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Klyde DAB App 1.5 Modded

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Jan 19, 2016

Is it possible to enlarge the size of the buttons for changing the stations?

Also I have a problem with the newest 5.1.1 Malaysk firmware and your DAB apk. There is the one station problem quiet similar to this with the standard apk. One Version before everything was working perfect with your apk. I hope you can help me!


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Sep 3, 2010
In case there is still demand for an app controlling this module, I did a rewrite of the ugly original..
It turned out that there are completely different DAB modules controlled by the same ugly GUI ...
I have to walk back on my announcement for a new GUI regarding the specific DAB module that the modded app in this thread is working with.



Apr 20, 2016
Hallo ik heb sinds januari de Pompoen AA0515B-D01 met ingebouwde DAB + module Android 10
De bijgeleverde DAB + App werkt niet goed.
De originele app verdwijnt na 30 sec. , het Gekozen kanaal blijft Actief tot radio uit.
Heeft iemand hier een oplossing?
Alvast bedankt.
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Apr 20, 2016
Hello, since January I have the Pumpkin AA0515B-D01 with built-in DAB + module no USB, Android 10
The supplied DAB + App does not work properly.
The original app will disappear after 30 sec. , the Selected channel remains Active until radio off.
Does anyone here have a solution?
is there another DAB+ app for built-in DAB + module (no USB)
Thanks in advance.


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May 16, 2018
Guten Abend Treibstoff, bewundere deine Arbeit und deinen Einsatz sehr. Wenn SIE hier einen Download-Link posten oder die Versionsdatei 1.5 hier posten können, Werden SIE SIE Nicht finden. Ich hatte es, aber leider habe ich es verloren.
Mit freundlichen Grüße
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    Everybody who uses the Klyde Dab box know about this ugly DAB app which is provided by Pumpkin/Klyde. After i saw @Oberbergler s modded app. i started to mod it a little bit different. i changed the DAB Pic, the wallpaper, changed the icon backgrounds and text sizes. The Big Deal for me is that i change the RDS Text in one line and make it scrolling!


    Link to Version 1.1

    Special Thanks to the User Oberbergler
    This DAB is for Pumpkin (rear connected) or Joyjing (usb) hardware?
    hi this is for Pumpkin dab solution rear. If you need joying, i have modded their app a little bit too ( Dab-icon changed and wallpaper)
    thanks, so good for me :)
    but I didnt understand what is the mod :D
    take a look at the original design and then to the pic above. The RDS Text is now one line and is scrolling. i made it for me because i didn´t like the original style.
    I have seen bad quality photos of a version that looked like it had the favourite presets along the bottom of the screen. Is that an earlier version? or just a different version? Is it worth looking at, stable etc? Thanks I have no skills at modding software so am indebted to those who have the skills to do that.

    Unfortunatetly this the first version of the dab app and is not working good(most of the stations are missing after scan).
    I have not really skills in modding, i have tried to bring the buttons for all stations and favourites to the first side button bar. Well the buttons are here now and are clickable but nothing happens. Some guys who have experience with android programming should help here, but it seems just a few users of dab with skills are here....