Kx Kernel and ROM[SM-T320][ANYKERNEL][UKM][5.1.1][UBER][JUSTARCHI]CM12.1 [22 Sep]

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    Kx Kernel - V2.5 Released
    ROM - V2.5 Released

    Kernel Information

    OFast/Graphite with UBERTC-4.9.4 (GCC 4.9.4 20150720) with lots of compilation optimizations and AnyKernel2 support.

    - Complete "per core control" - CPU frequencies, Governors, CPU Boost
    - MSM_Limiter (per core control)
    - Hotplugs: Latest and greatest: AutoSMP, Bricked hotplug, MSM hotplug, Intelliplug hotplug and Alucard
    - CPU Governors: Latests and greatests - Slim, SmartMax, Alucard 2.1, IntelliMM, ElementalX, ZZMoove 1.0beta7, Yankactive and IntelliActive.
    - CPU Governors: Latest patches for Interactive.
    - Voltage control
    - Power Efficient WorkQueues
    - CPUBoost: Add hotplug and Wakeup Boost and add latest patches and ability to disable from Synapse
    - Additional Over Clock steps - 2342, 2419, 2457 Mhz
    - Additional Lower Clock steps - 96Mhz, 146.4Mhz, 223.3Mhz.
    - 300Mhz step is 268 Mhz
    - PVS and Speed Level exposed using Synapse

    - Simple GPU Algorithm (Add on for msm-adreno-tz by faux)
    - Andreno-tz fine-tuning from Synapse
    - Under clocked steps (27 and 80MHz). Choose minimum frequency and the GPU should idle at one step below it.
    - Over clocked steps 487.5 and 515 MHz
    - More GPU governors (and upstream fixes/patches to existing ones) [Don't use cpubw_hwmon as it crashes because of additional frequency steps)
    - Latest upstream patches for devfreq, kgsl, ion.

    Battery /Tweaks
    - Powersuspend, State_Notifier, LCD_Notify
    - Fast charge
    - Arch power and Gentle fair sleepers
    - Disable TZ logs
    - Disable CRC
    - ZRAM
    - Permissive SELinux
    - Disable samsung and other debugging logs

    - FranciscoFranco's thermal driver is default (Configurable through Synapse)
    - Slightly aggressive thermal settings (benchmarks friendly)

    - IO Schedulers: Latest and greates - TripNDroid, ZEN (v2), SIOPlus, SIO, VR
    - F2FS support
    - Upgrade BFQ from 7r5 to 7r8
    - Dynamic Fsync
    - Async Fsync
    - Fsync Enable/Disable (If this is disabled Dynamic Fsync is also disabled)
    - Upstream patches to IO layer
    - CFQ tuning (from AK kernel)
    - Tweak mount options for all partitions
    - Reduce swappiness to 10

    - franco sound control

    - KCal

    - Enable various other TCP Congestion protocols - westwood (default), reno, bic, highspeed, hybla, htcp, vegas, veno, scalable, lp, yeah, illinois
    - Tweak receive window size

    Synapse / UKM
    - Lot of tweaks and extra options

    Install notes
    - ROM and Kernel and both based on CM12.1 branches. Can be dirty flashed over CM12.1 nightlies and vice-versa.
    - Anykernel version can be used with other ROMs like Slim etc.
    - Kernel configuration are only supported through Synapse and custom UKM build.
    - Install Kernel and UKM zips through recovery
    - Install Synapse tool from Playstore
    - Whenever new major features are added, you may need to install UKM zip again for new bells and whistles to appear in Synapse.

    ROM Information

    CM12.1 branches (5.1.1_r18) compiled wih UBERTC-4.9.4 (GCC 4.9.4 20150720) with O3/Graphite and lots of compilation optimizations

    - Capacitive buttons should not glow on touching screen.
    - Slim Recents
    - Add wakelock blocker from LiquidSmooth project / Bliss
    - Add Per-Core overlay indicator on frequency / governor (includes GPU clock as well). Please change SELinux status from "Enforcing" to "Permissive" to get temperature readings in CPU overlay
    - Add network traffic speed indicators to status bar (Settings -> Statusbar)
    - Add option to configure MediaScanner behavior on boot (Settings -> Storage)
    - Tweak default hosts file to be an awesome ad-blocker OOTB
    - Includes latest Kx kernel and CM 12.1 sources

    Kernel - v2.5 - V2.5-KxKernel-SMT320.zip 23rd Sep
    Kernel + UKM - v2.5 (Anykernel) - V2.5-KxKernel_AnyKernel-SMT320 23rd Sep
    ROM - v2.5 - V2.5_cm-12.1-20150923-UBERTC-KxKernel-mondrianwifi 23rd Sep
    UKM - UKM_KxKernel_3.8.1.2.zip 29/05
    Gapps - Slim Zero Gapps

    Old versions - Google drive directory

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Kx Kernel and ROM[SM-T320][ANYKERNEL][UKM][5.1.1][UBER][JUSTARCHI]CM12.1 [22 Sep], Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, 10.1, 8.4

    Source Code: https://github.com/vikrant82/android_kernel_samsung_mondrianwifi

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated

    Created 2015-05-24
    Last Updated 2016-02-26
    V2.1 AnyKernel Support

    Is there a way to make this work with SlimLP taken form here forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-tab-pro-12-10-8/orig-development/rom-slimlp-mondrianwifi-t3158767 or is this the ROMs fault (not booting)?

    this kernel does NOT work on Slim Roms..

    Who says it doesn't work. :cool:

    It works now. Here's a V2.2 Kernel with AnyKernel support. The kernel should be able to rock all kinds of ROMs now. Another change is yankactive being the default governor now.

    And as a bonus UKM is also packaged along with the kernel (So just install Synapse and start rocking...)

    New builds up

    V2.0 up

    - ROM: Upstream CM
    - Kernel: Bunch of stuff

    3882b4f Disable powersuspend (Alucard stability attempts)
    48f70a1 Disaale powersuspend
    8716dc8 Revert "lowmemorykiller: use for_each_thread instead of buggy while_each_thread"
    3145e42 cgroup: remove synchronize_rcu() from cgroup_attach_{task|proc}()
    b9d5c33 cgroup: Fix use after free of cgrp (cgrp->css_sets)
    7803927 cgroup: Take css_set_lock from cgroup_css_sets_empty()
    4f65e18 cgroup: Fix use after free of cgrp (cgrp->css_sets)
    fce8647 cgroup: Take css_set_lock from cgroup_css_sets_empty()
    e7a1c15 cgroup: fail if monitored file and event_control are in different cgroup
    51d767b cgroup: remove synchronize_rcu() from cgroup_attach_{task|proc}()
    7fffb49 lowmemorykiller: use for_each_thread instead of buggy while_each_thread
    207b0a8 msm: kgsl: Make global memory statistics atomic
    623fc43 msm: kgsl: check for NULL pointer access
    83a954f Fix smartmax merge derp
    1be246b proc: uid: Changes the thread notifier to profile event notifier.
    d8611b4 crypto: msm: remove wakeup lock in qcrypto driver
    158a9ce crypto: msm: Compilation flag in Kconfig For FIPS
    07228f8 qcedev: msm: Remove gating of zero length packets for authentication
    1201969 crypto: msm: change dev_err messages to dev_warn for reaper worker
    5b2a8ae list: introduce list_next_entry() and list_prev_entry()
    1d32115 crypto: msm: qcrypto: Close window during suspending for SMP
    1102d96 crypto: msm: qcrypto: Update suspend resume code
    4d2f9b3 crypto: msm: Add device wakeup initialization for qcrypto driver
    7d75ecf crypto: msm: check potential integer overflow
    f5b34f9 crypto: msm: Make changes to the reaper timer
    b9506da crypto: msm: Don't enable crypto clock in PM resume
    4e79d0c crypto: msm: change timer operation to fix timer list corruption
    bdaec84 crypto: msm: Remove bw_reaper_timer while in suspend mode
    7b53013 crypto: msm: Add support for FIPS complience
    bd18761 crypto: msm: re-work qcrypto driver clk and bus management
    5258949 crypto: msm: Fix SHA-1/256 zero length input data issue
    a174229 crypto: msm: add suspend/resume callback for qcedev driver
    8b9fb6d crypto: msm: add dynamic engine assignment support
    8383c88 crypto: msm: enable rfc4309(ccm(aes)) algorithm
    fbfaf95 crypto: msm: fix memory leak during algorithm registration
    e930c4e crypto: msm: ota: fix possible buffer overflow issue
    5ebdfdb crypto: msm: fix Off-by-one error in computation of length for strlcpy()
    5f66c0a crypto: msm: Add support for multiple qcrypto devices
    c5f2896 crypto: msm: add pm wakeup support for qcrypto driver
    615b300 mmc: sdhci: handle long transfers more intelligently
    9e1d194 mmc: sdhci: ignore interrupts when the clock is off
    7a73ecf mmc: sdhci: don't spew on CRC errors
    9692b21 mmc: sdhci: fix voltage transition recovery
    4e61205 mmc: sdhci: fix catchall timeout calculation
    ef1ab92 mmc: improve recovery behavior when SDCC is jammed
    92301ea mmc: clk_scaling: add sysfs for avoiding scale down in write
    596ad48 block: disable entropy contributions for nonrot devices
    ab96ecb SmartMAX: Update
    803167c Smartmax tweaks
    3d74fd9 Added more protection during CPUFREQ_GOV_LIMITS event! Related to commit: bfdbd74029a71c4dada1240470b610fbd4221ac5
    aa4ce40 cpufreq: Avoid using global variable total_cpus
    1c799f6 cpufreq: prevents NULL pointer reference while all_time_in_state stats is collected.
    4393f42c cpufreq: fix sleeping in atomic context when realloc freq_table for all_time_in_state
    06f5aae cpufreq: Avoid using global variable total_cpus
    00cde1f cpufreq: interactive:call __cpufreq_driver_target() for cur frequency
    4dc08b5 msm_hotplug is now default + Some tweaks.

    And yes MSM_Hotplug is now default.
    Enabled LZMA compression on build, so build size is down by about 20 percent.
    V2.5 up


    Lots and changes. Main theme - random32, lowmemorykiller, ext4, transparent compression, optional higher overclocks (for needy) etc..

    Detailed changelog:

    8f4787b Damn LZ4 doesn't fit. Too bulky kernel. Need to trim
    ed3027a Revert "Revert "More overclocks. It doesn't help but let someone be happy.""
    562c66a Revert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'headd/cm-12.1' into HEAD""
    5bf8452 Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'headd/cm-12.1' into HEAD"
    a075cec Revert "More overclocks. It doesn't help but let someone be happy."
    33c7185 Merge remote-tracking branch 'headd/cm-12.1' into HEAD
    021df95 More overclocks. It doesn't help but let someone be happy.
    0972182 Revert "vsprintf: ignore %n again"
    fc91ed4 mondrianwifi: defconfig: Enable BFQ cgroup support
    c4a7c76 mm, oom: make dump_tasks public
    f745521 sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg Moire
    49e1fbe introduce for_each_thread() to replace the buggy while_each_thread()
    84b0337 mm: vmpressure: allow in-kernel clients to subscribe for events
    feb9013 Merge derps
    96ec0cd mm: prevent to write out dirty page in CMA by may_writepage
    b653bf7 mm: vmscan: If kswapd has been running too long, allow it to sleep
    5fa43c1 mm: vmscan: when kswapd is awoken due to reclaim by a running task
    7e9d41e memory hotplug: reset pgdat->kswapd to NULL if creating kernel thread fails
    9e76de9 memcg: SQUASH: further prevent OOM with too many dirty pages
    1a3ae43 mm: vmscan: clear kswapd's special reclaim powers before exiting
    19800ac memcg: add memory.pressure_level events
    cc49439 mm: Add notifier framework for showing memory
    198066d fs: Add inode.i_compressed_size and support for FS_IMPL
    1b61733 mm: fix prctl_set_vma_anon_name
    29937da prctl: adds PR_SET_TIMERSLACK_PID for setting timer slack of an arbitrary thread.
    7f4ffd03 mm: add a field to store names for private anonymous memory
    8cdd745 Bad import
    c13df6b Merge derp missing endid
    3ae12bf sched: move no_new_privs into new atomic flags
    5371d8d Add PR_{GET,SET}_NO_NEW_PRIVS to prevent execve from granting privs
    4f11ad1 perf: Disable monitoring on setuid processes for regular users
    6872c42 mm: allow arch code to control the user page table ceiling
    b168bcd exec: use -ELOOP for max recursion depth
    c6d76f8 exec: do not leave bprm->interp on stack
    f772f83 freezer: exec should clear PF_NOFREEZE along with PF_KTHREAD
    ca74fab posix_types.h: Cleanup stale __NFDBITS and related definitions
    b9de866 mm: correctly synchronize rss-counters at exit/exec
    f16cc27 lowmemorykiller: adapt to vmpressure
    56df38b lowmemorykiller: Do proper NULL checks
    64f1643 lowmemorykiller: Run the lowmemory notifier when killing
    9341835 lowmemorykiller: Dump out slab state information
    094e3cb lowmemorykiller: enhance debug information
    9fdd9a4 drivers: lowmemorykiller: implement task's adj rbtree
    34d024f1 base
    f57e50f lowmemorykiller: use for_each_thread instead of buggy while_each_thread
    72b5894 drivers: lowmemorykiller: set TIF_MEMDIE before send kill sig
    6947202 lowmemorykiller: Don't count swap cache pages twice
    52cde37 BG SCAN MEM
    f92b50f lowmemorykiller: Don't count reserve page twice
    cbd9872 Revert "lowmemorykiller: Don't count reserve page twice"
    0388e60 lowmemorykiller: Account for highmem during kswapd reclaim
    e0a1aa0 staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Don't count reserved free memory
    0b890dc Enable goodies
    d8c2d4d fs: support task's adj rbtree
    416d081 writeback: Do not sort b_io list only because of block device inode
    a8abe2e proc: make oom adjustment files user read-only
    b3bc816 Revert "Grants system server access to /proc/<pid>/oom_adj for Android applications."
    50c5274 fs: fuse: lock the new non-CMA page before replace_page_cache_page()
    1fb5b5d Revert "fs/sync: Make sync() satisfy many requests with one invocation"
    fd26852 ext4: speed up truncate/unlink by not using bforget() unless needed
    615eae2 ext4: add max_dir_size_kb mount option
    291ffbca ext4: don't load the block bitmap for block groups which have no space
    aff1af0 ext4: collapse a single extent tree block into the inode if possible
    b2fa6a4 ext4: remove unreachable code after ext4_can_extents_be_merged()
    3687369 ext4: remove unreachable code in ext4_can_extents_be_merged()
    4abeed5 ext4: don't calculate total xattr header size unless needed
    9497c0c ext4: prevent kernel panic in case of uninitialized jinode
    164da49 fs: take i_mutex during prepare_binprm for set[ug]id executables
    28d89b4 fs: Transparent compression v2
    62866c6 fs: ext4: Support transparent compression
    59008bb ext4: optimize test_root()
    94d6b85 ext4: optimize starting extent in ext4_ext_rm_leaf()
    39cbfb6 sync: don't block the flusher thread waiting on IO
    080f5a9 Squashfs: Add LZ4 compression configuration option
    7a1d496 Squashfs: add LZ4 compression support
    683f718 fs/proc/task_mmu.c: don't use task->mm in m_start() and show_*map()
    bbd7abf binfmt_elf: use e/frandom - do not deplete entropy
    db81ffd random32: get rid of random32 all over the world - phase 2
    d40ba57 vfs: fix bad hashing of dentries
    5f0a354 fs/namei.c: fix: warning: 'old_path.*' may be used uninitialized in this function
    aaf8f79 writeback: Fix occasional slow sync(1)
    92f315a switch EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT to fget_light()
    170054c Async I/O latency to a ssd greatly increased, 34% gain (Creds: kleikamp)
    8b6c42e fs: ext4: use frandom, better for entropy
    16a5be7 Revert "msm8974: fs: Transparent compression support"
    e0a917e msm8974: fs: Transparent compression support
    af12d95 writeback: fix writeback cache thrashing
    dedb1fd writeback: fix race that cause writeback hung
    31037fe VFS: Make more complete truncate operation available to CacheFiles
    158b2fe cpufreq: zzmoove - scaling/zz_get_next_freq
    3d9352f cpufreq: Adjust zzmoove parameters to OPO CM12.1 sources
    2416a99 cpufreq: remove inline compilation for function zz_get_next_freq
    89ec2da cpufreq: Update to zzmoove 1.0-beta8
    c7111c5 Unused method
    c9c51db picked a broken commit
    4e3b949 More derps.
    38d3404 Merge derp.. Grr!
    7fab9b9 POWERSUSPEND: update to v1.7 cleanups and update adreno idler.
    e805728 POWERSUSPEND: update to v1.7 cleanups and update adreno idler.
    ce53126 switch to prandom
    d602910 netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix racy timer handling with reliable events
    4e065ff Use new prandom
    3076550 Merge derp : random
    7f6a029 random: entropy tweaks are all the rage nowadays
    81e3b99 diag: Update SSIDs, event ids and log codes
    8649db1 diag: Release wakeup sources properly
    7e11e33 diag: Prevent suspend in Memory Device mode
    7fb8c51 diag: dci: Mutex protect the list while traversal and node deletion
    3b5a8c4 diag: dci: Send mode reset command to the apps processor
    2de7ece random: remove warning
    26d7462 random: Account for entropy loss due to overwrites
    ff3d409 random: Statically compute poolbitshift, poolbytes, poolbits
    1eef4b3 random: prevent add_input from doing anything
    808690a random: entropy tweaks are all the rage nowadays
    f39ab08 random: allow architectures to optionally define random_get_entropy()
    2955ad1 random.h: declare erandom function
    be192e8 random32: add prandom_u32_max and convert open coded users
    3439d2b prandom: introduce prandom_bytes() and prandom_bytes_state()
    7690871 klist: use same naming scheme as hlist for klist_add_after()
    f3ddb4f toolchain: gcc: squashed fixes related to optimized toolchain
    68f75d6 LZ4 : fix the data abort issue
    70532c2 lz4: add overrun checks to lz4_uncompress_unknownoutputsize()
    6bb74db lz4: fix another possible overrun
    25f3897 lz4: ensure length does not wrap
    a0d3bca lz4: fix compression/decompression signedness mismatch
    df57800 lib/lz4: correct the LZ4 license
    d41a069 lib: add lz4 compressor module
    1df691d lib: add support for LZ4-compressed kernel
    0948f39 decompressor: add LZ4 decompressor module
    948d8ad Revert "decompressor: add LZ4 decompressor module"
    8d742cd random: sprinkle e/f/prandom in places that deplete entropy often
    4510f6b random32: get rid of random32 all over the world - phase 1
    5839f48 random32: fixed last errors related to conversion
    cabb1cd random32: use e/frandom for reseeding, and a merge fixup
    b3b2adc random32: improvements to prandom_bytes
    7ccea65 random32: mix in entropy from core to late initcall
    0694c10 lib/random32.c: minor cleanups and kdoc fix
    f15d106 random32: avoid attempt to late reseed if in the middle of seeding
    705e3fa random32: use msecs_to_jiffies for reseed timer
    9d89e49 random32: add __init prefix to prandom_start_seed_timer
    c0b22ca random32: add test cases for taus113 implementation
    0c8f395 random32: upgrade taus88 generator to taus113 from errata paper
    984b8db random32: add prandom_reseed_late() and call when nonblocking pool becomes initialized
    d98563a prandom: introduce prandom_bytes() and prandom_bytes_state()
    8ea3673 random32: rename random32 to prandom
    9609612 random32: add periodic reseeding
    357bb2e rwsem-spinlock: Implement writer lock-stealing for better scalability
    c027f64 lib/decompressors: fix "no limit" output buffer length
    0b8b494 debug: goodbye debugs
    ff44b82 decompressor: add LZ4 decompressor module
    9cbcd3c ARM: 7449/1: use generic strnlen_user and strncpy_from_user functions
    a1c21aa vsprintf: ignore %n again
    84d01e7 lib: cpu_rmap: avoid flushing all workqueues
    3953721 random32: add prandom_reseed_late() and call when nonblocking pool becomes initialized
    982fe3c remove unused random32() and srandom32()
    896138e prandom: introduce prandom_bytes() and prandom_bytes_state()
    16fa2cb random32: rename random32 to prandom
    4a2ecb5 random: run random_int_secret_init() run after all late_initcalls
    3f7b5af random: remove rand_initialize_irq()
    ebf48b4 random: add new get_random_bytes_arch() function
    ccac5ac random: create add_device_randomness() interface
    09967f4 diag: Make DCI change not to access info from a dangling pointer
    9d23d8e diag: Make fixes to diag_switch_logging
    8ea1edb diag: Handle spinlock correctly
    34d3c38 msm: ADSPRPC: Fix offset for input and output buffers
    2d61bac hw_random: msm_rng: fix a null pointer dereference
    8b405b4 crypto: msm: Add support for FIPS complience
    59ee3e4 diag: Mode reset command has to be handled on APPS proc
    c1f57bd msm: Update Ion and IOMMU APIs to use dma_addr_t
    45bd2aa diag: Add new polling command
    162f9c2 diag: dci: Add DCI support for APSS logs and events and cmd/rsp
    1cef32f diag: Change format used for printing pointers
    667d20a diag: Remove invalid check for payload
    680bd6e diag: Add status functionality to Diag over STM command
    8f5b704 usb: gadget: Remove usb_diag_free_req() API
    0baa023 diag: Do not write to USB when usb is disconnected
    5f5b313 Merge derp
    d2ac9ab Upstream changes
    c7524dd cfq-iosched: fix the setting of IOPS mode on SSDs
    558d5fb block: Make CFQ default to IOPS mode on SSDs
    8b31eab block, bfq: add Early Queue Merge (EQM) to BFQ-v7r8 for 3.4.0
    10655f4 block: introduce the BFQ-v7r8 I/O sched for 3.4
    c3c5072 block: fiops ioscheduler core
    902ef6e android: drivers: workaround debugfs race in binder
    21ce22d udp: fix behavior of wrong checksums
    198428c fs: take i_mutex during prepare_binprm for set[ug]id executables
    4847e32 netfilter: nf_conntrack: reserve two bytes for nf_ct_ext->len
    27445d0 msm: kgsl: set the correct max_state
    7cbbea3 PM / devfreq: Check for GPU busy time before sending the sample
    9b7475f PM: devfreq: Use high priority workqueue
    36f83c0 PM / devfreq: Rewrite devfreq_update_status() to fix multiple bugs
    d55228a msm: kgsl: Bump the GPU frequency for long blocks of processing
    1ef48b0 msm: kgsl: Report correct GPU frequency in sysfs


    Upstream 5.1.1.R18
    Some feature specific details -


    Profiles - Change profile_number in governor tunable to one of below:

    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (1)'def' -> Default -> will set governor defaults -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (2)'ybat -> Yank Battery -> a very good battery/performance balanced setting -
    * - DEV-NOTE: highly recommended! -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (3)'ybatext'-> Yank Battery Extreme -> like yank battery but focus on battery saving -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (4)'zzbat' -> ZaneZam Battery -> a more 'harsh' setting strictly focused on battery saving -
    * - DEV-NOTE: might give some lags! -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (5)'zzbatp' -> ZaneZam Battery Plus -> NEW! reworked 'faster' battery setting -
    * - DEV-NOTE: recommended too!:) -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (6)'zzopt' -> ZaneZam Optimized -> balanced setting with no focus in any direction -
    * - DEV-NOTE: relict from back in the days, even though some people still like it! -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (7)'zzmod' -> ZaneZam Moderate -> NEW! setting based on 'zzopt' which has mainly (but not strictly only!) 2 cores online -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (8)'zzperf' -> ZaneZam Performance -> all you can get from zzmoove in terms of performance but still has the fast -
    * - down scaling/hotplugging behaving -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (9)'zzinz' -> ZaneZam InZane -> NEW! based on performance with new insane scaling active. a new experience! -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (10)'zzgame' -> ZaneZam Gaming -> NEW! based on performance with scaling block enabled to avoid cpu overheating during gameplay -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    * - (11)'zzrelax'-> ZaneZam Relax -> NEW! based on moderate (except hotplug settings) with relaxed sleep settings -
    * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    - How do I killall apps using SlimRecents
    Pinch in in the recents area to close all apps.

    - Never enable more than one hotplug.

    - GCC compiler optimizations - http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=gcc_49_optimizations&num=1

    - From V2.2 we have switched to Justarchi 4.1 compiler optimizations.. More details - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2754997

    -More on our thermal driver:

    It comes into action as soon as trigger temperature is reached. In our case I have configured it as 75. But you can change it in Synapse / Kernel adiutor.

    Once triggered it throttles the CPU to following frequencies based on current temperature as shown below:

    enum thermal_freqs {
    FREQ_HELL = 729600, //(91 and above)
    FREQ_VERY_HOT = 1036800, //(83 to 91)
    FREQ_HOT = 1574400, //(78 to 83)
    FREQ_WARM = 1958400 //(75 to 78)

    So feel free to set it to 60 for a throttled but cooler device. OR set it to 80 for >=950 on geekbench3.