KOPLAYER Android emulator for Windows/Mac


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Dec 23, 2012

KOPLAYER is a Windows Android emulator that lets you run one or more virtual Android instances on your Windows 7/8/10 PC—bridging the gulf (or filling the void) between relatively scarce Windows Mobile games, Windows PC games, and Android games.
KOPLAYER makes it easy to enjoy the larger screen and added convenience of playing some of your favorite Android games on your Windows PC, or playing multiple games simultaneously if you’re a gaming multi-tasker.
Installing KOPLAYER is as easy as running a simple Wizard, and KOPLAYER emulation works seamlessly via mouse right out of the gate. Opening a new KOPLAYER instance starts a basic tutorial and presents an uncluttered Android screen with a Google Play Store link. Just connect a GMAIL account, open the Play Store, and then install your favorite games.
KOPLAYER also includes KOPLAYER Multi-Manager, which lets you run multiple, simultaneous virtual Android instances—which you can name and even quickly clone, so you don’t have to re-configure every instance.
Example, if you create an instance and have already installed all your favorite games, you can then clone that instance. You can run as many instances as you have screen space for, and run a different app in each one.
What else? KOPLAYER supports 1280x720 resolution and 1024x600 resolution, drag-to-install, keyboard, joystick, recording game and share via Facebook, and also it is available on Mac as well. Download and find out more by yourself.

Install and Overview

Download link: http://tinyurl.com/hek7mq9

Bugs Report at:

[email protected]
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