Development [KERNEL](UPDATED)(25/8/2021) Epsilon 4.14 + (Sweet/SweetIN)

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Jan 17, 2016


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    * Your warranty is now ... void?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you blame me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Custom kernel for sweet based on Delta, works on all roms (MIUI and AOSP versions included).

    Best performance in my experience, 120 FPS UFO v-sync test, ~90fps pubg, fast and fluid ui etc.


    Go to recovery, flash zip file.


    Download: Attached files

    No battery drain in deep sleep.

    - Better battery life
    - Heating issues fixed

    - More heating fixes
    - Better smoothness



    Full credit to the orignal developer

    Known issues:

    - Pinch to zoom doesn't work on some roms
    After i installed epison my charging speed was decreased to 13 watts only on stock 12.5.8.Even after restoring boot for orginal kernel it was same.Then i clean flashed the recovery rom for same build and now i get full speed.So is epison killing fast charging ?
    Not sure, pushing out a new update in the next hour.
    Just a warning.
    As was mentioned, this kernel can broke pinch to zoom.
    I use LOS 18.1 and for me gesture was broke only in some apps, bearable.

    Later I installed official Telegram app and faced really strange bugs:
    - broken "swipe left to reply" gesture
    - can't move floating picture-in-picture window
    - erratic swipes when open side menu
    - can't rewind voice messages by sliding progress-bar
    Plus in Viber recieved images was very pixelated (yep, this is was due kernel) and very hard to move cursor in TeamViewer

    I performed a lot of tests to find cause, even factory reset. But no luck.
    Remembering about "pinch to zoom" bug I restored original boot.img, this not helped too (see below). And only now figured out.

    Opening post incorrect about versions. It says: "works on all roms (MIUI and AOSP versions included)". Here developer says:
    Multiple people flashed the wrong variant then
    If you flashed _MIUI/lowdimen and have the issue, flash the regular/highdimen variant and vice versa
    I see someone commented 'Theres Epsilon for MIUI and Epsilon regular is for custom roms and aosp based roms'
    This is not true, and I agree the _MIUI naming scheme was confusing, which is why I changed it to lowdimen and highdimen on the Telegram channel
    The _MIUI variant (now the highdimen variant) was supposed to be for ROMs that use MIUI panel dimensions, which does not have to be MIUI, can very well be a custom rom/aosp based rom
    I had "regular" version due custom ROM and it caused all this bugs. After flashing "MIUI"-version bugs with Telegram and Viber was fixed. Would be nice to mention in post trying both variants.

    Also keep in mind, there is special partition "dbto" (Device Tree Blob for Overlay), it is like part of kernel. By flashing ZIP with this custom kernel that parition was overwrited. So to restore orginal kernel you need flash firmware or your ROM again, it contains dbto.img. Or extract it and flash directly in TWRP.

    P.S. Better not to combine different boot.img and dbto.img.
    Nice to see it appeared here..Using the latest version...working fine...waiting for next build.

    Thanks & Cheers!
    Nice to see it appeared here..Using the latest version...working fine...waiting for next build.

    Thanks & Cheers!
    Glad to hear that :)