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Mar 23, 2014
for begin i'm not developper

today I had a stupid idea and if instead of resetting to 0 the knox counter it is shorted to make it appear to 0 even if it is at 1

I will need help from someone who knows enough to short it I have to locate in the file sboot a sort of verification that passes the flag to 1 I think it's possible to leave at 1 and make it appear a 0


May 8, 2011
Everything I've read says that resetting it is impossible. I understand that you want to effectively camouflage it, but since it's sub-kernel from what I understand, I'm not sure how you'd change that. You'd basically need to completely reprogram that part of the mainboard to just "print" "knox 0x0" instead of checking and displaying an actual result, but there's no telling what else that would affect. If the computer requires the check as a part of the POST (or whatever Samsung's analog is) and gets a null as a result of the tampering, it may just brick. If it sounds like I'm talking out of my ass, I probably am.
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Mar 23, 2014
i think it's possible to recup the download mode part for hide knox flag but don't idea for this i search a solution for that
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Nov 29, 2012
From what I know you CAN hide your Knox counter to 0x0 systemwise but in download mode there will be 0x1 for ever. That's because Knox is written on an efuse which just breaks when you trigger the counter.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there is no way back.


Mar 16, 2018
What about...

and what about the "Knox Reset" app that Venus342 offers?
It is for $60 on the Play Store, not cheap to buy for trying purposes ...


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Sep 9, 2012
Share with us your experience with that stuff boy
Your comment doesn't bring anything really interesting...

As it's been said a MILLION times all over the internet....

IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! The only way of having an S8 with Knox 0x0 after triggering it, is replacing the motherboard with one that has not been rooted. Jeez.


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Mar 30, 2010
and what about the "Knox Reset" app that Venus342 offers?
It is for $60 on the Play Store, not cheap to buy for trying purposes ...

What i was able to see on that venus342 app, it is just a process that hides the flag via software. If you go into download mode, it will still show 0x1.
He is just monetizing free software solutions.


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Mar 15, 2016
I'm the developer of the KNOX Reset 0x0(0) app. Just a clarification, the app works as intended and is thoroughly tested. The app is unable to tamper with the efuse so it just masks the download mode string and changes it to display 0x0(0) regardless of the actual value. It is a software based spoof.
Also, to the guy who says that I'm monetizing free software solutions, note that I'm not forcing you to buy the app. We went through multiple all nighters, we worked really hard for this. If you need something like this, you can buy it. Please be reminded that you are not being forced to buy the app. Also, we offer instant refunds incase the user is unsatisfied.
Thank you.

Contact me directly for further questions as I'm inactive on Xda.
[email protected]

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