicornHorn-[revision]_[codename]_[date]

    Telegram Chat:
    UnicornHorn kernel chat

    Flashing Instructions:
    - Be sure to be rooted before flashing this kernel
    - Reboot to latest non CFW recovery, flash this kernel and reboot

    Credits and thanks:
    @m_vaisakh for cleaning MTK debugging
    @Agent_fabulous for his kernel base

    And everyone else that helped me and worked with me on the kernel! PM me if I missed anyone :)


    Source Code:
    UnicornHorn Kernel github

    Version Information:
    Kernel version Linux 4.14.236
    UnicornHorn Version R9
    Kernel Compiler Google Clang 9.0.3
    Based On AOSP Kernel Common

    ROM Firmware Required: Any non CFW AOSP rom based on MIUI 12 for AOSP build and Android 10 MIUI 11/12 for MIUI build
    Status: Stable

    Created 2020-04-08
    Last Updated 2021-06-11
    ? Changelog 05-06-2020:
    Changelog for Zenitsu Kernel Q (Release 1) release

    - IceCream Kernel become Zenitsu Kernel
    - Rebase kernel to AOSP Kernel common
    - Add APEX needed configs values from begonia-q-oss defconfig
    - Upstream kernel to 4.14.183
    - Overclock CPU Big core to 2.2Ghz
    - Underclock CPU Little core to 2Ghz
    - Overclock GPU to 900Mhz
    - Upstream WireGuard to v1.0.20200520
    - Update SLMK commits
    - Build kernel with Clang 9.0.4
    - Only show sha of latest commit instead of branch name + sha on kernel name
    - Remove exFAT and F2FS

    PS: Only compatible with CFW AOSP custom roms

    Check first post for download it
    A new UnicornHorn kernel version is finally available on XDA (previous version were shared on Telegram) !

    • Bye bye DemonSlayer, welcome UnicornHorn kernel
    • Rebase over MIUI Q kernel
    • Disable and fix a lot of MTK debug spam
    • Enable cover and glove mode for touchscreen
    • Add module for get current display framerate
    • Backport Redmi Note 9T (cannon) and enable MTK Task Turbo to begonia
    • Disable battery log
    • Drop battery threaded operations and braindead usage
    • Remove useless + at kernel name
    • Disable more MTK debugging
    • Add CPU Masks and bi-cluster API support
    • Add vDSO32 patchsets
    • Affine IRQ to big CPU for touchscreen and fingerprint drivers
    • Drop a dupplicated venc sysfs
    • Disable thermal log
    • Disable CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB
    • Setup big.LITTLE CPU Masks
    • Unselect systracker and debug latch by default
    • Upstream to 4.14.232


    ? Changelog 07-06-2020:
    Changelog for Zenitsu Kernel Q (Release 1.1) release

    • Fix overclocking with Big and Little CPU core
    • Regenerate defconfig
    • Add CONFIG_BUILD_SALT and enable it
    • Merge ASB 2020 06 05
    • Nuke SdFat
    • Import exFAT from @arter97 and enable it
    • Pre-patch with magisk ramdisk unpack
    • Enable CPU tune for cortex-a55
    • Switch to -O3 for Clang
    • Switch to Google TCP BBR
    • Nuke all useless security mechanism exept SELinux for net sock
    • Enable ARMv8.1 LSE
    • Merge @Sultanxda EXT4 optimization
    • Fix some build warnings (thanks @ZyCromerZ)
    • Increase BLK dev ram zize to 8192
    • Use LZ4 for ramdisk and decompress
    • Remove useless LZO stuff

    • The kernel only supports AOSP CFW custom ROMs

    Check first post of download it
    Yes Havoc is AOSP. However even though this cellphone (RN8P) has miui 11. its android 9. There is no working android 10 for RN8P.

    So why did you write this kernel for an android version that does not yet work/exist with this cellphone?

    I am unable to unbrick my unit with miflashpro or SP flash tools?

    A GSI will not work with a custom kernel, unless you install a compatible dtbo image. This is because a GSI has not modified your boot and dtbo partition. All AOSP based ROMs (again, not GSIs) have the same kernel dtb and dtbo image at this point. If you try to run the compiled kernel against newer MIUI dtbo images, you will hard brick.
    The only MIUI dtbo images I've found working with the compiled kernel are from the initial MIUI 10 Android 9 builds. Consider using the factory preloader, and reading the thread properly.