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Aug 15, 2010
I have Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G, and it's locked to Verizon.
contacted their tech support yesterday, they told me 60 days after purchase it will be unlocked.
Will waiting
Didn't find solution to unlock it earlier

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    Stock rooted rom E6560 (KVT49L, 1.200AT, 4.4.2)
    Flash via fastboot.
    Instructions inside of archive
    como entrar fastboot

    1 Press Volume UP
    2 Press the Power
    3 Wait for more than 4 seconds
    4 Release all buttons and quickly press the Volume Down
    Ota - lmy47v1218_2217

    For those who are having trouble applying a FOTA on the DuraForce, check /cache/fota/xyz_fotalog_123.dat It's a text file that contains a lot of really good info on what is going on during a FOTA. Including errors. Keep a look out for signature mismatch errors.

    I had errors with the following files. Took me a few tries to get the OTA applied as each attempt resulted in one error.
    • Uninstall Xposed (moar hacks)
    • /system/usr/keylayout/gpio-keys.kl (disable PTT/Speaker buttons)
    • /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml (sd card "fix")

    If trying to address the issues manually does not work, follow the procedure below.
    1. Download "vanilla" system image from HERE (link)
    2. Extract zip file
    3. Ensure at least 2Gb of storage is available for internal data
    4. adb push mmcblk0p21_KVT49L_0617_0132 /storage/sdcard0/
    5. adb shell
    6. su
    7. dd if=/storage/sdcard0/mmcblk0p21_KVT49L_0617_0132 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p21
    8. Reboot phone once it completes. It will take awhile and not report anything during the process.
    9. After phone boots, run "adb reboot recovery"
    10. Wipe data / factory reset
    11. Wipe cache
    12. Reboot
    13. Run software update
    Known Working Customizations

    To be determined
    How do you feel about Kingo?
    I've used it a few times over the last year and can only complain it does a sloppier job compared to SuperSU. Every pre-canned root wants to crap all over /system and none is better than the other so long as you get the su binary in a working state IMHO. I know Kingo is harder to clean up after than SuperSU / others but it's a hell of a lot easier to just use Kingo to root and cleanup after. Stacking root exploits and similar like Kingo is doing is a huge PITA and best left to those specializing in such things.

    I'm almost leaning more to keeping the bloat, kind of the devil you know, you know?
    Fair enough, I was able to replace Kingo with SuperSU pretty easily:
    1. Install SuperSU from Play Store
    2. Run SuperSU and update su binary via "Normal" mode
    3. Authorize SuperSU when Kingo prompts
    4. Allow SuperSU to replace su binary
    5. Freeze/Remove Kingo
    6. Reboot and enjoy SuperSU
    7. Optional: cleanup other Kingo remnants