Latest FW for C432 region CLT-L29

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Feb 9, 2014
Another security update right now for P20 Pro and i was waiting for a bigger update but anyway.

OTA (C432E8R1P3)
February security fix as it says and nothing more.


Jul 2, 2016
I can't seem to update from Android 9
I was rooted and my bootloader is unlocked
Did a lowlevel wipe of the phone and phone is now unrooted, but Hisuite and eRecovery still says 9.0 is the latest version for me. (BTW, Only way i was able to wipe the phone was through "Find my device", wipe from system settings did nothing, Wipe from eRecovery did nothing)
Any suggestions? CLT-L29 C432


Apr 29, 2011
Newest version: (C432E5R1P1)
Security updates - May 1
Google Play system update (Mainline) 2022-07-01 Q
Android 10
kernel 4.14.116

Redesigned settings /camera app/ and few other things (swipe from upper left - notification / from the right - settings).


New member
May 27, 2021
after upgrading to Emui 12, my nfc option disapeared in setting->more connections
I tried to downgrade using hisuite, there is an emui 10 option, but after i download that, my phone rebooted and it said the installation is filed, and I should try redownload the package and such.
fortunately my phone functions just fine, except NFC


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May 27, 2021
Did it also disappear in quick toggles(pull down from top right side)? It's still there for me. Tried resetting the phone?
NFC is still in settings for me and it works.
yea, the icon in quick toggles is still there, touching it get no respond at all unfortunately.
I've tried resetting this phone, but no, still no NFC in setting->more connections
it almost like the OS i install is missing that part or something.
anyway, thank you for caring

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    August security patches is out there.
    Anyone tested 325?

    edit, testing....

    Device: CLT-L29C432
    Build number: CLT-L29
    Product Base version: CLT-LGRP2-OVS
    Base OS version: HUAWEI/CLT-L29/HWCLT:9/HUAWEICLT-L29/311C432:user/release-keys
    System Version: System
    Product Cust Version: CLT-L29-CUST
    GSM Version: 9_201903
    GSM Baseband version: 21C20B369S009C000
    Build date: Wed Jul 24 18:40:38 CST 2019
    Power Genius version:
    Camera version:
    System UI version:
    Android security patch: 01/08/2019
    Kernel version: 4.9.148
    Kernel date: Wed Jul 24 17:09:38 CST 2019
    EMUI Version: EmotionUI_9.1.0
    I've noticed that too. It looks like chinese version.

    I installed this software. The EMUI 9.1 version, software.
    The camera version is higher than - it works correctly - visual changes - probably and others but I have not tested because it does not work for me:
    - battery and all associated settings
    - notifications and all associated settings
    - some applications are missing (google, chrome, files,)
    - optimizer
    - it is not possible to install the HiSuite application and connect it to the computer
    and probably others that I did not check.
    Restoring the factory settings does not change anything.
    I installed it on - the first attempt, - the second attempt.
    Return to
    I'm sorry for my english.
    I'm sorry to tell you, that you have to choose between rooting with magisk or using TWRP. As far as I know there is currently no way to get EMUI 9 rooted with installed TWRP.

    So.... rooting is quite easy. If you have an unlocked bootloader and FRP unlock just Install Magisk. Open Magisk , in the settings set the update channel to "beta" and patch a previous downloaded boot.img with a click on "install" and choose and patch a file". Doesnt matter which one. Can be the roms original one or a TWRP image. After that copy the patched boot image to you computer, and flash it with "fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk yourimage.img"

    Now shut down your phone. Start it with holding the vol+ and the power button. Wait for the Huawei logo and until the screen shows "Your device is booting now..." Release the buttons and let it boot. You should be rooted now. :) If you need to reboot your phone, you have to boot it again with holding down the vol+ and power button to stay rooted.

    You can use my patched image if you want to:
    Patched Image


    Exactly that was the missing Info.
    Either TWRP OR (Magisk) ROOT !!

    Because of didn't know that I thought I had to get TWRP, to flash - as it was the last few years, also with HTC ;)
    Nevertheless, all I wanted and needed was just ROOT, primarily with Magisk.

    In the end, it perfectly worked out for me by flashing your Patched Image.

    Many thanks to you: ArtaxXP
    And also a lot of thanks to bigdaddy1990, who helped me.

    Now I have:
    -) Latest FW for C432 region CLT-L29
    -) Bootloader open
    -) FPR open
    -) Magisk 20.4
    -) Magisk Manager 7.5.1.

    Next steps - Android 10 / EMUI 10 :silly::laugh::cool:
    Emui 10 late October
    Did somebody tried 262?
    I saw that 262 was approved in FF, so I downloaded it and installed with EMUI Flasher, suddenly nothing worked anymore, phone was not recognized by my PC and I had to access via HiSuite only. I couldn't access the file explorer on the phone and sometimes even the settings was corrupted. I was also forced to register to Huawei which was not the case in previous ROMs.
    I've managed to go back to 245 which is good and stable.
    I don't want to make a general warning about 262, but in my case was pretty bad.