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[L5][E610/E612] Discussion thread for Official CM10 Nightlies

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Dec 29, 2012
I once did the swapper thing.. Showed 1gb ram in the app.. But personally I didn't see any changes in performance at all..

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Sep 8, 2012
2 things:

1. I have the 19th of May CM10 installed just saw they release a 26th of May and now a 2nd of June nightlies. Do you think I should update it to the new one? What was the changelog for this newest one?

2. Is there a way to install new CM nightlies without wiping everything from the cellphone?


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Oct 7, 2010
I do not have to wipe anything.... just install as zip or through push notification of CM Updater....

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Dec 29, 2012
I never wipe anything from my phone...!!
Here is what you should do...
Instead of downloading 100's of mb every time download an app called cyandelta.. Its an official cm10 app... Every time there is an update it updates u ans gives a small delta file which combines the old zip file.. This delta file is the one which contains all the changes.. And as changes aren't many it's always about 6-8 mb in size...
1. Download cyandelta.
2. After installing it open the app and locate the path of the zip u have installed currently.
3.chexk for update.
4.download the delta file. It will automatically combine your old zip with the delta file and give a new zip in the cyandelta folder.
5. Either flash that new zip from the app or manually from recovery. I prefer manually from recovery.

You won't need to wipe anything.
Infact normally too I don't think wiping everything is required. Only wiping cache and dalvik cache is sufficient. Though I don't do that even for these nightly updates.

Hope I helped :thumbup:

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May 12, 2013
Latest nightly (cm10 - 20130602) has solved battery drain problem :good:

running it at 1ghz with oc kernel and no bugs so far except the profile bug in settings.
no lags , no random reboots , no grainy screen. :D


Apr 26, 2013
After update to nightly from 02.06.2013 my phone doesn't go in to sleep. its still active ( i did not installed any new apps)
look at ths battery drain 2 days took about 80% of battery
(on previus buld i had wi-fi on whole time and battery last much longer.)



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Feb 24, 2013
hello, anyone know how to work the headphones in cm10? achievement connect but put music plays on the phone and not the headphones. :(

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Sep 8, 2012
May someone tell me where I can download the overclock kernel for the latest CM10 nightly?

I seem to have overlooked the link for it, can't find it.

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    I noticed that once the screen goes black (sleep) and i press the HOME button it won't go to the unlock screen...
    Going to the unlock screen only works when i press the power button or the volume button

    Anyone else having this problem?
    It's by design. You can change it by editing single line in some file (Info shared by Brez)

    I created a flashable zip to do that for you (see attachment)
    Hey, i have e610 cm10 with pinkflozd kernel on 4.14 update... because i really like overclocked cpu. The problem is that, i cant install any google app. no maps, no drive and things like that. i have installed gapps.rar for google apps. i only have gmail and search bar from google and thats all. I know maybe it would be better if i install latest nightly update but then i dont have overclocked cpu :/
    and yes it only writes that my phone is not compatible with this app.

    you can try this kernel on newer cm10, it's overclocked upto 1ghz
    By example of this thread, I thought it would be convenient to also create a separate thread for our L5. I will update this first post with relevant information and links when needed.

    CyanogenMod's site: http://www.cyanogenmod.org/
    Announcement on Google+ by CM: link
    Screenshots by luKi13223: link
    Screenshots by Sirrocco with dpi lowered to 130 and theme applied: link


    Nightlies started building. You can get the latest build from http://get.cm/?device=e610 OR http://10.cmxlog.com/?device=e610
    CWM Recovery by Ricardo Cerqueira (CyanogenMod): Direct download. Alternatively you can download the flashable zip provided in the attachment, it's the same, but easier to install if you already had a recovery installed.
    Google Apps (GAPPS) for Jelly Bean/CM10: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip

    Short Installations guide
    1. Make sure you meet the requirements
    2. Download needed files (see above) and place them on your internal sd card
    3. Update your ClockWorkMod Recovery to v6.0.2.8 (you can do this by using terminal, adb (guide) or use the flashable zip I've attached
      This will avoid status(7) error messages and prevent issues with ROM Manager.
    4. Flash "cm-10-build date-NIGHTLY-e610.zip" from your internal sd card with CWM (or if you prefer with ROM Manager)
      [*]Optional: Flash custom kernel by PinkFlozd: link to thread WARNING: Don't install this kernel with builds created on 21 april 2013 or later (at least not untill someone updates the kernel)
    5. Optional: Flash "gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip"
    6. After first boot see if your receiving any signal (provided your normally have any signal on that spot). If not, don't worry, a simple reboot might fix it.
    7. Enjoy ;)

    Considering these are the very first nightly builds of CM10 for our device, the dev did a pretty great job. Almost everything is working. Thanks to him :highfive:
    • Network / data is not working after 1st boot. A simple reboot after a few minutes might fix this
    • Multi-touch not fully working (dual touch works)?
    • SD card is full error, while there is still room left (up to at least 300 MB). I haven't experienced this bug in a while, it may be fixed, but I'm not sure.
    • Accelerometer

    Small mods/Fixes
    Sorry for my post,but why the hell u will install cm10,we have so many much better working roms on newer source like android l projekt which is awesome stable and better,or 4.4.4 based roms from different devs which are great too?

    delete this lane :
    assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "e610" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "e610");

    and it will work