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[LAYOUT] Scrolling Dock Banner/Icon (Howto)

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Jul 27, 2010
Ok, so few people asked me how I placed a Banner like Icon in-place of my dock. I wanted to answer directly but thought why not share it with everyone else. So here a tutorial on how to do it.

First, this is how it looks like


And a demo Vid

If you think its cool, then read on.

It's fairly easy, but quite tricky. Here we go.

What you need:
Launcher Pro
Banner/Icon (Template links later)
Desktop Visualizer

1. Set your home-screen row to 7 (for a 6 row home-screen setup). (This seems to be the most efficient value for me)
2. Now add a desktop visualizer 4x1 widget
3. With desktop visualizer, select your desired banner/template as your image and set the action as none (as seen on the video below)
4. Place the new widget on the bottom most part of your home-screen.
5. Now back to LPP preferences, set your home-screen row back to 6.
6. Might take long to load but there you have it, a scrolling banner on your dock.


I believe you can use any number of homescreen rows from 4 up to 9 but I havent tested it yet and I only have a template for a 6 row homescreen.

In the video, I used a 5 column x 6 row setup opposed to the 4 x 6 setup on the tutorial to lessen the changes from stock layout.

forgot to mention, for best results, use transparent dock ang dock-shortcut icons.

Banner templates:

4x1 (right click and "save as")

5x1 (right click and "save as")

The Grey part is what the dock covers, blank part should always stay transparent. Just paste your banner over the gray part and make sure that nothing overlaps then delete the grey part entirely.
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