[KERNEL][WIP] Underworld Sense Kernel v0.8 [Jul 16 2012][GINGERBREAD][SENSE]

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Jul 21, 2011
OK so i think I've messed up the settings on my kernel. Its lagging bad. I was trying to use kernel tuner but there are way too many tweaks that I just don't understand. Does anyone have a tut on how to use it or a thought on an app that works easier?

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Mar 1, 2011


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May 7, 2009
Just hit the Thanks on that post because I ran this Kernel for a long time on my OG EVO. It was awesome. Great Battery life, good performance, excellent :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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Apr 26, 2012
This will be my last post in here unless I decide to pull out my OG Evo to make it strictly a wifi and MP3 player...Thanks for all the amazing work ca1ne it was a pleasure using this for so long!

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    Underworld Sense Kernel

    This is a little something I have been working on. Thank you to those who tested under the "saturday morning" thread. Hopefully I will be able to continue to improve this kernel and add in additional modifications as time goes on.

    And please remember this is a work in progress, so please let me know your results.

    What's in this Kernel


    Stock Kernel
    Patched to
    Enabled Wireless N
    Perflock Disabled
    HDMI Fix
    GPS Fix
    3 Point Touch Check
    10 Point Touch
    Audio Boosted with On/Off Toggle (default setting is on)
    Fast USB Charge with On/Off Toggle (default setting is off)
    Reduced Wifi Voltage (battery savings)
    Read Ahead Buffer Upped to 1024kb
    O/C to 1.229Ghz
    HAVS with Sysfs
    Undervolted to LEE Kernel Settings (tiamat)
    Compiler Optimizations
    Superior Battery Charging (SBC)
    Boosted Audio More
    Extend Wifi Range
    Removed CIQ (Please note - you may encounter problems if you rom has ciq in it)
    Flashlight Cutoff Reduced to 10% from 15%
    Increased GPU Memory Allocation
    CIFS (compiled as module)
    TUNS (compiled as module)
    Front Facing Camera Fix (for inverted) (should work on all gingerbread sense)
    Swap Enabled
    Fixed Hotspot for some users
    2 Way Call Record
    Memory/Scheduler tweaks
    RCU Tweaks
    LZMA Compression
    Removed Some Debug Code
    Enabled EXT4 Support (applied performance patch)
    Add ZRAM (Lzo_compress/decompress) as modules)
    Add HTC Kineto_gan support for wifi calling
    Reduce vfs_cache_pressure from 70 to 50
    Wifi is PM_FAST in standby
    Increased Min Voltages from 925 to 950


    SmartassV2 (set as default)


    SIO (set as default)


    Apply with your preferred custom recovery.

    For Kernel Install
    Make sure to wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache.

    For SBC
    And make sure the phone is fully booted before plugging it in.

    For HAVS with sysfs interface
    You will be able to use Vipermod to change the voltages. To be able to save changes you will need a rom with init.d support baked in. The kernel has already been undervolted, but since everyone results vary depending on their devices, this interface will allow you to drop it lower, just like you have been able to in the AOSP roms.

    For Audio Boost to turn on and off
    Audio Boost On
    echo 1 > /sys/kernel/audio_boost/aboost
    Audio Boost Off
    echo 0 > /sys/kernel/audio_boost/aboost
    Query Audio Boost Status
    cat /sys/kernel/audio_boost/aboost
    For USB Fast Charge to turn on and off
    The below code will toggle it in the terminal, but a cool way to turn it on and off would be to support the original dev who put this mod together, chad0989 by purchasing his widget that controls this version of usb fast charge as well as the patch version. LINK TO WIDGET
    USB Fast Charge On
    echo 1 > /sys/kernel/fast_charge/fast_charge_usb
    USB Fast Charge Off
    echo 0 > /sys/kernel/fast_charge/fast_charge_usb
    Query USB Fast Charge Status
    cat /sys/kernel/fast_charge/fast_charge_usb
    Thanks to Capt_Throwback for finding out a reason for some of the lag complaints. It appears that the Vipermod script installs an older copy of busybox onto the phone. I have attached a copy of the vipermod install script that does not install any busybox.


    I am grateful to all, from the developers, to the end users who
    provide the feedback and use what is created.

    More specifically (in alphabetical order) I would like to credit
    the following developers for their work.


    Also I would like to thank 2 alpha testers who kept me going


    Also I would like to thank the man who tested the front facing camera fix

    buckhunter (tested all 4 options I wanted to check) and is now almost constantly testing whatever insane thing I ask him to flash and test, lol

    And a special thanks to the following donators who gave me some diaper money for the son.



    As with all things, not every variant can be accounted for. Please use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages/bricks/etc that may accompany use of this kernel.

    Bug Reporting

    Post a reply in this thread or pm me, and I will do my best to assist and/or correct bugs.

    Update History

    Enable ext4 support
    Ext4 performance patch
    Add zram (lzo_compress/decompress) as external modules
    Add HTC kineto_gan support for WiFi calling
    Reduce vfs_cache_pressure from 70 to 50
    Wifi is PM_FAST in standby
    Increase min voltages to 950 to make more universal
    Upgrade bfq to BFQ-v3r1
    Modified several of the governors
    Added no Havs versions

    RCU Tweaks
    rcu: repair code-duplication FIXMEs
    rcu: combine duplicate code, courtesy of CONFIG_PREEMPT_RCU
    rcu: apply TINY_PREEMPT_RCU read-side speedup to TREE_PREEMPT_RCU
    rcu: fix sparse errors in rcutorture.c
    rcu: Add tracing data to support queueing models

    use lzma instead of gzip
    removed some debugging code to clean things up

    Tiny_Preempt_Rcu Added (smaller footprint)
    Changed Audio boost to on/off toggle
    USB Fast Charge and on/off toggle
    Patched up to
    Tweaked SIO/VR/Deadline Schedulers
    2 Way Call Record Added per Request
    Reduce vfs_cache_pressure from 100 to 70
    SLQB Memory allocator added
    Tweak io schedulers for flash devices (deadline,sio,vr)
    Ashmem: fix deadlock when system is low on memory
    Interactive/InteractiveX fix possible divide by 0
    Some memory copy macros and functions
    Add 10 microsec delay before fetching setup_data (usb)
    Fix scaling_available_frequencies sysfs

    BFQ Scheduler Added
    OndemandX Governor Added
    Swap Enabled
    Fixed Hotspot for some users

    Fixed the front facing camera with kernel modfications

    Removed CIQ
    Extended Wifi Range
    Flashlight cutoff reduced to 10%
    Increased GPU memory allocation
    CIFS (compiled as module)
    TUNS (compiled as module)
    Tweaked Smartassv2
    Fixed SIO to be default scheduler (again, lol)
    Added Interactive Governor

    v0.2 - Initial Release

    v0.1 - Test Release.


    Underworld v08 HAVS, No SBC
    Underworld v08 No HAVS, No SBC
    Underworld v08 No HAVS, SBC
    Underworld v08 HAVS, No SBC

    Updated OP to v08.

    Please note specifically the addition of EXT4. if you use a2sd you can type: a2sd check
    in the terminal app, and if it says EXT4 yes, then your rom and kernel now can run EXT4.

    I have also compiled some No HAVS versions for those who have difficulty running underworld
    please try these out, their voltages can not be modified, hopefully this will allow others who have
    been running classic/nitrous due to their phone's restrictions to have some fun on underworld.
    Please let me know how this version runs for you, thanks.
    I think I found a flaw in many of the implementations of init.d support in sense roms..

    It almost appears that init.d only runs on first boot and then is disabled..

    Example. If I format all partitions except sdcard, flash a fresh ROM, flash my test kernel that includes a script, then boot, the script makes the changes.. If I then make changes in the script and reboot, I get no further changes..

    Example 2. I format all partitions except sdcard, flash a fresh ROM, do a first time boot, go back to recovery, flash test kernel with the script, upon next boot, no modifications are made.

    When I get time I'm going to play with the ram disk of a ROM, repackage it with the setup I found in CM7, and see if it works... If it does then we have a solution to get rid of needing to use script manager and other apks.

    though if that is true, would need the ROM devs to update their roms... Though I could make some boot.imgs for popular roms...

    So I am excited to see if this theory works..especially since the test kernel has a configurable file that let's you turn on and off audio boost, usb fast charge, governor, scheduler, etc
    Updated to v0.3

    I was trying to figure out how to get the front facing camera to work before releasing, but i haven't cracked it yet, and with the updated source up to possibly a month or so out I figured I should update what I have done already... please let me know if smartassv2 behaves better now

    list of changes.

    Removed CIQ
    Extended Wifi Range
    Flashlight cutoff reduced to 10%
    Increased GPU memory allocation
    CIFS (compiled as module)
    TUNS (compiled as module)
    Tweaked Smartassv2
    Fixed SIO to be default scheduler (again, lol)
    Added Interactive Governor
    Lets use this post finally

    Tips and Tricks

    1. If you are usinig V6 SuperCharger with kernel I/O tweaks. Please uninstall the I/O Scheduler tweak. Failure to do so may casue random reboots. (Thanks Kelldane)
    2. Please navigate to the system/etc folder and scroll down until you find the init.post_boot.sh file and either delete it or move it to a safe place on your sd card. More Info (Thanks Leeboy)
    3. When using smurf, do not use the battery saving settings for Smartass V2 otherwise in most cases it will generate lag on that governor. If you open the 45smurf file in etc/init.d and remove the section with the governer tweaks the lag will go away after reboot. (Thanks Pennie77)
    4. Ensure that your busybox binary is up to date. (Thanks Capt_Throwback)


    havs kernel has an upper and lower range, while the normal kernel has a static range.. i pulled from my source code the havs voltages and commented after the line the original voltage.

    { 19200, 950, 950 }, // orig voltage 1050
    { 128000, 950, 975 }, // orig voltage 1050
    { 245000, 950, 975 }, // orig voltage 1050
    { 384000, 950, 975 }, // orig voltage 1050
    { 422400, 950, 975 }, // orig voltage 1050
    { 460800, 950, 975 }, // orig voltage 1050
    { 499200, 950, 1000 }, // orig voltage 1075
    { 537600, 950, 1025 }, // orig voltage 1100
    { 576000, 950, 1050 }, // orig voltage 1100
    { 614400, 950, 1075 }, // orig voltage 1125
    { 652800, 950, 1100 }, // orig voltage 1150
    { 691200, 975, 1125 }, // orig voltage 1175
    { 729600, 975, 1150 }, // orig voltage 1200
    { 768000, 975, 1175 }, // orig voltage 1200
    { 806400, 1150, 1200 }, // orig voltage 1225
    { 844800, 1175, 1225 }, // orig voltage 1250
    { 883200, 1200, 1250 }, // orig voltage 1275
    { 921600, 1200, 1275 }, // orig voltage 1300
    { 960000, 1225, 1275 }, // orig voltage 1300
    { 998400, 1225, 1275 }, // orig voltage 1300

    { 1036800, 1275, VOLTAGE_MAX }, //overclocked cpu no orig voltage
    { 1075200, 1275, VOLTAGE_MAX }, //overclocked cpu no orig voltage
    { 1113600, 1275, VOLTAGE_MAX }, //overclocked cpu no orig voltage
    { 1152000, 1300, VOLTAGE_MAX }, //overclocked cpu no orig voltage
    { 1190400, 1325, VOLTAGE_MAX }, //overclocked cpu no orig voltage
    { 1228800, 1350, VOLTAGE_MAX }, //overclocked cpu no orig voltage