[Kernel][Xperia U]Xperia SSpeed kernel v6.1|Fast, stable, smooth, recovery[31/07]

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Feb 16, 2011
Please make the Overclocking kernel like other devices have means we can chose the clock frequency. I hope so we can be able to attain upto 1.4 ghz...


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Mar 20, 2009
Boot loop

Hi everybody!
I would like to try this kernel, but I have a boot loop...
I'm running a stock rom with 6.1.1.B.1.54 firmware + CWM and my XU is rooted...
I have just flashed the .zip in recovery... Did I make some mistakes?

Thanks and sorry for my english =/


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Oct 2, 2012
If you can afford to read few previous replies, you'll come to know that this kernel is only for Gingerbread and not for ICS (6.1.1B.1.54).

That is why the bootloop occurs.

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Oct 2, 2012
Ohh thank you! But it's not in the description...
Do you know if there are some custom or tweaked kernels for ICS?

This kernel seems great, it's so bad there is no ICS version =(

For ICS too there are great kernel's out there.

U can try Vengeance Kernel / Munjeni's kernel / The Brains kernel / Sliding_XU.

Just search for the respective kernel inside Xperia U Development section and u'll find it.

PS: Am not advertising but my personal fav. is Vengeance Kernel because it supports lots of governors and I/O schedulers + has Overclock ability till 1150MHz. Though it is not much but it is really great.
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    I present to you
    KA Xperia SSpeed kernel v6
    31/07: Xperia SSpeed kernel v6.1 released & changelog updated on 3rd post
    Please hit the thx button if you like my kernel :D

    Dear Xperia U users,

    This kernel is based on .564 stock sources. I'll continue to add more features to the kernel in the future

    I hope you enjoy my kernel :D

    == features ==
    - Pre-rooted
    - recovery
    - Added things for better performance
    - Small changes for battery life
    - Extra governers: Pegasusq

    == download == Xperia SSpeed kernel v6.1 ==
    - XDA Fileserver: KA Xperia SSpeed kernel XDA Fileserver

    - mediafire: Xperia SSpeed kernel v6

    == download == Stock kernel ==
    - mediafire: Stock kernel Xperia U

    I kindly ask everyone not to mirror my download links. Thank you

    == Important information ==
    - The extra governors aren't optimized for our new Xperia 2012 devices yet. So lag or reboots can occur
    - The extra I/O schedulars are also not edited for Xperia 2012 devices so they can also cause lag.
    - Overclocking is a risk, be aware it can harm your device if you do things wrong. But dont worry, 1.15Ghz won't harm your device :)

    == credits ==
    - Nick Holtus/ICX & atarii for helping me build my first kernels
    - KeiranFTW for the recovery
    - Doomlord for his work on Xperia 2012 kernels
    - Sony for kernel sources
    - And everyone who helped nick and Doomlord ;)

    == Installation instructions ==
    Important! Only for unlocked bootloader
    1) Go to recovery
    2) install zip from sdcard => choose my kernel zip file

    I am not responsible for damage to your device, use at own risk!

    == Future Updates & changelog ==
    - Check third post ;)

    == kernel sources ==
    - sources: github

    == Known Bugs ==
    - Report them and I will try to fix them as soon as possible

    == Signature image ==
    == Changelog ==

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v1 [18/06] ==
    - 1.1GHz OC
    - pre-rooted

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v2 [19/06] ==
    - 1.2 GHz
    - Changed frequency's from 600Mhz, 800Mhz, 1Ghz to 700Mhz, 950Mhz, 1.2Ghz
    - Added governors: Interactive, Smartass, Minmax, Smartassv2

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v3 [19/06] ==
    - 1.15GHz OC
    - Added Governors: Scary
    - Added I/O schedulars: SIO & VR
    - Added extra CPU frequency's

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v4 [21/06] ==
    - Added NTFS support
    - Updated Jhash to v3
    - Added added XZ compression and decompression
    - bumped VM_MAX_READAHEAD to 1024
    - Added JRCU & SQLB memory Allocator
    - Disabled CIFS for better battery performance
    - More small changes :)

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v4 [08/07] ==
    - Started all over from kernel Sources
    - only made some small changes

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v6 [30/07] ==
    - New logo
    - Added recovery
    - Flashable kernel from recovery so wifi modules will be no more pain in the ass :D

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v6.1 [31/07] ==
    - kernel version fix
    Reserved for downloads or maybe something else in the future ;)
    Can I ask a question?WHy are you releasing new kernel 100Mhz more at a a time?

    For safety reasons, we haven't been able to add VDD (voltage control) yet so it's not safe to go higher then 1.2GHz at the moment. Maybe 1150 is even better. The Xperia U, P and Sola are devices with st-ericsson CPU (Novathor 8500) and it's very difficult to make OC at the moment..

    The only thing we can do is change the stock frequency's, we haven't been able to add freq's yet... As soon as we found out how to add new frequency's we will start searching for VDD and better OC ;)
    V2 is released :)

    == Xperia SSpeed kernel v2 ==
    - 1.2 GHz
    - Changed frequency's from 600Mhz, 800Mhz, 1Ghz to 700Mhz, 950Mhz, 1.2Ghz
    - Added governors: Interactive, Smartass, Minmax, Smartassv2