[KITCHEN][06/05] UOT Kitchen (Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen) version 4.0

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Nov 28, 2014
UOT-11-28-15-45-1/UOT-11-28-16-13-1 not at pickup

Hi ive been a long time use of your program my orders are not coming up now i understand where you say time can take up to a hour but the mac capacity of these files can't surpass 8mb and ive waited about 30mins so far and in the past its only taken me 6mins tops waiting can you please look into this?
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    Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen



    UOT kitchen on XDA-TV

    XDA Insider with Sean

    Kitchen features:
    • Battery mod for Xposed framework (NEW!)
    • Support for Android JB 4.2 (NEW!)
    • New ApkTools for better ICS roms support
    • Battery mod for ICS roms
    • Notification window for qhd/hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms (NEW!)
    • Bootanimations for qhd/hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms (NEW!)
    • Flashing folders for system files
    • Additional patch to fix images
    • Custom battery for MIUI rom
    • Settings download/upload
    • Support for TouchWiz roms
    • Quick settings tab
    • Lockscreen pattern
    • Lockscreen lense style
    • Lockscreen rotating style
    • Lockscreen sliding tabs
    • Lockscreen icons
    • Custom loading circle
    • Custom list dividers
    • Notification window for hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms
    • Pulldown background animation
    • Volume and Download bar customization
    • Flashing script for Data++ Roms
    • Popup customizing
    • Support for stock odexed roms
    • Support for GB roms with Sense
    • Optional Theme preview
    • Overscroll glowing
    • Font packs
    • Supporting Theme Chooser for CM7 roms
    • Enable transparency in status bar for GB roms
    • Supporting Gingerbread roms
    • Edify and Amend installation script
    • Supporting hdpi and mdpi roms
    • Patch9 images auto-fix
    • Super Circle Battery with %, version [A-P]
    • Custom style battery, version Z
    • Themed icons for status bar
    • Uni-color icons
    • Customizable notification drop-down window
    • Bootanimation changer
    • Corrected files for popular roms/themes
    • Custom battery for MIUI rom
    • Showing battery % while charging
    • Custom charging animations
    • Windows animations
    • Icons for Notification Power Buttons

    Custom batteryes for you to customize:



    Different charging animations:

    How kitchen works

    Kitchen originally was build for HTC Desire, but now it supports most devices with Android OS.
    Kitchen takes files from your rom and adds modifications you choose.
    It works for most custom deodexed roms: Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbead (2.3).
    You can use kitchen with stock odexed roms (if you have .odex files in your rom - kitchen works for you too)

    How to use kitchen

    1. Go to Kitchen page http://uot.dakra.lt/kitchen/

    2. Browse through available mods and choose what you need (don't forget to press Generate preview if theris such button)

    3. Go to File upload section and upload your files or choose rom from kitchen's list (most roms in the list is for HTC Desire)

    Files needed to upload:
    Froyo rom: framework-res.apk
    Gingerbread rom: framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk
    Gingerbread with sense rom: framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk and com.htc.resources.apk
    Cyanogenmod7 rom: Cyanbread.apk or Androidian.apk or any theme for ThemeChooser (rename as you like it to apear in theme menu)

    NOTE 1: if you uploading theme apk - do not upload any other files (you just waisting trafic, because kitchen will ignore additional files)

    NOTE 2: Font packs and Bootanimation do not requires uploading files.

    4. Go to Summary section. All choosed mod must be in green background. If there is mod in red background - it means you did not finished it.

    press Submit work to kitchen

    5. Remember UOT file name. You can wait for a kitchen to cook your request, but after 5min waiting will be stopped (nothing to worry about).

    6. Go to Pickup page http://uot.dakra.lt/pickup/ and wait for your file to appear (it can take up to 30min or more)

    7. Download UOT zip into SD card of your phone

    8. Reboot into recovery

    9. Wipe cache and dalvik-cache (just in case). Do not make factory reset.

    10. Flash UOT zip

    11. Reboot phone

    How get files for kitchen

    Check your How-to page

    What to do of the UOT-......... ZIP file

    1. Reboot into recovery.
    2. choose "install zip from sdcard"
    3. choose "choose zip from sdcard"
    4. locate your file UOT-... .zip in SD
    5. confirm "YES - install UOT ... .zip"
    6. wait for script to finish
    7. reboot phone

    If you cooked file for ThemeChooser - you can unzip UOT and install apk as regular one. After that - select new theme in Theme Chooser and reboot phone.

    WARNING! Flash UOT file after you have first boot.
    If you flashed new rom, boot up your phone first time
    and after that reboot into recovery to flash UOT file.

    What to do if you get SHTF error

    Kitchen uses inteligent approach to your files and tryes to fix most of errors, but sometimes apk tools fails to recompile your files and kitchen can't do nothing.
    If you get SHTF error and want to ask for help in forum - please, mention UOT file name and ROM or Theme you are using. Also, telling your device will be very helpfull.

    If you using popular ROM/Theme - you can try to cook our corrected framework-res.apk from the list.
    Special thanks to

    http://www.qubenet.net/ - for hosting kitchen
    rveupen - for additional boiler in the kitchen
    daveba - for additional boiler in the kitchen
    tankertuf - for additional boiler in the kitchen
    xRepinsSporx - for additional boiler in the kitchen

    Thanks a lot to:

    QLIRATU - for creating original scripts that create the frameworks
    MENDOZINAS - for making the custom version, creating the new layout, designing the new features
    AVREEN - for Dr. Droid themes
    FIGHTSPIT - for providing the Super battery Mod and verifying xml files
    BRUT.ALL - for making apktool
    NROSIER - for giving us the animated icons, Mod E ,Mod G and more
    TRINITYEON - for providing us with BLUE SENSE icons and Mod C
    TieT - for fixing typo's errors
    POTTER1984 - for nice bootanimations
    PENDO - for white dancing droid and help with apk-tools
    CASTAWAY1 - for nice battery style
    HOOOLM - for circle style icons and battery mod K
    CHE123 - for Desire 3D turn bootanimation
    ACEJACKSOOTE - for Mod L battery
    ESK02K - for Mod MW battery
    DYSGENIC - for glow and particles bootanimations
    Crysis21 - for Version P, Glowing Crysis battery style
    TheMasterBaron - for Scribble Rays and Jumpgate bootanimations
    Oijkn - for Carbon emoticons
    Team Carbon - for Steel Blue icons set and bootanimation
    Fachadick and d_1000 - for font packs
    Dmatik - for Version S battery
    Rudolf895 - for Rudolf windows animation
    TheSkepticalGuy - for Resident Evil bootanimation
    Danmcq - for 3d Bumblebee bootanimation
    Akoe101 - for akoe101 icon set
    jsmccabe78 - for Anastasdroid icons sets
    TheGrammarFreak - for fixing typo's errors
    CdTDroiD - for tutorial guide for noobs video
    kgill7 - for Cloudy Theme
    rascarlo - for Drizzle, Tesseract bootanimations
    kalagas - for Kalagas animated icons
    aca85 - for AlchemyDroid bootanimation
    LfcFan1977 - for Digital battery
    Than33 - for SegoeThan and TrebuchetThan fonts
    MrDSL - for loading circle and notify animation from Mixer theme
    Tsachi - for Version T and W battery styles
    halfsoul - for Version U battery style
    kilo1548 - for Visual guide
    fdespotovski - for Android 3D bootanimation
    despotovski01 - for Linux Bios bootanimation

    • It took a lot of effort and time from us to make this kitchen and it takes a lot more to maintain it .Users should realise this and appreciate the work done.
    • Bugs and errors (except decompiling error) will be tried to solve but we need the code you receive back when you upload your file. backups of the same will be kept for 12 hours. so if you have an error respond within that time
    • We are not responsible for any damage that occurs to your device by the use of the themes created here though if such an unfortunate event occurs do tell us we'll be happy to help
    • There is a lot more to come in the near future like changing the status bar,icons, notification screen, the popups etc etc.
    • Suggestions are welcomed for future releases.
    So iwent through the whole process and uploaded the cyanbread theme apk. from theme chooser, it completed the upload but when I go to "pick-up" section how do I identify which file is mine?

    the "file upload" sevction did give a UOT-xx-xx-xx-x to identify exactly which file is the one I created..

    u must submit work in "Summary" section - after that you will get UOT name.
    It might have been a bug but it was a welcomed one! Please bring it back! :eek:
    Seriously, is there any way to implement it? The known method (editing notification_config.txt) doesn't solve the problem, it creates an empty space (see attachment). I'm sure I'm not the only one who would use it.
    this can be hard to complete.
    removing this mod can cause FC's as system still tryes to use it.
    will see what can be done.