[KERNEL][Z] DooMKernel (v22)[20140413]

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Dec 8, 2009
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro
You mean Sony will release it for the XZ family ;)



He mean on doomkernel, not official update. ;)

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May 25, 2012
Why do all the changes I've made to the kernel settings (disabled dt2w, freq, governor, voltages...) go on stock at EVERY reboot.

It really annoys me, how can I fix this?


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May 25, 2012
Now that's strange.
Any other modifications that could block faux app? Do the settings apply once you open the app?
No, I use Greenify but Faux isnt hibernated
Settings dont apply at all (they get deleted on every boot and I have to set them again and again)

I can get over kernel settings (set in Faux) but I really have to disable dt2w because my phone sends mails and watches videos on YT while in pocket


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Jun 7, 2012
No, I use Greenify but Faux isnt hibernated
Settings dont apply at all (they get deleted on every boot and I have to set them again and again)

I can get over kernel settings (set in Faux) but I really have to disable dt2w because my phone sends mails and watches videos on YT while in pocket

To disable dt2w you can use an init.d script.

Create an file on your SD named 99dt2w.
Open it and type or paste following lines:

echo 0 > /sys/android_touch/doubletap2wake

Save it and move it to System/init.d
Set correct permissions (0755 or 0777)
And reboot.

For s2w same procedure but you name it something like 99s2w or whatever u want and using following lines :

echo 0 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake

Alternatively you could install performance control, wich is also included in existenz rom.
For me disabling dt2w and s2w works via this app and I use it as build.prop editor too, and for testing / setting my undervolting values ;):thumbup:


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Oct 27, 2012
Hi @DooMLoRD

I dont want ask for eta but i know do you want to continue this kernel or not?!

Thank you very muich for your nice work

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Would be nice if this Kernel is also availabe for the 10.5.1.a.0.283 Firmware.

DooMLorD is busy with his job, hence he finds very little time for development.. Maybe he'll give us XZ users one last stock based kernel when he finds time..
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Jan 7, 2013
after unlock or root wifi not work i flash doomkernel now im stuck on boot doomkernel im on kitkat444 10.5.1.A.0.283 anyhelp plz :( now how can i enter in recvery :(
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    ----------------[ ANNOUNCEMENT ]--------------------

    DooMKernel v22 released!

    ----------------[ ANNOUNCEMENT ]--------------------

    DooMKernel for Xperia Z!!!

    [ intro ]

    so friends i present to u the legendary DooMKernel!

    thanks to all the testers who are testing this on their device!

    [ screenshots ]


    more incoming soon!

    [ disclaimer ]




    [ features ]

    • updated to latest CWM (thanks to @[NUT] ) [v22 onwards]

    • added new tweaked CPU frequency governors: [v22 onwards]
      • LionHeart
      • Intelli-active

    • shifted combined ramdisk to LZMA compression [v22 onwards]

    • added Xperia Reboot app support exclusively for my kernel users! now you can use app to enter into any recovery from the OS! [v21 onwards]

    • multi-recovery solution! {here is how to use it!} [v21 onwards]
      • added PhilZ touch recovery as a THIRD select-able recovery :D (thanks to @Phil3759)
      • updated to CWM - official touch CWM recovery :)
      • updated to latest TWRP

    • disabled Dynamic F-Sync in kernel - this was causing lot of kernel crashes, kernel should be more stable [v21 onwards]

    • changed to native DoubleTap2Wake thanks to @championswimmer , should be better for battery life, here is how to use it [v21 onwards]

    • updated stock ramdisk to (4.3) 10.4.1.B.0.101 firmware [v21 onwards]

    • updated with 10.4.1.B.0.101 firmware kernel sources [v21 onwards]

    • compatibility for Sony 4.3 firmware! [v20 onwards]

    • updated to latest CWM - official touch recovery! [v20 onwards]

    • sped up reboot into recovery from OS! [v20 onwards]

    • update stock ramdisk to 10.4.B.0.569 firmware [v20 onwards]

    • update kernel to 10.4.B.0.569 firmware kernel sources [v20 onwards]

    • added code to fix MAC address issue (thanks to jerpelea) [v19 onwards]

    • added fix in prima sources for using patch wlan config bin (thanks to jerpelea) [v19 onwards]

    • added Sweep2Wake enabled by default {here is how control this} (thanks to showp1984 for the original Sweep2Wake implementation & alnikki25k for porting it to our Xperia Z!) [v18 onwards]

    • added DoubleTap2Wake enabled by default {here is how control this} (thanks to showp1984 for the original DoubleTap2Wake implementation & alnikki25k for porting it to our Xperia Z!) [v17 onwards]

    • update stock ramdisk to 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware [v17 onwards]

    • update kernel to 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware kernel sources [v17 onwards]

    • added small scripts for easier system mount/remount (sys_rw & sys_ro) in ramdisk (/sbin) [v17 onwards]

    • added ZRAM, ZCache & FrontSwap with fixes (thanks to faux123) [v16 onwards]

    • kernel now compiled using LZ4 compression [v16 onwards]

    • patches for improved CPU hotplug efficiency [v16 onwards]

    • patches to msm_thermal (thanks to franciscofranco) [v16 onwards]

    • now using O3 compiler optimizations [v16 onwards]

    • added optimized AES/SHA1 routines [v16 onwards]

    • added True CD-ROM emulation interface (thanks to FrozenCow) {here is how to use it!} [v16 onwards]

    • configured HID_SONY as a module and enabled SONY_PS3_CTRL_BT - this may solve the BT device connectivity issue [v16 onwards]

    • added FIOPS I/O scheduler [v16 onwards]

    • fixes to GPU Simple Governor (thanks to franciscofranco) [v16 onwards]

    • added tweaked CPU auto_hotplug driver (thanks to mathkid95, motley) [v16 onwards]

    • added back ROW I/O scheduler, intelli_plug CPU hotplug controller, Samsung's open source exFAT driver - these are now handled right in kernel ramdisk [v16 onwards]

    • updated to latest CWM Recovery CWM [v16 onwards]

    • updated to latest TWRP Recovery TWRP [v16 onwards]

    • updated CWM Recovery to CWM (thanks to @jeroenqui) [v15-new onwards]

    • updated TWRP Recovery to TWRP (thanks to @jeroenqui) [v15-new onwards]

    • removed ROW I/O scheduler, intelli_plug CPU hotplug controller, Samsung's open source exFAT driver - this was done to maintain compatibility with stock exFAT modules [v14 onwards]

    • updated and enabled kernel level Sound Control to v3.0! [v14 onwards]

    • added intellidemand (v4.2) CPU frequency governor [v14 onwards]

    • added ROW I/O scheduler [v14]

    • added intelli_plug (v1.6) kernel level multi-core controller (replacement for mpdecision) with ECO-Mode! {here is how control this} [v14]
      eco-mode disables two cores and makes the device like a dual-core device! hence giving better battery life when performance is not required!

    • added support for LZ4 compression of kernel [v14 onwards]

    • updated kernel level Sound Control to v3.0 (currently disabled) Sound Control v2.1 is still active! [v14 onwards]

    • added inbuilt init.d script (00load_exfat) to auto mount exFAT/FAT32 partitions of external memory card [v14]

    • added Samsung's open source exFAT driver v1.2.4 [v14]

    • Merged Prima wlan modules revision [v13 onwards]

    • numerous kernel patches to support the new wifi drivers [v13 onwards]

    • fixed "time & date resetting on reboot" issue [v12 onwards]

    • fixed GPU control compatibility with some apps [reverted to generic sysfs interface] [v12 onwards]

    • added newer firmware for Prima WLAN module [v12 onwards]

    • updated Dynamic FSync to version 2 [v11 onwards]

    • added new GPU Scaling Governor: simple {here is how to change GPU governor} [v11 onwards]

    • added intelli_thermal driver for thermal control! {here is how control this} [v11 onwards]

    • updated kernel sources to 10.3.1.A.0.244 (4.2.2) [v10 onwards]

    • custom wifi modules [v10 onwards]

    • updated stock ramdisk to 10.3.1.A.0.244 [v10 onwards]

    • updated CWM Recovery to CWM (thanks to FXP) [v10 onwards]

    • updated TWRP Recovery to TWRP (thanks to @[NUT]) [v10 onwards]

    • updated kernel sources to 10.1.1.A.1.310 (4.1.2), 10.1.1.A.1.319 (4.1.2) & 10.3.A.0.423 (4.2.2) [v09 onwards]

    • updated stock ramdisk to 10.3.A.0.423 [v09 onwards]

    • updated stock ramdisk to 10.1.1.A.1.307 [v08 onwards]

    • new controlled GPU overclock support upto 533MHz! GPU will always boot at 400MHz! {here is how to control GPU O/C} [v08 onwards]

    • added new bins for GPU: 533MHz & 487MHz! [v08 onwards]

    • now using compiled WLAN modules instead of stock! - FLASH KERNEL PACKAGE THROUGH RECOVERY TO GET WIFI WORKING! [v08 only]

    • using new PRIMA WLAN sources (updated to [v08 onwards]

    • added Simple I/O Scheduler [v06 onwards]

    • added Wheatley CPU Governor [v06 onwards]

    • added and enabled Dynamic File Sync [v07 onwards]

    • added and enabled Overall Freq Stats [v07 onwards]

    • added and enabled MSM CPU Freq Limiter [v07 onwards]

    • force 500mA charging current on unknown chargers [v07 onwards]

    • GPU increased lowest freq bus speed [v07 onwards]

    • lowered CPU undervolt voltage to 600mV [v07 onwards]

    • lowered voltage for 192MHz by default [v06 onwards]

    • CPU overclock upto 1944Mhz! (almost 2GHz!!!) [v01 onwards]

    • kernel patch to restrict CPU bootup at 384Mhz to 1458Mhz [v01 onwards]

    • kernel level Sound Control! { here is how to use it} [v04 onwards]

    • added 192MHz lower cpu frequency bin [v04 onwards]

    • added USB force FastCharge code - allow users to force USB charging at 1000mA [v04 onwards]
      (warning on FastCharge from Entropy512)

    • faster reboot into recovery [v04 onwards]

    • GPU OverClock upto 487MHz [v03 only]

    • added CPU Voltage Control interface (VDD) {here is how to use it} [v02 onwards]

    • removed CPU auto throttling restrictions by disabling MSM_DVSC [v02 onwards]

    • smooth scaling along CPU frequency table [v02 onwards]

    • added Cortex-A15 optimizations for compiling [v05 onwards]

    • compiled using latest toolchain GCC 4.7 Google [v05 onwards]

    • shift to XZ compression [v05 onwards]

    • enabled RTS write [v05 onwards]

    • updated to latest recoveries CWM & TWRP [v07 onwards]

    • added dual recovery! standard CWM Recovery + TWRP 2.4.3 {here is how to use it} [v03 onwards]
      TIP: if u are experiencing very slow backup in CWM do this

    • added DooMKernel bootlogo [v01 onwards]

    • startup script (init.d) support! {here is how to use it} [v02 onwards]

    • ramdisk tweaks [v01 onwards]
      • kernel is insecure (ro.secure=0) [removed v10 onwards]
      • adb server is persistent
      • usb debugging enabled
      • rootfs and /system mounted as rw [removed v10 onwards]

    • Support for exFAT formatted external SDCARDs [ OPTIONAL ]

    Known issue with overclocking

    [ credits for features ]

    • FreeXperia Team (especially Jerpelea) - for too many things!
    • Faux123 - for CPU & GPU overclock code, voltage control, kernel level Sound Control GPL sources, lots of other patches, you rock dude!
    • gokhanmoral - for smooth scaling
    • krabappel2548 - for TWRP 2.4.3
    • Dees_Troy - for TWRP 2.5.0
    • [NUT] - for TWRP
    • jeroenqui - for TWRP & CWM
    • FranciscoFranco, motley-git, Chad Frobel - for the USB force FastCharge interface
    • FranciscoFranco - for Cortex-A15 optimizations, bunch of other things!
    • cdesai - for RTS write
    • mathkid95 - for the SIO Scheduler, bunch of other things!
    • Ezekeel - for Wheatley CPU Governor
    • showp1984 - for DoubleTap2Wake
    • alnikki25k - for porting DoubleTap2Wake to Xperia Z


    [ requirements ]

    • Xperia Z [C6606/C6603/C6602]
    • stock JellyBean FW
      • 4.3
        • .101 - v21, v22
        • .569 - v20
      • 4.2.2
        • .2.67 - v17, v18, v19
        • .244 - v10, v11, v12, v13, v14, v15, v15-new, v16
        • .423 - v09
      • 4.1.2
        • .307 - v08
        • .253 - v07
        • .434 - v03, v04, v05, v06
        • .350 - v01, v02
    • bootloader unlocked
    • working fastboot
    • android app for overclocking like SetCPU (paid) or NoFrills CPU Control (free)
    • android app for USB FastCharge control - Kernel Tuner (free)
    • android app for kernel level Sound Control - FauxSound Audio/Sound Control (paid)
    • android app for True CD-ROM Emulation control - DriveDroid (free)

    [ how to install my kernel ] (via recovery) [RECOMMEDED]

    1. download the kernel package update.zip
    2. save the package update.zip to sdcard (of phone)
    3. reboot phone and enter recovery
    4. flash the kernel package update.zip
    5. reboot phone and enjoy the kernel ;)

    [ how to install my kernel ] (via fastboot)

    1. download the kernel package update.zip
    2. save it on c:\ and extract the boot.img from the package
    3. save the boot.img to the folder containing fastboot binary
    4. flash the boot.img using fastboot:
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
    5. reboot from fastboot
      fastboot reboot
    6. the device should now start booting
    7. now follow the instructions to flash kernel through recovery as there are many files which need to be placed in system for compatibility/stability!
    8. enjoy the kernel ;)

    1. start SetCPU/NoFrills CPU Control app on ur phone (or any other app which supports overclocking) (u may get a popup asking for SuperUser permissions, click ok/yes/allow)
    2. now slowly increase the MAX slider to the right (one notch at a time) to increase the maximum frequency limit
    4. SLOWLY increase the frequency one notch at a time and do stability/testing for few hours

    [ tips / recommendations ]

    1. before u report any battery drain issues please read this:
      [GUIDE] HOW-TO Properly Evaluate Battery Life and Provide Useful Reports

    2. faux123 has posted very nice info regarding most features

    [ my kernel sources ]

    Just a statement regarding kernel source: The Kernel Source is released for all at GITHUB repo given below. BUT Free software does NOT mean no work or time was spent working on it. A lot of my free time has gone into patching/testing this kernel/features integrated in this kernel. If you use my modified kernel source in parts or in its entirety, I kindly ask you mention its origins and to send me a github pull request or PM whenever you find bugs or think you can help improve my kernel hack further. This way the entire community will truly benefit from the spirit of open source.

    Thank you !


    [ donations ]

    if u feel that this work has helped u OR u think that the work i put into making this is worthy of donations, then click on the following link for buying me some coffee/beer/etc ;)



    you can buy one of my awesome apps from Play Store!

    [ downloads ]

    DooMKernel v20 and upwards will NOT be compatible with older 4.1.2 OR 4.2.2 FW! please update to latest 4.3 firmware!


    Goo.im Mirror

    Xperia-Files mirror


    please take a backup of your system before flashing the kernel! and clear data of overclocking apps before flashing kernel! else you will get major bootloops!

    v22 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v22 (mirror)
    [ MD5HASH: 04fb7632fff994eed3ec243134da2e5c ]


    v21 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v21 (mirror)
    [ MD5HASH: b1785807a504056cab5b0d4847516511 ]

    v20 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v20 (mirror)
    [ MD5HASH: 8ef227d6c1c4e6f01b01ed5e304e5a46 ]

    v19 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v19
    [ MD5HASH: 73f0d06fec3c131b058b8fbca2177346 ]

    v18 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v18
    [ MD5HASH: 6a0e0d39923b50b0e78cbb0f9e645f67 ]

    v17 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v17
    [ MD5HASH: 96a2b0cff7c2e304aa612ba0db8ee964 ]

    v16 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v16
    [ MD5HASH: c005d4f17753ea2a46ffaf9fa26dd28e ]

    v15-new (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v15-new
    [ MD5HASH: db4622f80ba87db6fbd010376fd39ff8 ]

    v15 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v15
    [ MD5HASH: e0073c9f3d1fe38294724cee692b66fe ]

    v14 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v14
    [ MD5HASH: 8801cb8cb73b65ad5133c3ed4e6e1469 ]

    v13 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v13
    [ MD5HASH: d547b1a095c399b18c8a0f8772110477 ]

    v12 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v12
    [ MD5HASH: e462ac61dc38324c43774e5ef2d55aea ]

    v11 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v11
    [ MD5HASH: 7dce473910e3cebc7019774b6364e71e ]

    v10 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v10
    [ MD5HASH: 8cc5d8beb961054313ca6115c50ab388 ]

    v09 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v09
    [ MD5HASH: 9ec1decbfb03b063e99aa3af59172597 ]

    v08 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v08
    [ MD5HASH: 01ecb565a814ecd737d1442a18d77b06 ]

    v07 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v07
    [ MD5HASH: 487eff66c8d7b4c6e024b35918483401 ]

    v06 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v06
    [ MD5HASH: 10a40f907cdc305187a889e4133c1814 ]

    v05 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v05
    [ MD5HASH: 86164dcfde05790aac0bd4f86368c1f4 ]

    v04 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v04
    [ MD5HASH: fe2898e1a9bedbe9f6bfd95d6e0c77ba ]

    v03 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v03
    [ MD5HASH: 7b28ee7b118e1785f8c45bda327385e7 ]
    ( Recovery Flashable ZIP )

    v02 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v02
    [ MD5HASH: 674c3ad9232f344f35a00ef92d9ba033 ]
    ( Recovery Flashable ZIP )

    v01 (changelog)

    [Xperia Z] DooMKernel v01
    [ MD5HASH: 0584435f63aab191b3af55d18dd833ac ]

    Please do as much testing as possible and report back if you are running into any issues!



    Known issue with overclocking

    It has been observed that the overclocking sometimes reverts back automatically to stock settings especially after heavy CPU load and if the device heats up.

    I think have found why this happens:
    1. Android OS level
      • there is a binary called: /system/bin/thermald which writes lower CPU freq values to the CPU sysfs interface if the device starts heating
      • there is also an app "Overheat Control" which i suspect is doing something similar
    2. Kernel level
      • there seems to be some sort of fail-safe in place "msm_dcvs" which resets the CPU to 918Mhz or 1026Mhz or 1512Mhz
      • could also be some other things i am still searching

    now there are ways to circumvent these issues but given the risk of the damage associated with overclock for long time i think its in our best interest to not screw with these fail-safes...

    To Do List:

    Merge all features from my Xperia S (LT26) kernel:

    detailed list:

    • main kernel
      1. add VDD interface (DONE)
      2. remove CPU auto throttling restrictions (DONE)
      3. disable CIFS (DONE)
      4. add GPU O/C (DONE)
      5. add GPU governor (DONE)
      6. add CPU governors (DONE)
      7. AVS
      8. I/O schedulers (DONE)
      9. unlock 192MHz frequency (DONE)
      10. screen gamma control
      11. increase USB OTG voltage (?)
      12. slide2wake
      13. exFAT support (DONE)
      14. ZRAM (DONE)
      15. cleancache, frontswap (DONE)
      16. XZ other compression support (DONE)
      17. msm_hsic_host wakelock fix (?)
      18. mpdecision (?)
    • ramdisk
      1. add dual recovery CWM + TWRP (DONE)
      2. add init.d support (DONE)
      3. add my own UC Tocuh CWM Recovery
      4. import customizable init.something.rc from /system/etc
    hey guys finally my laptop is back!!!

    upgrading my phones right now... lots of firmwares released in the past few days ZU GPe, Z1, Z2...

    will start off with Xperia Z kernel KitKat support work on top priority!


    DooMKernel (v07) Released!


    • updated to latest souces 10.1.1.A.1.253

    • updated Sound Control to v2.1 - now supports Headphone control! (thanks to faux123)

    • added and enabled Dynamic File Sync (thanks to faux123)

    • added and enabled Overall Freq Stats - this will give correct idea of the time spent by the particular CPU in that state (thanks to faux123)

    • added and enabled MSM CPU Freq Limiter - this module will allow proper max CPU freq control across all MSM cores (thanks to faux123)

    • force 500mA charging current on unknown chargers - this is a good safety net to protect device with unknown chargers (thanks to FreeXperia)

    • GPU increased lowest freq bus speed - this should make the GPU stay at lower frequencies properly (thanks to Entropy512)

    • GPU rework sysfs implementation (thanks to Entropy512)

    • lowered CPU undervolt voltage to 600mV - now u can undervolt more :)

    • updated to latest CWM6.0.3.2

    Please do consider sending me donation if you like my work!

    download links at first post!

    Keep watching the TO-DO list for planned/work in progress features


    done.. synced with git..


    its a HUGE change!

    it will take time to merge this into my active kernel sources... so tonight i will be working only on the Z kernel :)