KonaBess [GPU overclock & undervolt] OnePlus 8 PRO

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Dec 19, 2007

I would love to test and provide feedback on the latest config. Your hard work would be greatly appreciated!

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    Let's share best configs for OnePlus 8 PRO. Anyone used it?

    What is this?

    A simple app that can custom GPU frequency and voltage tables without recompiling the kernel, compatible for Snapdragon 865 series, 855 series, 888, 765 series, 750 / 690 series and 780G.

    How it works?

    By unpacking Boot / Vendor Boot image, decompiling and editing relevant dtb (device tree binary) files, and finally repacking and flashing.

    Why "KonaBess"?

    "Kona" is the code name of Snapdragon 865 series.
    Snapdragon 888 's GPU has minus improvement in energy efficiency, thus we are able to overclock sd865 and beat it. And this is the reason why the app was born.
    Though sd888 is compatible now, the app name won't change.
    How much improvement can I get?
    I see someone undervolted his sd865, reducing power cost 25% in gfx(4.2w->3.2w) bench.
    In fact, it is chip-specific and depends on your stability requirements.

    Topic for Other Device

    Download APK
    No adreno boost.
    Here's my config for less heat while trying to achieve maximum performance:
    https://drive . google . com/file/d/1GhjJJttl5UZvUIytOSF1LZmEaPzxGbh6/view?usp=drivesdk
    Paste and delete spaces.
    I experience very rare artifacts in Dolphin Emulator with this config, so if you all suggest some changes, you're welcome.
    If you manage to stabilize everything, I would be very grateful for sending the configuration. I care about the highest stability, energy efficiency and low temperatures.
    Imo it is stable now. Gpu stays at 490-525 most of the time. On heavier loads it starts to use 920. No artifacts. Drainage is more optimized compared to stock RA fork. In the video you can see with adreno boost set to low it uses 920mhz, then i disable it and it stays on 490. See the mA drain differences. Normally 920mhz comes with max voltage level, i dropped it 2 levels, got artifacts and bumped up 1 more. Basically it is 1 step lower than stock RA fork. Well many of the clock voltages are 2 or 3 steps lower.

    Do you have a stock configuration? 🙂 May I flash a stock boot.img?
    if you want stock values, you should restore the images you backed up in konabess. if you didnt backup, try flashing your kernel's stock boot and dtbo images.

    if you are using a kernel like radioactive, it should have dtbo and boot image in the zip. if you want to go back to stock oneplus kernel, you must dump payload, grab dtbo and boot image and flash them in fastboot.