Kite UI - Coherent User interface *Thread update* 2010-12-01

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Feb 15, 2008

The kite UI project was created to provide Android users with a beautiful homescreen. It's key features is the coherent minimal design, the access to the most daily functions from the home screen and the smooth jump from it to the different applications.

The kite UI is built off of a pretty simple idea:
You have 2-3 views in every app. Flicking left from the middle view will bring you to the right view and vice versa. While you are in the right view, for instance the 'social' view, you can dig deeper by pressing on a friend. If you want to move backwards in this view all you do is flick right. If you are in the left view you move backwards by flicking left.

Simply put, when you're going deeper within a certain view you move further away from the middle. Moving closer to the middle equals moving backwards until ultimately your on the first 'level' of the view.

Video Teaser: Watch in 720p.

Homescreen example

The 3 'boxes' on the bottom of the screen, which show were you are, also acts like the app launcher. However, depending on which page you are currently viewing it brings up different menus. On the homescreen it brings up all apps while it on the social page brings up apps that are directly related to social medias like twitter, facebook, flickr.

Here are some concept promos.

kite User Interface:

Bundled applications:
applications & settings

Latest update first:

*Updated* 2010-12-01 - Video teaser.
Finished the video showcase of the user interface. I'm currently too tired to update the thread or answer PMs and questions on the thread but I will try to get to that on the train to/from school tomorrow.

Video Teaser: Watch in 720p.


*Updated* 2010-10-20 - Development goes on....
First of all I would like to clarify some things about this project.
Kite UI is not a theme, it is a completely new and unique User Interface. It will be available for Devices with the resolution 480x800 (and up) running Android 2.1 (and up).

We are really appreciative to all the interest that has been shown. However, with all due respect I must say that finding PMs like "can i plz test it" in my inbox is rather annoying.

If you have some serious skills that could be useful in development, feel free to PM me.

Back to the UI then. I recently got a new idea of how the interface should work and I have also altered the views slightly (to the better). This means that some of the pictures in this post is more or less obsolete, even though they still give you a good idea of what it is all about.

I will go into further detail about what is changed in the near future.

If this thread is a little scarce on updates don't worry. It is simply because what is currently going on "behind the scenes" is more or less boring dev stuff.

*Updated* 2010-09-28 - Development has started.
Alright, so we have now started the actual developing of the UI. We are however, still in need of a few more coders for this project. Specifically coders with experience within programming on the Android Home API. To apply for the team, simply send me a PM.

As far as testers go we do have a test leader, but we have yet to decide who else is going to be on the testing team.

Audio and additional graphics designers are not needed at the time being, but might be asked to join in the future.

*Updated* 2010-09-26 - Rewritten presentation, list removed from post.
And yes, I got some inspiration from the HTC1 concept but this idea wasn't initiated by it. What was inspired by the HTC1 concept was the implementation of Flickr pics in the friend stream and how the clock and weather was done as one single widget. However I think we all can agree the end result of my clock look almost nothing like the original HTC1.

I stated this a couple of posts ahead but I guess I should've written this in the original post.

*Updated* 2010-09-20 - Teaser Promos.
If you are on the list of devs (language excluded) expect to be notified by PM sometime this week.

*Updated* 2010-09-17 - Ratio Changes, Redone art and New art.
Alright, I got some explaining to do so I'll go right ahead. I was supposed to look into the actuall developing of the UI at the end of August, but unfortunately I didn't. I'm not going to go into detail about why but it was a mix of school and prolonged work which left me with very little spare time to do much else.

Anyway, enough with the excuses. The last couple of days I've been doing some changes to the concept art. For some (stupid) reason I decided to use a resolution of 640x960px when this was first started, however that is now changed to 480x800 (hdpi). When I changed the ratio I also did some minor changes to all views, some was completely redone and some new where added.

This project is however still in concept art stage. Other than the ratio changes and some new views - done the last couple of days - the development has been at a complete standstill.

However this is about to change. Even though I go to college and study pretty much I will from now on focus my spare time on this. The list below has been modified with some new interesting people but to make sure the team doesn't get too big I will try to make it shorter in the following days.

Developers will be picked based on experience and how much time you can spare in a week.
Testers will be chosen based on devices, spare time and when they 'signed up' and if more testers are needed then we will work our way down the list. This means that if you are on the list you are not yet guaranteed to be on the team.
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Feb 15, 2008
Bump! *updated* 2010-07-31

New Screens and more specifik descriptions of the project. I thought I might have been a bit unclear the first time...


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Feb 20, 2010
Nykøbing Mars
I could help with some of the coding. I'm not a android dev god, but i can do some decent coding, and if i don't know how to do it i'll find out :)
If i can join i'll be ready to work on saturday, because i'm on vacation until then :)
This looks epic, I'd be glad to beta test when that time comes. Unfortunately, I have no coding skill at all (I had meant to start learning Java over the summer but I've been lazy), but again, this looks promising, and a great way to keep Android fresh for older phones that won't get official updates to Eclair or FroYo (let along Gingerbread/3.0). Excellent graphic design.


I've recently been working on some simple designs for a Coherent User Interface for Android and I thought I'd start with explaining why I first decided to start with my sketches for this project for a UI.

(Should you not be interested in why - just scroll down to the /// mark and read about/look at the interface as of yet)

The first time I used an Android phone for more than 5 minutes was earlier this summer. The first thing I realised was that I liked the phone itself, which was my brothers htc Hero, but I also liked the feature of SenseUI. The apps being accessible trough widgets 'on the homescreen' rather than trough a list of apps with respective icons (like the iphone) was the key benefit for me.

However something bothered me with the SenseUI. First of I dont like the design of the greyish 'console' on the bottom of the screen and I would much rather have a design that fits the background picture better. I must however say that I respect the customization abilities, but unfortunately the problem with this feature is that it looks like those widgets where put in last minute without any respect for the rest of the UI - it doesn't feel cohesive.

Enough complaining. To the point!


I wanted a UI with a simplistic design that makes the beautiful background picture fit perfectly with everything else that I might interact with. I also wanted to keep the benefit of having everything accessible from the homescreen (rather than forcing me to an ugly app list).

So the challenge here was to incorporate the most daily functions with the homescreen and its background picture and make everything look cohesive and thought trough, rather than last minute, while keeping a simplistic yet beautiful design.

I'm calling this project kiteUI to begin with. The UI is much like SenseUI in the way that you swipe back and forth between pages, however the pages are dedicated to the most daily uses in order to maintain that consistant look.

This overview pic shows how the 'pages' relate to eachother

Here are the screenshots with descriptions for the current graphics.


The apps/games/settings list (lvl2) is not necessarily a part of the UI itself. It's rather a replacement for the current standard app list. The important thing about this project is to maintain that coherent look all throught the usual apps, wether it is the UI itself or a complimentary app list or phone app.

However, the switch from the kiteUI to the app list, or any other standard app for that matter, should feel as natural as when swiping back and forth between the pages (lvl1, see overview pic).


This is very early on in the project though so there's obviously going to be some major bumps on the road.

1st - I will not use an Android phone 'for real' until the middle of August. Untill then the android emulator will be more than fine.

2nd - My skills are pretty much limited to graphic design and this is why I'm reaching out to coders, programmers, cookers (even beta testers, not yet though) that might find this interesting.

Programmers/Coders - Will take on the challenge of making the UI (or rather the widgets) itself and the new style app list.

Cookers - Will help make the ROM that uses the latest Android version with the kiteUI, app list, and all the reskinned standard apps.

I myself will do the designs for the UI and all the app list but also the reskinning of all the standard apps (and probably more).

I do not think this has to be so radical that we create a program from nothing. As I said I'm no programmer but I do believe that you could base the main kiteUI off of the standard Android interface source code but with obviously different layouts, graphics, animations and actions.


Do you find this interesting? Do you want to be a part of this? Do you have any skills that might come in handy?

Then send me a PM or feel free to share your opinions and thoughts below.


*updated* 2010-07-31
Ill cook it in. Pm me a link, and ill work my magic on it. I can theme it, cook it in, and manipulate stuff.

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Feb 15, 2008
*updated* 2010-08-02

Thats very true - most concepts, no matter what they concern, never make it to reality. However I'm willing to put alot of effort into this project. As you can see my concept art are pretty much final and already covers the main features.

Whats left other than finalizing the rest of the concept art is saving the "screenies" as resource pngs (or similiar type) and that's the easies part of it all.

For obvious reasons though, I'm not willing to put my whole spare time into this unless I know I've got some help on the other parts of this project. However since I now know that we have a programmer, cooker and some beta testers onboard I'm going to keep going with the 'concept art'. It's good to know that this is going somewhere.

For the time being I must however ask for a little patience. I quit my summer job at the end of this week and from that time on I'm pretty much free every evening.

From now on I'm going to make a list of the people willing to help out on this project in the original thread post and update it as often as possible. As soon as your help is needed you will me PM'd. To 'sign up' express your interest below...


I know i stated this before, bit i am good at cooking roms. I can also do some themeing, and some programming if need be. Pm anytime if need be

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Apr 24, 2010
nice im tester ;)

I have an galaxy spica i5700 samdroid mod 800mhz mdpi 32x480 android 2.1-update1
i you have a working apk plz pm me.
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