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Sep 23, 2011
KuryCom is useful recipe app from the great useful collection of Urdu & English, KuryCom is source of quick and easy recipes to your Android device. We are selecting and adding to our list delicious new Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, Chinese and many other recipes every day.

Stay Tune To: Curiologix
Download Free: Android Market


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Nov 21, 2010
Mermaid Beach QLD
Looks interesting..will check it out once i get back to my Wifi.

Edit... Force closing on the transformer ICS.. English version..
HTC Evo mikg 3.0.. Loaded up..

Looks good.. I think you could load a picture of dish to the top of the recipe..
Understanding this makes the program bigger but so much nicer..
As your thumbnails are OK but nice to see more of the dish, and when deciding what to cook for the week..
This could be an optional download..

I use Jamie Olivers app so am comparing yours.. Which might be a little unfair..
Get the tablet version going for ICS and I would buy it.. As mostly I am using the tablet in the kitchen
Not the phone..

sent from yet another MikG HTC Evo
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