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Lagging and slow camera experiance

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New member
Feb 11, 2019
Same problem still in 2019

I've reset my phone and everything, I don't have much apps running in the background except for a few social media, I do get a notification that theme is running in the background, Also I do have same apps in my other Vivo phone which never has this issues, with Xiaomi it takes 6 seconds or more to start the camera recording also it freeze in homescreen when I click too fast


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Feb 22, 2019
Anyone can confirm that camera is more responsive if airplane mode is activated? I got a bad feeling.


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Oct 15, 2019
frustrating Mi a2 front camera lag

Front camera lags when taking picture with stock android. So annoying. android 9. update september 2019.

baanu vasundhara

New member
Mar 19, 2020
front camera lagging issue

hi guys,

Iam using note 5 pro with MIUI version and from almost 1 year my front camera is not working properly.
My rear camera is working fine and front camera in other apps is working fine but it comes to phone camera app, when ever i try to capture it gets lagged and I saw the same issue in 2 more phones of my friends with same MIUI version.
Can you guys resolve this issue please.

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    Hi guys so usualy ma camera works good except in these cases:
    1) when i use portrait mode - OMG it takes up to 10 sec pause between shots, sometimes less, but always too long. When I disable automatic lowlight enhancement and watermark it works bit faster, but way to slow.
    2) when I take shot in portrait mode, and wish to see it right after taking it, it takes long time to transfer me to gallery.
    3) When in video mode and press to start recording it takes between 3 and 6 seconds before camera starts recording.
    4) Front facing camera, same laggy thing in portrait mode.

    I'm on stable global, my friend has same device and same version of miui and he has same problems.

    I hope xiaomi fixes it ASAP.
    Is this problem stil present on xiaomi.eu rom or/and miui 1p beta rom?