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To get it working i had to scroll a lot, struggle a lot so Im going to leave my instalation process, maybe it will help somebody.\
XZP G8142
My phone was encrypted and couldnt use newflasher.
1. Ive downloaded .80 ftf from (xperiasite)
2. Flashed it with flashtool, excluded TA
3. Formatted userdata to avoid "couldnt mount data" or "32gb error" (cant remember did 32gb error affected xz or xzp - didnt wanted to risk anyway) (~fastboot format userdata)
4. Flashed twrp 3.2
5. Flashed (in twrp) kernel, dm-verity disabler, magisk 20
Phone boots fine. Kernel works (see image below)
I think it can be working on .107. Were trying without dmverity what caused bootloop, as well as on .80. dm-verity is essential.
Also maybe im retarded but screen framerate havent changed, was it deleted or Im not enough educated to get it working
Has anyone tested this kernel on the newest firmware .107 ?
Tried on existenz .107, but havent flashed drm fix which solved the problem on .80, you can try with .107 n dm!


edit: Works with existenz .80
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Oct 20, 2013
Hi, the download link doesn't seem to work do you have another link where I can download from? Thanks.


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Mar 2, 2020
not work

I installed kernel but does not work on kalinethunter, I tested with an external wifi dongle but does not work
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May 21, 2013
Flashing this on .107 firmware with existenZ 10 caused infinite xperia logo stuck on screen, for anyone curious of trying.
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    *** Disclamer
    Please behave responsibly and avoid thermonuclear war. I am
    not responsible for any bricked devices, etc.
    This is Zest Kernel. It's an optimized kernel for our device which includes a few nifty features. Built, on every security update, you'll have the best of the best. Features will be listed below and shared, to the most of my ability, across all my supported devices. This isn't just my kernel it's yours too - request any features you like and I'll try to add them in. However, I'm also busy with studies so please don't ask for dumb stuff.
    • Built on UBERnaro toolchain
    • PaX security commits
    • DTS Android port commits
    • 32-bit vDSO for faster syscalls
    • High tickrate to avoid jitter
    • Kali Nethunter aircrack-ng support
    • 120Hz display
    Installation instructions
    * Flash via TWRP, or Franco Kernel Manager
    * Enjoy!
    Latest is on my website, all versions available at ftp://ftp.lasterhub.me.
    Special Thanks To
    * @Myself5 for his Sony support
    * Bartcubbins/Pavel for his advice and corrections

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Zest Kernel Projecc, Kernel for the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    Source Code: https://gitlab.com/ZKP/maple

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2019-02-09
    Last Updated 2019-05-28
    New update, new installer, better everything. This new update should solve all your flashing problems with the new AK3 installer. I also added 120Hz SUPPORT (buggy atm so not default) and cleaned up the kernel a bit.

    Later on today I'll post a faster more optimised kernel built with GCC 9 by @kdrag0n and some more cleanups so look out for it on my FTP Server.


    Thank you for using it.
    Did you include double tap to wake up in your kernel

    Released an update:
    • UFS flash now uses noop i/o
    • eMMC flash now uses deadline i/o
    • TCP now uses veno (optimised for wireless networking)
    • Double Tap 2 Wake (DT2W) is added (not set by defualt tho)

    To set DT2W use a kernel manager to set /sys/devices/virtual/input/clearpad/wakeup_gesture to 1.
    Update out! Basically all cleaned up.
    New release this morning, has .8.24 fix and compiled with 8.x toolchain.