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Apr 9, 2014
Xiaomi Poco F3
I have tested Dorimanx 10.50 v009 for a while on SlimSaber by Greekdragon ( 20160519 build ) it's really stable , except that CF Lumen by Chainfire does not want to work in root mod while it work perfectly on stock kernel:confused:

Can you please describe the problem? Is CF Lumen unable to change the display colour? Does the problem still occur when you switch between CF Lumen driver modes (compatibility, performance, hybrid)?


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Aug 24, 2013

Can you please describe the problem? Is CF Lumen unable to change the display colour? Does the problem still occur when you switch between CF Lumen driver modes (compatibility, performance, hybrid)?

I can change the display colour only on non-root mod ( less quality )


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Apr 9, 2014
Xiaomi Poco F3
I can change the display colour only on non-root mod ( less quality )

Can you please provide a logcat when you try to force CF Lumen to enable when in root mode. I will see if I can find the cause of this issue.

My guess is that there is something conflicting with the CF Lumen service/driver which could be kernel related.

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Aug 24, 2013
Can you please provide a logcat when you try to force CF Lumen to enable when in root mode. I will see if I can find the cause of this issue.

My guess is that there is something conflicting with the CF Lumen service/driver which could be kernel related.


I'm currently on stock kernel i will try to provide a logcat when I switch to Dorimanx kernel again .
Thank you


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Aug 24, 2013
Is it not related to Selinux disabled in this kernel while it is in permissive on stock !
I hope this log files can help . Thanks @Saber


  • cf.lumen.log.zip
    90.7 KB · Views: 14
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Apr 9, 2014
Xiaomi Poco F3
Is it not related to Selinux disabled in this kernel while it is in permissive on stock !
I hope this log files can help . Thanks @Saber

Unfortunately, I was unable to see the main cause of this issue. Don't think this is selinux related as having it disabled shouldn't cause issues with apps, only having it enabled will cause issues.

Have a quick look at the logcat, there are a lot of exceptions given from the app but they are unclear (resource missing??? Maybe try removing xposed framework). dmesg doesn't show any issues so kernel is not denying any permissions.
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Dec 31, 2009
I can not turn on the WiFi after flash your kernel
E/WifiHW ( 7662): Failed to open /data/.cid.info: No such file or directory
E/WifiStateMachine( 7662): Failed to load driver
D/WifiService( 7662): setWifiEnabled: true pid=16471, uid=1000
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    Unofficial DorimanX builds by Saber (formerly gsstudios)
    (The resurrection of kitkat kernels)​

    Development has been discontinued due to commitment to lollipop roms

    The Background:
    DorimanX development has stopped for a while now. I've been a long term dorimanx user, but I felt that a lot of features need to be implemented into the kernel. As of a result, I decided to make my own personal builds! Please note that I'm no way as good as the master himself, Dorimanx, but I try to implement features to the best of my abilities. Also, I'm not going to be a proper maintainer of dorimanx kernel, this is just what I've done in my spare time.

    If you have problems or if anything goes wrong, you can flash latest build by Cybernetus
    You can download from his official website:

    The Mission:
    To continue giving support for the much loved kernel. New features and additions will be added to improve flexibility and speed to the already amazing kernel. My goal is to improve DorimanX kernel as much as I can, without sacrificing stability.


    I'm not responsible for bricked devices or wrong version flashing
    You are using this kernel at your own responsibility

    ——— !!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!!!! ———

    This kernel includes the following additional features over stock dorimanX kernel:
    - CPU Governors: HYPER, Ondemand, pegasusQ, Intellidemand, neoX, darkness, nightmare, zzmoove, sleepy, conservative (Default: HYPER)
    - IO Schedulers: ROW, Tripndroid, FIOPS, SIO, BFQ, CFQ, Noop, ZEN, Deadline (Default: ZEN)
    - TCP Algorithms: Cubic, Reno, BIC, Westwood, Highspeed, Hybla, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Scalable, Lp, Yeah, Illinois (Default: Westwood)
    - Updated SuperSU
    - Built with Latest Optimized Linaro 4.9 Toolchain (Smooth, fast and fluid) - Main toolchain
    - Built with Latest UBER 6.1 Toolchain (Smooth, fast and fluid) - Secondary toolchain
    - Built-in Stweaks profiles updated (All profiles suit needs for most people now)
    - Trim support (Be careful if you have brickbug affected chip!)
    - Updated FPBug fix is already included in this kernel!
    - Updated Linux Kernel version to 3.15.0 stable!
    - Freezefix is already included in this kernel!
    - Isorec support

    - Why don't you tell me what to do :)

    - LZ4 Compression (Our Boot partition is way too small to support this)
    - Useless CPU governors such as Userspace 
    - Colour tuning support (Unless someone helps me with this)
    - Recovery version (WIll only consider doing this if working on LP kernel)
    - Higher thermal limits (We all know what happens if we do this)
    - Higher overclocking/Lower underclocking capabilities (So you want less stability and more SODs?)
    - Synapse support (Stweaks is the only app that can fully support this kernel)
    - Linux Kernel version updates (My skills need to improve first before taking on something this big)

    Dorimanx (the real master of the kernel)
    Gokhanmoral (Siyah Kernel)
    Voku1987(This Kernel)
    Alucard_24(This Kernel)
    STANTRC(This Kernel)
    Entropy512 (CyanogenMod)
    Tungstwenty (On screen gestures addon)
    Torvalds (Kernel 3.6.Y maintainer)
    Computoncio (This Kernel)
    cybernetus (This Kernel)
    stelistcristi (Contents of this post)
    chhapil (For helping me with all of the issues, thanks man)
    Chet Kener (For UBER toolchain)
    Christopher83 (For Linaro custom toolchain)
    Lanchon (For TRIM fix and Isorec for Dorimanx)
    Zeitferne (For FP Bug/Music Bug fix and freezefix)
    Realex-fire (Linux Kernel Updates and other ramdisk fixes)

    Refer to third post

    Refer to second post

    Source code of the kernel can be found here:

    - All dorimanx bugs

    - CPU Governor and I/O Scheduler Guide
    - DorimanX tuning guide
    TCP Algorithm guide

    Read post 4 before posting questions!

    And please if you can, also log an issue here: https://github.com/gsstudios/Dorimanx-SG2-I9100-Kernel/issues

    Click here for Q&A Thread

    Check the troubleshooting guide

    XDA:DevDB Information
    DorimanX Unofficial 4.4.x, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S II

    Source Code: https://github.com/gsstudios/Dorimanx-SG2-I9100-Kernel

    Kernel Special Features: See post #1

    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated
    Current Stable Version: 10.50v009
    Stable Release Date: 2017-01-14
    Current Beta Version: 10.50v004
    Beta Release Date: 2016-02-06

    Created 2015-06-03
    Last Updated 2017-01-13

    I test most of these builds to make sure they are stable. There may be some cases where I might not test out a build before releasing it. Kernels marked with '(STABLE)' are safe for everyday use, but only take this as a indication. :)


    CAUTION: All builds marked with 'TRIM' at the end has TRIM enabled. If you have brickbug affected emmc chip, avoid downloading it if you don't know what you are doing! For more information about the trim brickbug, visit Lanchon's guide here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/gal...ives/rom-brickbug-aftermath-speeding-t2843238

    All builds without 'TRIM' (marked as 'NON-TRIM') have trim disabled. These kernels are safe on brickbug affected chips.


    For TRIM users:
    To use TRIM, you can download an app on the app store called trimmer or use terminal commands as directed in the troubleshooting guide.

    And finally, I always see the question on whether to use TRIM or NON-TRIM builds. I recommend using TRIM builds on all devices, even if you have brickbug affected chip. This is because TRIM builds are safe from brickbug as they have been correctly patched up and so it has been used by many users. However, when in doubt, use NON-TRIM builds.

    Isorec (Isolated Recovery)
    Starting from build v002, I have introduced isorec into dorimanX kernel. CWM works perfectly, whereas TWRP can't mount USB storage. More work will need to be done to get TWRP fully working.

    Download for isorec recoveries:

    If you have a dualboot setup or if you want to set up dualboot, you should stay on StanTRC recovery. If you want to return to StanTRC recovery, flash the isorec disabler:

    Forgot to download backup/older kernel/isorec disabler after flashing TWRP?
    Go to download mode and flash a kernel .tar file OR wait until OS boots and copy required files to your phone

    Which build should I use?
    Linaro 4.9: Use this build for best stability. Battery life is not as good as UBER 4.9. This build should only be used as a fallback if all other builds fail to meet expectations or when the other builds give problems.
    UBER 6.1: Use this build for best performance. Performance difference is small and battery life is slightly worse than Linaro 4.9. This build should only be used by advanced or more experienced users (beta testers).

    Beta builds and stable builds will only be uploaded on AFH and github.


    No more build from me :)


    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v009 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Additional security updates from LineageOS kernel source
    - Force Deadline to be used as the default scheduler while not in OS
    - Updated stweaks descriptions from previous commits
    - Re-enabled Software CRCs. DorimanX kernel does experience corruption issues so it is better to keep this enabled. 
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v008 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Security updates from LineageOS (formerly Cyanogenmod) kernel source
    - Change default I/O scheduler to ZEN - CFQ better for hard disks, ZEN is good for flash storage
    - Remove UKSM - The kernel needs to be more in-line with the linux kernel
    - Remove toggle for Software CRCs and disable by default - Tested safe by other devs so why not?
    - Remove power saving workqueues control - Had little to no effect
    - Remove Powersave and Performance governors - I don't keep garbage :)
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v007 (STABLE)[/B] 
    - Fixed TRIM on /data partition - Looks like I forgot to remove discard option, hence TRIM wasn't working properly in all previous builds. My bad :(
    - Stweaks profiles will be reset
    - Synced many updates from MM kernel
    - zzmoove will now use alucard hotplug as the default hotplug
    - UKSM support with tuning support in stweaks
    - Software CRCs re-enabled and toggle added to stweaks 
    - General stability fixes and performance improvements
    - Cleanup to initramfs 
    - UBER 6.1 support
    - Updated UBER and Linaro toolchain
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v006 (STABLE)[/B] 
    [COLOR="Red"]I found that I have missed some changes in the previous build, so this build aims include them[/COLOR]
    - Synced most updates from LP kernel
    - UBER 6.0 support. UBER 5.3 builds discontinued. 
    - Reverted VM tweaks 
    - Updated Stweaks descriptions, synced reorganized hotplug tab
    - General performance improvements and fixes
    - CFQ is the default I/O scheduler for all profiles 
    - Added missing optimizations from LP kernel 
    - LMK profiles now properly enforced 
    - zzmoove will now use intelliplug as the default hotplug method 
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v005 (STABLE)[/B] 
    - This is just a little treat to all the people who still use my KK kernel :) I'm releasing this because I'm not truely satistfied with the experience on KK. 
    - Added MDNIE changing support
    - Removed VFS cache tuning
    - Updated HYPER, SIO updated to SIOPlus, plus many more changes from LP kernel. 
    - General performance improvements and fixes
    - Synced most updates from LP kernel 
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v004 (BETA)[/B] 
    [COLOR="Red"]- This is a kernel end of life build mainly built to fix some kernel issues that still exist after the last official kernel release. No additional features will be added to these releases.[/COLOR]
    - Freezefix has been implemented from LP branch. Evidence shows that earlier versions of android are also affected by the 150mhz bug. This will solve some rare random freezing and will provide additional stability. I didn't add this in earlier builds because I thought there was no need to for an already stable kernel :)
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v003 (BETA)[/B] 
    [COLOR="Red"]- This is a kernel end of life build mainly built to fix some kernel issues that still exist after the last official kernel release. No additional features will be added to these releases.
    [/COLOR]- Low latency audio fix will be applied on boot. DorimanX doesn't support low latency audio which causes games using recent unity versions to sound horrible. Thanks to @dualjoe. If you want to re-enable low latency audio, reflash rom and use different kernel!
    - NON-TRIM builds and UBER 4.9 builds will not be released!
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v002 (BETA) - LAST NON-TRIM AND UBER 4.9 BUILD[/B] 
    - sched: Set MC (multi-core) sched domain's busy_factor attribute to 1. This will increase CPU performance. 
    - fixed compilations warnings thanks to @chhapil
    - Changed swappiness drop down to slider. Allow users to select a more precise percentage. 
    - Limit boot booster frequency to a max of 1.4Ghz. Anything higher will cause many devices not to boot :) Plus there are very few CPUs out there that can run higher than this config. 
    - Added lowmem_reserved_ratio tuning to stweaks thanks to @dorimanX. A higher ratio will give you more free RAM if you see that your free RAM is always loaded and device LAG, but it's also uses more battery to gain more free RAM with loaded system. Please don't use the relaxed setting as you will run out of RAM very easily. 
    - Isorec recovery support. Many thanks to lanchon who has been working with me for the past few days. If you require to dualboot, don't use isorec recovery. I have linked the isorec disabler for people who want dualboot/dorimanx recovery. Also, TWRP can't mount USB storage so you won't be able to transfer files between PC, go back to CWM to fix this. We have isorec on DorimanX :) However this is still a WIP.
    - zzmoove will now use alucard as the default hotplugging driver. 
    - Add toggle for power efficient workqueues. Enable to save power, disable for performance. Fixed parameter permissions. If you disable this, Cortexbrain will automatically switch on this during sleep state to save battery. Avoid using Kernel Adiutor to set this value as stweaks can do this properly.
    - Set profiles with "medium" OOM values to "default" 
    - Synced some VM and memory tweaks from LP branch
    - Minor fixes to some stweaks descriptions
    [B]DorimanX 10.50 v001 (BETA)[/B] 
    - GCC 5.x support. Starting from this build, we will see UBER 5.3 experimental builds for those who want the best performance they can get. Thanks @chhapil
    - Toolchain GCC Version is also included now in zip file name so we don't get confused
    - Synced missing futex updates from Linux 3.15 stable
    - UBER toolchain updated to 2016-01-11 build
    - This build will be built with Linaro and UBER (From now on, I will be naming builds with the selected toolchain)
    - tick: Fix a bug which impacts CPU frequency scaling
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v040 (BETA)[/B] 
    - Upstreamed kernel version to 3.15.0 stable! Lots and lots of fixes for various parts of the kernel, once again, thanks to realex-fire for contributing! ;)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v039 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Various updates to net, ipv6 and futex
    - Change the VM_MAX_READAHEAD value to 512KB for best throughput
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v038 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Updates to net, ipv4 and TCP Cubic
    - Linaro 4.9 toolchain from Christopher83 is being used on all future builds starting from this build
    - Last build using UBER toolchain
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v037 (STABLE) - Linaro[/B]
    - This build is built with latest Linaro 4.9 from Christopher83
    - Comes with all changes from original v037 release
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v037 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Updated UBER toolchain to 20151031 build
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v036 - SCREEN TWEAK BUILD[/B]
    [COLOR="Red"]NOTE: This build might give launcher FC's for some odd reason, doesn't happen with non-tweak build[/COLOR]
    - All updates from v036 is included in this build
    - MOVHYSTI/vitalij value changed to 0 (Super sensitive, suitable for gamers and people who want really responsive screen)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v036 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Reverted I/O scheduler updates
    - Tuned I/O scheduler fifo batch and other tweaks
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v035 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Updated UBER toolchain to 20151025 build
    - Fixed derp in Samsung WL Bug patch (Doesn't make a difference since our phone is not affected anyway. Looks like I will have to recreate the patch files again :) )
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v034 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Removed interactive and lionheart CPU governor (Should fix all, if not most, SOD issues)
    - Fixed zzmoove fast scaling variable number range (should be from 0 to 5, not 0 to 8)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v033 (BETA) - Changed to BETA because of issues with SODs[/B]
    - Added lionheart CPU governor from chhapil's source
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v032 (BETA) -  Changed to BETA because of issues with SODs[/B]
    - Fixed all zzmoove tunables in stweaks. I'm not adding more tunables for zzmoove since it will cause stability issues. 
    - proper zzmoove profile switching has been added (previous solution was more of a workaround). 
    - Allow tunable mode for zzmoove (It's just no profile set, this is required if you want to manually adjust zzmoove values)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v031 (BETA) -  Changed to BETA because of issues with SODs[/B]
    - Added back interactive CPU governor from slimsaber source
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v030 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Reverted updates to zzmoove tunables (fixes broken zzmoove tuning of some variables in stweaks)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v029 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Changed toolchain back to UBER 4.9 and updated to latest version
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v028 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Revert Custom profiles 1, 2 and 3 and related fixes
    - Revert GPU changes
    - Updated default profile
    - Revert Partitions and Root tab
    - Updated UBER 4.8 toolchain to latest
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v027 (STABLE)[/B]
    - We're moving back to UBER 4.8 toolchain (should be more battery friendly than linaro) 
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v026 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Updated zzmoove to 1.0 beta 8
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v025 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Restore Linaro 4.9 toolchain
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v024 (STABLE)[/B] 
    - Reverted WiFi driver
    - Reverted Linaro toolchain to 4.8 for the time being
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v023 (BETA)[/B] 
    - More work on Wifi-driver to get Ad-hoc networks working (Still not working yet)
    - Many minor changes to stweaks descriptions and updates to default profile again
    - Updated kernel update check function (Doesn't work yet, I think it's because there is 2 'v' in the kernel version and build version, in other words it is a WIP!)
    - We're moving back to Linaro 4.9 (Less bugs, more performance!)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v022 (BETA)[/B] 
    - Updated to latest UBER toolchain 
    - Switched to UBER 4.9 toolchain instead of 4.8
    - Revert: "allowed IO Read Ahead up to 4096KB"
    - Allow mod of vfs cache pressure - This is used by cortex background service, don't modify if you don't know what you are doing
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v021 (BETA)[/B] 
    - Wifi drivers updated to 1.141.44 thanks to @stelistcristi
    - Now this kernel surpasses stelistcristi's builds
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V020 (STABLE)[/B] - Tweak your GPU beyond belief :)
    - More overclocking and underclocking of GPU! (All steps can have higher or lower frequencies and voltages)
    - Revert boot boost limits
    - Fixed file permissions
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V019 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Added back powersave governor 
    - Rearranged root actions in ROOT tab to prevent accidental installation/deletion of root
    - zzmoove tunables fixed
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V018 (BETA)[/B]
    - Revert AES updates (this fixes the installation issues)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V017 (BUGGED) - REMOVED[/B]
    [COLOR="Red"]- Please note that there are some installation issues with this build for some users. The kernel itself is fine, I will have to investigate what is the root cause. [/COLOR]
    - zzmoove profile support
    - moved zzmoove tunables into awake section (why was it in sleep???)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V016 (BUGGED) - REMOVED[/B]
    - arm/aes update NEON AES module to latest OpenSSL version
    - Added zzmoove 1.0beta7a to replace zzmanX! No profile switching for now. 
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V015 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Separated CRON tasks into own tab in stweaks
    - Separated partitions fixes into own tab in stweaks
    - Separated root actions into own tab in stweaks
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V014 (BETA)[/B]
    - Updated profiles once again (this should help with battery drainage)
    - Fixes to wifi module (thanks to ruleh)
    - Re-add performance governor to stweaks
    - Allow users to debug stweaks again
    - Fixes to custom profile reset (in recovery)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V013 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Reverted busybox version (This should fix all of the app incompatibilities and errors)
    - Updated BFQ to v7r8 (Bug fixes, speed improvements, etc.)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V012 (BUGGED)[/B]
    - Added 3 user profiles to stweaks
    - Added descriptions to all profiles
    - Apps that require busybox may not work properly in this build
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V011 (BUGGED)[/B]
    - I/O Schedulers updated
    - Busybox updated to 1.23.2
    - Apps that require busybox may not work properly in this build
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V010 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Updated FPU Bug fix thanks to [user=4913978]@oberon0[/user]0
    - Stweaks TCP algorithm cleanup and allowed IO Read Ahead up to 4096KB (Better than the weird option of 2548KB)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V009 -TRIM (STABLE)[/B]
    - Trim now fixed thanks to [user=4354573]@chhapil[/user]
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V008[/B]
    - [COLOR="Red"]TRIM is apparently broken in my builds. I will have to fix this in the next build. Thanks chhapil for telling me![/COLOR]
    - TCP Algorithm settings fixed now
    - Westwood now set as the default algorithm
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V007[/B]
    - Added options in stweaks to choose tcp algorithm (NOTE: The next time stweaks opens, it will ask to discard or apply settings, select DISCARD. In other words, Cubic is set in app everytime the app is reopened)
    - TRIM is broken on this release
    [COLOR="Red"][B]DorimanX 10.45 V006[/B]
    - TRIM is broken on this release
    - TRIM is still enabled and will be for all future builds - Use this at your own RISK![/COLOR]
    - TCP algorithms finally fixed!!!! You can change TCP algorithms with apps like trickstermod
    [COLOR="Red"][B]DorimanX 10.45 V005[/B]
    - TRIM Enabled - Use this at your own RISK![/COLOR]
    - TRIM is broken on this release
    - Reuploaded with extra safety measures for trim
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V004 (STABLE)[/B]
    - Built with Latest UBER toolchain 4.8
    - VR and FIFO I/O schedulers removed (As per DorimanX G2 changes)
    - All built in profiles have been tuned! Make sure to reset stweaks settings if you can. 
    - Max boot frequency limited down to 1.2Ghz 
    - Multiple changes to stweaks (Update tab, etc)
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 V003[/B]
    - Tripndroid and FIOPS can be set now
    - Default profile has been tweaked for better stability and performance 
    [B]DorimanX 10.45 v001[/B]
    - Added Tripndroid scheduler. Fiops scheduler was also readded. Can't be set in stweaks yet.
    - SuperSU 2.46
    - Forgot what else I added XP
    Another quick update to the kernel. I've added proper descriptions to the built-in profiles in stweaks, now you can see some of the changes I've done to these profiles. I've also added an option to use user defined profiles for those who like to customize dorimanx (it's pretty much extra versions of the default profile, however this will help when people want to switch between profiles). So far, 3 should be enough for most people. Don't worry, these profiles are separated, so it looks all organised. You can't restore them in the recovery as of yet, but I might keep it that way permanently as a safety feature. Last change was some various fixes to some descriptions (some descriptions I changed didn't make complete sense before, but now it's all fixed).

    Last note: I've changed the naming scheme for the zips.

    TRIM and NON-TRIM versions are both uploaded today. ;)

    Update: v12 builds have been promoted to stable. No bugs for the past 24hours.
    This is also a quick update on the governors, it seems that lulzactive is bugged on dorimanx kernel. Core 0 frequency is stuck on 1200mhz (default freq) and doesn't scale down. In other words, the governor will not be added back to the kernel.

    One last thing, I'll will make the build with updated driver as experimental. If all goes well, will promote to beta and will push changes to all future builds (as usual procedure)

    Update: More issues occured when trying to merge patches from stelistcristi. Tried to build with stelistcristi's source, yet issues still show.

    Update2: Will attempt to merge lollipop ramdisk as promised soon. If all goes well, I'll create a new thread for lollipop kernel.