keweonDNS - now with improved Certificate (iOS, Mac & Android)


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Apr 7, 2010

check the blacklist please. i think now its gone crazy even is blocked.... and others things i send to whitelist but nothing changed...

Public available DNS:

Take a look at this thread:

Background System:

The current system needs 42 Server (!) in the Background that everything is working.
Actually the entire infrastructure is hosted on 5 different providers.

How does it work?

The entire System works with several Servers. Ubuntu, FreeBSD 11 and my own build Operation System based on UNIX is installed. The entire developement and all source codes are not public available. There is more than 14 yrs of work inside.

Current Blacklist size:

39.585.224 Domains (export to TXT)
Current Virus/Ransomware Blacklist size:
18.853.587 Domains (export to TXT)

Current Blacklist contains:

Tracker, Malware, Spyware, Adware, Advertising, Poison Websites Fake Software (Adobe Flash Updates which is in real Malware/Virus) & a few false/positive Sites.
To cover all HTTPS errors because a lot of Advertising Vendors display and spread this crap via https to the world I have created the keweon Root Certificate. Allmost every Malware and Spyware will be installed via HTTPS. The Root Certificate is only responsible to suppress all https error messages for all this Advertising and poison things.

Which Systems are working and acting with keweon?

The keweon System is tested on almost every Operation System and Devices (iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, Samsung TV, etc... ) It's currently running within 3 companies because I know the Admins there. You can use it within you private environment but please DO NOT USE it within a Business environment.

Why I can't use it within a Business environment?

There are 2 reasons for it.

1. I want that the entire system becomes free for private and personal usage and I already have requests from Companies and even from the Public Sector that they are interested about to use the System. As long as there are too many error within the System I don't have the option to sell this as an Business solution. That's the deal.

2. Private for free, Business needs to license it. Of cause, the current system needs to be a bigger and stable system..

Does my traffic runs trough the keweon System?

Not even one byte from you or your device will flows through my servers. Also the same with the HTTPS things. Take a sniffer or wireshark or NirSoft Network Suites and you will be surprised. All HTTPS Ads traffic will be terminated with "0" bytes which will show to you that there is no sniffing or spying from my side.
It would not make any sense that I drop all this crap traffic, blame to the advertising Industrie and I do exactly this things which I want to prevent?
Btw... This fact was also the problem why I have had no success with investors. They want that I enable data sniffing or user sniffing but I would rather throw away the entire system & developement than doing what they want.



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Feb 20, 2010
Using this dns results in https error when trying to browse
I'm using the regular dns without the certificate.
The strange thing is, I get the https error when I browse the site through any chan app, but when I open it from a regular browser, it works normally.