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[Kernel][Xperia P]Xperia SSpeed kernel v4 released|Fast, stable, smooth, NTFS[02/08]

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Apr 21, 2012
Awesome. Xperia P record probably.

Gonna tweak sd card and see can I beat optimus ;)

Try to put the 2D render to work with the gpu , In GB , go to System>lib>egl>egl.cfg and remove the line "0 0 android'' , this will help you to up your benchmark.

In ICS, with ICX kernel , i getting 2854 with this option enabled ( in ics , you can use this setting , only checking "force Gpu rendering on 2D" :D


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Jan 13, 2012
Thats very old post, and that's on GB. Im on ICS now, but thanks.

Sent from my bright Xperia™ P.

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    I present to you
    KA Xperia SSpeed kernel v4
    02/08: Xperia SSpeed kernel v4 released
    Please hit the thx button if you like my kernel :D

    Dear Xperia P users,

    This kernel is based on latest stock sources. I'll continue to add more features to the kernel in the future :)

    I hope you enjoy my kernel :D

    == features ==
    - Pre-rooted
    - basic NTFS support
    - Added lot of things for better performance
    - Small changes for battery life

    == download == Xperia SSpeed kernel v4 ==
    - XDA Fileserver: KA Xperia SSpeed kernel XDA Fileserver

    - Mediafire: Xperia SSpeed kernel v4 CWM

    Kernel.elf: Xperia SSpeed kernel v4

    I kindly ask everyone not to mirror my download links. Thank you

    == Important information ==
    - The extra governors aren't optimized for our new Xperia 2012 devices yet. So lag or reboots can occur
    - The extra I/O schedulars are also not edited for Xperia 2012 devices so they can also cause lag.
    - Overclocking is a risk, be aware it can harm your device if you do things wrong.

    == credits ==
    - Nick Holtus/ICX & atarii for helping me build my first kernels
    - KeiranFTW for the recovery
    - Doomlord for his work on Xperia 2012 kernels
    - Sony for kernel sources
    - And everyone who helped nick and Doomlord ;)

    == Installation instructions ==
    Important! Only for unlocked bootloader
    1st method flash in CWM:
    - Go into recovery and install the CWM zip :)

    2nd method manual installation:
    1) Flash the kernel:
    - Open up fastboot and type: fastboot flash boot kernel.elf

    2) Install the Wifi modules using root explorer:
    - Go to system\lib\modules\\kernel\net\compat-wireless\drivers\staging\cw1200
    - Rename cw1200_core.ko and cw1200_wlan.ko to cw1200_core.ko.back and cw1200_wlan.ko.back
    - Copy the wifi modules from my kernel into the same folder and change permissions to rw-r--r--
    I am not responsible for damage to your device, use at own risk!

    == Future Updates & changelog ==
    - Check third post ;)

    == kernel sources ==
    - sources: github

    == Known Bugs ==
    - Report them and I will try to fix them as soon as possible

    ==Signature image==

    Sent from my Xperia™P with SSpeed rom.
    What? :p. Kernel flashed the boot logo only. Kernel couldnt flash the rom, cause rom's size is like 160 mb and kernel's is 10 mb.
    To update the rom you must put a zip file on 'sdcard' - internal storage, then when phone boots it vibrates once when u press power and then second time when blue led turns on. Thats when you press and hold vol up button and recovery boots. Now you select 'install zip from sdcard' and point to the rom file. I recommend custom installation unless you want chineese keyboard etc. You navigate on rom installation menu using vol and home buttons.
    Hope i helped, I can make a video if someone wants.

    Sent from my Xperia P with SSpeed rom.