Kindle Fire Flashable Recoveries/Bootloaders/FFF/TWRP/COTR/CWM[2015]

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  • Sep 21, 2011
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    Thanks, that's what I looked at but it got me confused (e.g. it references files that don't exist, and I don't know if it's OK to use the "blaze" one if the docs say to use the "otter" ROM). That said, it led to the noob thread so I'll look there and will post there if I am still confused.
    Blaze and Otter are basically the same.
    And interchangeable
    OtterX is different

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      Note: Some of the links in this thread were part of the DevDB project,​
      which discontinued in Dec 2020.​
      A new server is now up with those files.​

      Note:With the Fall of I will be posting Mirrors OtterX files here:​

      See Post 2 for ZIP DownloadsFor installing in recovery
      • These are TWRP/COTR/CWM Recoveries for the kindle Fire 1
      • Unlike the Official .img files, these are installed with a current custom recovery.
      • These are used for upgrading or downgrading current Recovery.
      • These are also safer because the checksum is verified before flashing.
      • I did not create the recoveries or the script that installs them, just combined/edited them, and tested that they work.
      • Some zips were created by others and i'm just linking them here.

      See Post 3 for Image DownloadsFor flashing in Bootloader/Fastboot

      Thanks to: Hashcode, DooMLoRD (CWM), Sblood86 (COTR), Dees_Troy (TWRP)

      XDA:DevDB Information
      Kindle Fire Flashable Recoveries TWRP/COTR/CWM, Tool/Utility for the Amazon Kindle Fire

      sd_shadow, Hashcode, and mlkjuggalo

      Version Information

      Created 2014-07-10
      Last Updated 2015-01-09
      OtterX TWRP and Bootloader Files

      With the fall of, I will post mirrors for Otter X files in this post.
      These are for Kindle Fire 1 with Otter X Project only

      Otter X TWRP
      Install in Recovery Zips
      • - (7.26 MB)
        - XDA - Mega - Drive - AFH - DevHost -​
      • MD5:702dfa90054d26074d92eb4c7263b7c1
        XDA - Mega - AFH - Drive - DevHost -​
      • (7.4 MB) MD5:
        XDA - Mega - AFH - Drive - Devhost -​
      • (7.3 MB) MD5:
        XDA - Mega - AFH - Drive - Devhost -​
      • (7.8MB) MD5:dc0abfd1cd81550655c7bd9969bf4fb0
        XDA - Mega - AFH - Drive - Devhost -​

      Flash in Fastboot/Bootloader images
      • otterx-twrp- (6.8 MB)
        - XDA - Mega - Drive - AFH - DevHost -
        [*]otterx-twrp- (7.26 MB)​
        - XDA - Mega - Drive - AFH - DevHost -​

        [*]otterx-twrp- (7.18 MB) - MD5 Sum: ec8e8a67492d5fd06494f854bb59b2ae​
        - XDA - Mega - Drive - AFH - Drive - DevHost -​

        [*]otterx-twrp- - (7.23 MB) -​
        - XDA - Mega - Drive - AFH - DevHost -​

        [*]otterx-recovery-TWRP- (7.7MB) MD5:3531c74f67a7e440cde59cf2e01ecee2​
        - XDA - Mega - AFH - Drive - DevHost​

        [*]otterx-recovery-TWRP-3.0.0-0.img 8.6MB md5: 225e41c3ecf9d424ad0a0034b64d810d​
        AFH -​


      Otter X bootloader
      Install in Recovery Zips
      • MD5: 462dee51b484c32bc8632a9aff66a085
        - XDA - Mega - AFH - Drive - DevHost​
      • MD5: 34b76e2a1422e94beecb59f7a94bfc67
        - XDA - Mega - AFH - Drive - DevHost​

      Flash in Fastboot/Bootloader images
      • otterx-u-boot_v2.05.bin (233.13 KB) MD5:
        - Mega - AFH - Drive - DevHost​
      • otterx-u-boot_v2.04.bin (233 KB) MD5 Sum: 241a3fd1edad0a0d95886ddeb4693e1c -
        Mega - AFH - Drive - DevHost

      DevDB Backup

      20 June 2015: Fixed XDA links

      Download, copy to SD Card.reboot to TWRP
      Install in old TWRP>wipe cache and dalvik>reboot​

      If you are going to install stock
      use,, or

      till I fix the links use or downloads tab

      [SIZE=+1]Flashable Recoveries[/SIZE]
      For kitkat/CM11 Only - - -​

      For Jellybean or ICS, Not for KitKat or Stock

      Safe for Stock/GB/ICS/JB---Not For Kitkat/CM11 (COTR)-(sd_shadow)--XDA----------DevHost - -​

      Safe for Stock---Not For ICS-JB-KK (sd_shadow)---XDA----------DevHost-------------AFH--------------Mega​
      [SIZE=+1]Flashable Bootloaders[/SIZE]
      Should be compatible with all non-OtterX project Roms including Stock (Hashcode) - Mega - md5sum: 4e9d277a31a2a26d33156edf5abbf0e4
      ---- (Hashcode) - Mega -
      v1.4a md5sum: 419c53b922c963082454b14b7de75a90
      OLDER should not be any reason to use these...
      FIREFIREFIRE 1.3 (kinfauns)-------
      FIREFIREFIRE 1.2 (pokey9000)------​
      uploaded but MTP and mount USB options did not work for me.

      I think 2.8.02 is out
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