Launcher for Elderly people / impaired hand mobility

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Aug 25, 2012

It is surprising hard to configure an Android smartphone to be "usable" for some elderly folks. Especially those with hand mobility issues like my mother who hands shake slightly.

I would be interested in collaborating with someone to design and build a launcher for such people. Maybe even a skin or whole ROM eventually. Or a patch to turn on/off some features.

I have been trying to configure an Android phone for my mother who is in her mid-seventies and lives alone. She sometimes presses the wrong button to turn off wi-fi or mute all notifications which worries her and and us. Or she enables Talkback making the phone unusable.

It actually difficult to disable some of these features (such as the swipe down menu or Shelf). I've created some workarounds but it does not fully fix the issues.

Is there anyone in the same situation or thinking same thing? Please respond!

Thank you