[KERNEL] UniKernel v8-0002 COH9 [G920 /925]

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Jan 15, 2013
For WiFi Fix, you can run this Code via script in kernel ramdisk.

if grep -q "ro.securestorage.support" /system/build.prop
sed -i -e 's/ro.securestorage.support=.*/ro.securestorage.support=false/g' /system/build.prop
echo -e '\nro.securestorage.support=false\n' >> /system/build.prop

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May 13, 2009
For WiFi Fix, you can run this Code via script in kernel ramdisk.

if grep -q "ro.securestorage.support" /system/build.prop
sed -i -e 's/ro.securestorage.support=.*/ro.securestorage.support=false/g' /system/build.prop
echo -e '\nro.securestorage.support=false\n' >> /system/build.prop

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I used to do that. Now its added to the default.prop in the ramdisk and it works just fine !


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Jan 15, 2013
I use the same line in default.prop but in some stockfirmware this fix don't work

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Mar 12, 2013
Sorry, if the question is lame, but I couldn't find anything in the thread - what is the issue, resolved by the "WiFi fix"?


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Feb 8, 2015
GPS won't work when you install this kernel...

Not exactly. If the kernels firmware version and your Rom base mismatch, then this is true. Otherwise this won't happen. Same applies for mismatching stock kernels by the way. If your versions match, that problem shouldn't occur. Theres also a manual fix for it, I don't remember, but the OP found it. Either way, we're working on a way to prevent this from happening ;)

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    ~~~~S6 UniKernel~~~~

    For Galaxy S6 920 F / I / S / K / L / T / W8
    For Galaxy S6 925 F / I / S / K / L / T / W8

    For Lollipop 5.1.1 only!

    UniKernel Features
    - Supports F / I / S / K / L / T / W8 variants of 920 AND 925 devices
    - Supports 920FS, ID and SD Dual SIM devices
    - All edge screen special functions on Edge devices working
    - Built from official Samsung Sources
    - Full init.d scripting support
    - SE Linux set to permissive (will prevent private mode from working)
    - Stock Clocks
    - Fully working Auto-Root for all 5.1.1 roms
    - BusyBox injection if not detected in ROM
    - DriveDroid support
    - CIFS / FUSE

    Kernel Configuration
    The TWRP flashable kernel now comes with an Aroma installer, allowing you to choose a configuration you prefer. It also comes with 3 preset options - Stock, Performance, and Battery.

    The Stock preset will make the kernel behave exactly as a stock kernel - no turbo mode, CFQ scheduler, stock interactive
    If no pre-existing configuration file is found on the phone, (ie - New ROM flash) the ODIN flashable kernel will also have stock behaviour.

    Every Aroma option is clearly labelled with an accurate description of what the setting will change. You are free to reflash to change configurations or manually edit the /system/unikernel.prop file that is generated by the installer (and then reboot). If you choose either the performance or custom options and enable Turbo mode, do not post in this thread about poor battery life. Turbo mode costs battery. deal with it


    UniKernel v8-0002 TWRP FLASHABLE >>> https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347808102
    UniKernel v8-0002 ODIN FLASHABLE >>> https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347808101

    If you get any FCs after flashing this kernel, wipe cache and dalvik cache in TWRP and reboot.

    UniKernel v8-0001
    - Updated to COH9 Sources (New WiFi Driver and sensorhub firmware amongst other things)
    - Fixed CIFS support
    - Slight modification to ramdisk tweaks when a non-stock configuration is used

    UniKernel v8-0001
    - Updated to COH2 Sources
    - Rewritten unification code
    - Aroma Installer with preset and configurable options (Stock, Performance, Battery, Custom)
    - ALL 5.1.1 ROMs are supported, even early versions, ie - BOFj / COF6

    UniKernel >>> https://github.com/glewarne/S6-UniKernel

    Source contributors
    @ktoonsez - Major contributor to universal patch set
    @edgarf28 - Relentless Testing testing testing, help and suggestions
    @Xileforce - Help, encouragement and some code bits
    @mikeyinid - Help, DHA tweaks
    AndreiLux - Permissive mode patch and some other bits

    Awesome Testers
    @-Mr. X- for relentless and speedy testing
    @sswagonman - Primary 925 feedback
    Kyle - For not sucking any more
    Robert - Primary 925 feedback
    Steve - Primary 925 feedback

    Other Credits
    @Chainfire - For SuperSU included in the kernel

    You, the User, Accept full responsibilty for anything you choose to flash to your own device. I cannot be held responsible for any loss of data, income, revenue, software or hardware damage that may occur due to the use, or attempted use of this kernel.
    As i have said before and will say again, I release based on feedback from my trusted, knowledgeable testers, whose feedback i value much more than the bulk of respondents in my thread who post such wonderfully helpful things like "deepsleep bad rolling back" :rolleyes:

    Have you investigated the issues yourself? Do you even READ THE OP where i post a "stock" replacement kernel? Do you check with apps such as Better Battery Stats which might help you identify the causes of the issue, which in many many cases is an app you have installed? Do you take into account how many notifications you recieve while its sleeping, where you go, what the coverage is like, do you have GPS location still enabled, what WiFi coverage is like, etc etc

    Im sorry but Im developing it how i want and if my testers say its good, its good. I will gladly take on board actually useful feedback but the bulk of the last few pages is just meaningless hearsay, to be frank. If 50% think its better and 50% think its worse, then who is actually right? perhaps its THE SAME :rolleyes:

    I have 6 extremely knowledgeable testers, some of which are well respected devs themselves of various things. They know what to look for, what compromises have to be made and how to actually investigate and feedback on any issues that arise. I trust their feedback 1000% more than what I have read on the last few pages. So im sorry, if you dont like it, use another kernel. simple as.
    Well, after a long, well needed break (from xda, lol) v8 is finally released!

    Please read the OP carefully so you understand how the Aroma installer and the ODIN flashable kernel operate.:good:

    Hello my friends!

    Sorry for my recent absence, i have beeen extremely busy with work recently, festival season and whatnot. But today i bring you a BETA of v7 - a somewhat radical and unique rethink on how to control a kernel :good:

    - Some unification updates for LED and Motor (vibrator) differences between flat / edge models
    - AROMA Installer!

    The Aroma installer will allow you to choose your own kernel options during installation :D. It is a totally clean, app free, ROM modification free way of controlling your kernel :good: The ONLY thing that gets changed on your rom is a unique unikernel.prop file in /system which is only read by unikernel, and nothing else.

    During installation you can choose:
    -- Default IO scheduler
    -- Turbo Mode On / Off (stock) (de-lag)
    -- Interactive tweaks On / Off (Stock)
    -- VM / DHA / FHA / Stock-DHA Settings
    -- Inputboost On (Stock) / Off
    -- GApps Wakelock Fix On/ Off (stock)
    -- Audio Patch autodetected for T/W8 models or International models (allows T/W8 users to use International Roms and vice-vera)

    The Aroma installer defaults to all STOCK Kernel options, each option is thoroughly described and you are free to experiment and choose your own options :good: If you want to change configuration simply reflash and choose alternatives in the Aroma installer :good:

    Massive thankyou to Edgarf28 for getting me started on the Aroma installer and to all my testers who have tirelessly been trying this out over the past couple of weeks

    Download here >>>>> https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347790555

    Enjoy :D

    EDIT: the aroma installer kernel version/date is wrong, but the build is the latest, just need to change some text in the installer which i totally forgot.. Also should add that if just the boot.img is included with ROMs without an included /system/unikernel.prop file the kernel will default to a completely stock configuration, hence no more need for UniBase
    v6 is out!

    links and changelog in OP