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Kill voicemail notification, dead, forever. And burn its house to the ground.

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Mar 17, 2008
Not sure if I am alone in the world on this, but some spammer has figured a way to craft a text message that activates my voicemail indicator.... and keep it on.

I've actually had TMo disable my voicemail (I don't use it, forward to GV instead) and it still appears.

All the normal tricks of clearing this or that fail, if I reset/restart phone, it will show back up (just disabling and enabling airplane mode seem to actuate it) .

I'm Android 10, OnePlus Nord N10 5G, bootloader unlocked and rooted, and haven't figured out where this notification count is stored... I'm now at the point of grabbing the AOSP code for com.android.phone and hacking the notification out (seems to be in NotificationMgr.java) .

Can someone talk me off the ledge here, or point out an easier way? The source seems to reference a method called getVoiceMessageCount() of a Phone object obtained from PhoneGlobals.getPhone(x); I regret I don't know enough about android to figure out how that property is stored/set.

I'm kind of curious how this loophole is being triggered, too, I might be able to disable the exploit.