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Kospet Prime

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Nov 19, 2010
Looks like you are getting answers from Eric, just had to wait a little bit.

If you get a pc with usb A, or an adapter, so that you can connect the watch to the computer with the charging cable, then you can use vysor to reach the button
Thank you Noidremained.You were right.He did contact me.But there were no concrete remedy in his hand for my problem.So I have to wait further till my laptop returns after service or till Eric finds a solution...
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if always on display only works on amoled screens then how am I currently using it on the prime 2?
Well, because of the way amoled screens work, always on display function only requires some pixels to be on, ips lcd has to be retro iluminated completely, even to light ONE SINGLE pixel, so, the battery consumption would be the same as having the whole screen lighted, you can have an "always on display" look in a lcd panel, by means of an app that creates a filter screen, but in reality, the battery drain would be the same as having the screen on all the time, this has been discussed before
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Apr 18, 2015
hi everyone i want to change imei number without root android
alot of dongle and swtools try but not working

"model kospet prime 2"

there are no instructions in web i used miracle and serial number tools but mtk driver unstable in Divices manager
i live in iran and Telecommunications does not allow to use simcard i must chang imei to used watch!

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    Available @ Gearbest for $149.99

    So I saw the watch and was intrigued. I'm not expecting greatness, just more so something fun to play with. Has anyone else played with the Kospet Hope? or Optimus Prime? Anyone going to buy the Prime?

    Processor: MTK6739 1.25GHZ (Quad Core)
    Operating System: Android 7.1.1
    Display: 1.6" inch IPS LCD 400x400
    Memory::32 GB ROM + 3 GB RAM
    Battery: 1260 Lithium Polymer Battery
    Sensors: Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, GPS
    Camera(s): 5.0MP (2.0MP software update) Side:8.0MP (5MP software update)
    BODY RESISTANCE: IP67 Water Proof

    SIM Slot: Yes Nano SIM GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 900/2100MHz
    WIFI: Yes WIFI 802.11b/g/n
    NFC: none
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth version: V4.0
    USB: none

    Size: 28.00 x 5.08 x 1.85 cm
    Weight: 0.0830 kg
    Casing: Ceramic

    So I've had a couple days to play with it. Here are my thoughts.

    1: Mine came with what appears to be a bubble in the glass layers, and some chips in the bezel around the glass.
    2: The watch is much lighter than I thought it would be for being so large.
    3: Text can be small, but is still quite readable.
    4: Things are resized for this watch's screen resolution. (It's Android OS, not Wear OS) When installing an application, some of the options (accept, install, yes, no), barely show up on the screen.
    5: Build quality seems on par with the price. It's not "cheap" feeling, but also not "quality."
    6: The camera quality is on par with what you'd expect for a camera put into a watch. It records as well as takes still pictures.
    7: It's definitely snappier than my TicWatch Pro LTE for menu and most navigation, however there are some times when it doesn't shine as well (like when just trying to log in to my gmail account).
    8: Battery life right now with installing apps, usage, screen going on and off, wifi on, bluetooth on, no sim, gps off, I'm at 93% (6 hours of I'd say heavy use with installing apps and setup).
    9: The screen is VERY bright, but has the ability to dim it like a phone.
    10: There are 11 watch faces built in. Most of the options are quite ugly but also contain some "transformer " looking options (I guess this goes with the "Prime" aspect of it.
    11: You can set it to either metric or imperial measurements for your fitness tracking
    12: The app that you can download for it is called WiiWatch (No relation to Nintendo I'm sure). It really only just shows your fitness tracking data and has a few settings.

    The packaging is interesting, every box has Kospet on it. It comes with a screw driver, as well as additional screw(s), a screen protector, a charger + usb cable. I'd like to add that the usb cable plugging into the charger does not go in all the way, as well as the watch resting on it doesn't always make the best connection.

    Current Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NUMauknhWG6d5m8w5


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    I just received the watch. (A fast DHL delivery<1 week to the US).
    I like it so far. I did a Whatsapp Video call over Wifi and it worked great.
    Will need to get a SIM card with cheap plan to see how the 4G performs, I will use Google Duo this time.
    I will install a few more apps and see how it goes.

    As some noted, the big issue on the watch is that its round and the android screens arent, so some buttons are hidden.
    I would have loved for this watch to be either square or with a dial that rotates to zoom in/out, this way we could display the full windows when needed with black bands on side and zoom back in after.

    Another rotating side button could have controlled the brightness.
    They should also have gone with a lineage OS ROM. No "classic" buyer will ever hear of this watch or buy it. Only Android geeks who can deal with custom ROM issues.

    Ill add more info as I go on my tests.

    you can't zoom out the way you describe, but the watch has a square mode, just long press the power button and press the grey circle at the top of the menu so that it changes to a square
    It's a great watch build quality super, the only thing it's font size on notification and the browser, install setting search and change the font size to large, leave the display size as it's. Good looking watch
    Short review after a few days of use - Kospet PRIME

    I am advanced user of the smartwatches since the first generation of Galaxy GEAR watch from SAMSUNG (SM-V700) with custom rom (full android)
    It would be great to have similar watch with current up-to-date hardware - main request is to keep the camera placement facing outwards (on the body of the watch, not on the belt) to ensure that watch is water tight to 50 meters (at least to allow swimming/snorkeling with it – see Sunto watches for good water tight specs)

    For Kospet Prime – Watch is nice but I have following (software) problems:

    1. cradle connection sound would be nice to have – for now it is not sure that it is really well connected and charging
    2. charging icon is displayed but too short time – please display it for longer or for whole time when watch is connected to the cradle
    3. lack of ability to customize buttons (especially down button for camera operation for example
    4. lack of configurable default applications screen – by sweeping right – after the list (or “apple style” apps icons) there should be possible to select 6-9 application shortcuts in the screen
    5. lack of quick dial contact list (I need to be able to dial quickly to 6 or 9 contacts – activate call on the main phone when watch is in airplane mode, and activate call on the watch with SIM active
    6. switching from round to square screen make the menu list invisible (ok after restart)
    7. swipe up shall be customizable – instead of default sport application it should be configurable – for example to launch camera
    8. temperature on the default watch screen is updated, however with delay (only when weather check is done)
    9. video on the main camera is recorded VERTICALLY ???!!! WHY not horizontally ???
    10. COMMUNICATION WITH PHONE when with watch in the “airplane mode” but with BT/wifi on - to see incoming calls notifications – who is calling. When (Connected normal big Android phone) phone is ringing – this shall be improved – please start to work with company Lumatic Software - and integrate/optimize well their application “Watch Droid” - in general please be more aware of the real use of the watch – in most cases watch is used WITH close integration with large phone (like Samsung NOTE10+) and all messages from phone shall be displayed on the watch, it should be possible to start phone calls from watch but ON THE PHONE with BT headset connected, so for example when You are riding the bike, there is no need to take big phone out from the pocket- You start the phone call from the watch, and talk over BT headset. Phone functionality in the watch itself is used only from time to time – for example if somebody goes to run or goes to the beach (that is why 5atm water tightness is needed) – just to be able to make quick phone call from the watch, without taking “big” phone on the run. In general – please copy the behavior (and stability ) of the Samsung watches, just keep the camera ..
    11. Please allow to disable animation for time display – If somebody want to have quick look – it takes time the watch “stabilize” and shows real time
    12. Screen on rising – works with delay – it is not stable for all the time
    13. Default setup is missing calculator application.
    14. temperature on the default watch screen is updated, however with delay (only when weather check is done)
    15. contacts are displayed by first name instead of last name – I did not find the way to switch this setting for last name first
    16. For desktop adaptation and functionality – please try to allow configuration as in NOVA LAUNCHER – to be able to set icons as needed, enable swipe actions, etc.

    Hardware upgrade requests for “ideal watch”:
    - 5 atm water tight – please make such watch really water tight to allow to swim/dive with it
    - Cameras shall be placed at 12 hour Instead of 3 and face outwards (same as on SM-V700 Samsung watch) with second camera front facing.
    - Camera shall record video in horizontal mode PLEASE!!!!
    - Camera quality – please use 5MP camera sensor with good low light quality – there is no need for too many megapixels, but the camera shall offer good quality
    - Two more customizable buttons on the left of the watch to launch custom applications quickly
    - Wireless charging
    - Reliable pulse/ecg measurement