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[KITCHEN]BETA: Extended Trinity Kitchen for WM6.1

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Dec 18, 2005
New extended Kitchen for Trinity



Thanks to misar, FreePK for helping with this new set of tools!

About the Kitchen
  • New Trinity base rom 3.03.xxx it might fix some driver and memory problems :D
  • OS base: VF Kaiser UK (Build 19199)
  • OEM Apps removed, but you need to clean up the OEMDrivers package
  • I did not do any changes to the OS, because it should be a clean base Kitchen for all of you
  • Full XIP editing supported by the Kitchen
  • New tool to merge all dsm files to one big file and delete all rgu's
  • I think the OEM package to SYS problem should be solved... but did not try it yet

How to use it
  • Requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package
  • OEM and SYS can be used as known
  • The content of ROM\XIP will be used to create a new XIP section for the OS
  • You don’t have to worry about relocating modules... add/remove whatever you like and the new tools will take care of relocating modules or freeing RAM
  • .VM and .ROM is updated automatically
  • Actually this Kitchen runs in auto mode, which means you only need to run BuildNB.bat to create the ROM. You can change that by editing the bat files; made it this way, because I don’t use the options in BuildOS.exe

I consider this a perfect port of the new build to this device
  • Replaced all XIP SYS packages (I did not just changed coredll.dll to get the new build number)
  • There were also boot.rgu changes my MS, those have been added too
  • SYS is completely untouched

Read this for download:
All donations are very welcome!
I need to buy a new device, because this time my Trinity is gone forever and I cannot use my girlfriends Artemis without being killed (by mistake I deleted all contacts last time I used it for testing... she was not very happy about that :D)
When you are getting money for the ROMs you cook using my kitchen, I would really appreciate a donation.
I'm not talking about 50% of you incomes, but one small donation would be fair I think.
To download the Kitchen click at "All donations are very welcome"
!!! This was only meant for ppl never donated for these tools and expecting donations for ROM's created using my Kitchen !!!
Thanks to all those who have donated already!

Additional things
  • RBS_Kit.rar (RealBigStorage)
    For making it clean delete "OEM\OEMDrivers\OEM_FLASHDRV.DLL"

Happy cooking! :D
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Nov 15, 2006
As always, thanks bepe!
Updated the RK to build 19199 ... this is a final AKU1 build, so I really recommend to use this one

I dont have a woking device anymore... so please someone try the RK and tell me if the resulting ROM is booting. (please without making any changes!)


ps: Sorry, that you need to remake everything now :D

bepe, you are the rom's palatine, super-man for all us!! ;)
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Nov 15, 2006
Hi all, I've a question:
where find time bomb in this rom???
when try to connect to internet, a tome limit messafe appear.....
in bepe's kitchen for hermes was into shell32.exe module, I changed it, but nothing to do , messagte appear!!!



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Feb 10, 2007
My favorite rom cook is back!
Looking forward to a german WM6.1 touch ROM :) That would kick ass.
Only if you got the time for it, obviously.


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Nov 15, 2006
My favorite rom cook is back!
Looking forward to a german WM6.1 touch ROM :) That would kick ass.
Only if you got the time for it, obviously.

hey, noone answer???
the problem is:
while I'm sincronizyng the pda with pc by activesync, it stops to work, and time bomb appear:
in hermes 3d someone posted the solution, a fixed shell32.dll module, I've used it too, but the message puntually appear....
any suggestion about???

ok, seems that I've solved using the patch posted into hermes 3d....
now syncronize well, and runs ok!!!
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Oct 3, 2005
I try the new bersione witouth any changes and it boots but there is some problem with some character in setting tab as can you see:

For Commanager and HTC Home plug there isn't the mui files that are in OEMLANG but for strange carachter for left softkey and tab setting?