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[LAYOUT] Scrolling Wallpaper 'Dock' + Tutorial

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New member
Feb 16, 2011
Where do you find the icons.

I found the icons for things like Facebook angry birds etc...
But where can i find the icons for the phone, that wireless one you have. the web one etc...
I dont know if im overlooking something or what...

and have patience with me.. its my birthday.


Senior Member
Oct 11, 2010
Santa Ana
Hey how's your battery life with that live wallpaper compared to having just a static wallpaper

Battery life is normal, not much difference compared to not having the live wallpaper. Only thing that was kind of annoying is that if you undervolt and underclock your phone you will notice it takes a few seconds sometimes for all icons to load on unlocks and when you exit apps to the homescreen. You can kind of see what i'm talking about in the video I think. The animations are just awesome to show off though. :) In works of making a new setup so i'm currently not running this right now.


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Aug 12, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Latest Concept of scrolling wallpapers
FYI this follows LP shortcuts of your guide but i'm using individual wallpapers for each screen that I've edited in Pain.net instead of the standard 1 wallpaper.
MultiPicture Livewallpaper gives you some pretty cool transition effects and looks pretty sweet when mixed with Launcher Pro transition effects


Below is link to my youtube video showing off my screenshots.

can u explain me how to get the tabs working? what i need to do? use widgets?
dont can figure it out...

EDIT: nvm got it...
mind share ur banner icons?
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Oct 11, 2010
Santa Ana
can u explain me how to get the tabs working? what i need to do? use widgets?
dont can figure it out...

EDIT: nvm got it...
mind share ur banner icons?

Send me a pm with your email and I can give you invite to my dropbox, the banners are actually part of the wallpaper. :) I will try and make copies of them separately but right now I just have the wallpaper with the banners combined.

Let me check when i get home today if I have the separate image actually.... hmm i just might.
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Feb 7, 2012
Wow, I see some very amazing work here that makes me wanna give it a try. I am a partial noob though (understand the point behind DPI and such, but lack experience) so a few questions for clarification:

1. I use Samsung galaxy mini with 320x240 screen at 160 DPI (according to elixir2, so should be true:)). So for my wallpaper, do I use 320x480 at 160 DPI in Photoshop, paint.net or whatever I decide to try?

2. For the Dock strip at the bottom I should use icon spacing of 48 pixels and icon size takes me to my next question

3. What is the dock background size in this case? Because I kind of doubt the mentioned 480x84. I would expect something like 240x48 but going halfway would be 240x42...

... and that is all I can think of at the moment. Any answer would be dearly appreciated and maybe afterwards I will be able to contribute with something too...;)


Senior Member
Aug 7, 2010
hey, i used to love using Scrolling 2.0 on my Droid Incredible.

I have a Galaxy s3, and the resolution is 1280x720... not the 800x480 that the wallpapers are built for.

Do you know how I would go about "fixing" these so that it would work for the Galaxy s3?

720 is 1.5 times bigger than 480, but 1280 is 1.6 time bigger...

any suggestions?

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    ClassicalGas Presents..
    Scrolling Wallpaper Dock

    This is a repost from here as it is not HTC Desire specific. Everything should work on any phone with 800*480 resolution.


    I have been experimenting with what I believe to be a unique use for the scrolling wallpaper. If using LP with 6 homescreens your wallpaper scrolls exactly one dock icon (1/5th of the screen).

    I started playing around with using this as a screen indicator and dock icons to jump between homescreens using LPP Shortcuts. Shortcuts to all 6 screens are attached. I found you could effectively use the scrolling effect of the wallpaper in place of a screen indicator (although it goes the wrong way).

    It takes a bit of playing around with the wallpaper to get it 100%. I've included a .PSD of one of my files, however the others aren't really in an up-loadable state. I've included all the scrollable wallpapers I've made as well.

    I hope you get some fun out of this - If you do make something interesting and unique please post here to share it with everyone else!


    Click on any image to be taken to the gallery showing how the wallpaper scolls


    Here are the wallpapers I've made, I will add to the album as I make them, I will also add your creations, with permission of course.


    I've had a few people wanting a tutorial on how to get the rainbow wallpaper set-up. Please keep comments and question in this thread, I would rather have questions answered publicly so they only have to be answered once.
    The white bar is my own and is only available for OpenDesire, the rest of this theme requires the following and should work on any rom;
    *Tutorial Files
    *Launcher Pro

    *Desktop Visualizer

    *Apps Organizer (or Folder Organizer)


    *Smooth Calendar

    *^3 (search: "pub:Filipe Abrantes")

    *SMS Unread Count (Optional - Mod attached)

    *Images attached
    *Time and patience​

    Launcher Pro Plus Settings
    This give you the basis of the scrolling wallpaper 'dock'. From this I hope some run with the idea and produce their own wallpapers and themes

    Homescreen Settings
    Number of Screens = 6
    Default Screen = 4​

    Dock Settings
    Number of Docks = 1​

    Appearance Settings
    Dock Background = None
    Hide Icon Labels = Ticked
    Disable Wallpaper Scrolling = Unticked

    Advanced Settings
    5 Icon rows in homescreen = ticked​

    Launcher Pro Dock Settings

    Position 1
    Shortcut = screen_6.lps
    Icon = Dock_Tools.png
    Swipe Action = Clock

    Position 2
    Shortcut = screen_5.lps
    Icon = Dock_Apps.png
    Swipe Action = App Drawer

    Position 3
    Shortcut = screen_4.lps
    Icon = Dock_Home.png
    Swipe Action = Dialer One

    Position 4
    Shortcut = screen_3.lps
    Icon = Dock_Media.png
    Swipe Action = Audio Manager

    Position 5
    Shortcut = screen_2.lps
    Icon = Dock_Games.png
    Swipe Action = None

    Apps Organizer
    This is the free version, however I would recommend buying folder organizer as you can add bookmarks and contacts in the folders.

    Create new labels;

    Add your applications into the suitable labels. Favourites will be linked to the home screen banner.

    Desktop Visualizer Widgets
    Long press on screen - select widget.

    Desktop Visualizer(Small)
    All bottom row icons are linked directly to the app and inserted as a small widget​

    Desktop Visualizer(4x1)
    All Banner Icons are inserted as 4x1 widget and linked to Apps Organiser category - (Select Action > Other > Apps Organizer > [your label)​

    Desktop Visualizer(2x1)
    These are the larger icons above application, games and tools banners. Link these to whatever you like my setup was;
    Controller - Linked to apps organizer group emulators
    Tools - Remote apps (for HTPC, VLC etc)
    Android in trolley - Appbrain​

    Other Widgets
    Inset clock as widget then in app drawer open "DigiClock Settings"
    Theme = Clear
    Text Settings > Text Colour > White​

    Smooth Calendar
    Show Menu = Untick
    Show Calendar Icon = Untick
    Transparent Background = Tick
    Show Colour = Tick
    Date Format = "dd.MM"
    Time Format = "HH.mm"​

    Medium widget and in Launcher Pro Plus enlarge to fill screen (If you don't have the plus version, use small widget to centre it​

    Unfortunately I lost the files for the polaroid scroller on and will need to re-make it when I get time (Probably a while away)

    Tutorial Files

    Launcher Pro Shortcuts

    Simple Template

    Scrolling Wallpapers

    SMS Unread Mod

    Other Banners


    Wallpaper - Luke Roberts
    Icons - CHRFB

    Please Remember to credit me with the icons/idea and if asked please link back to this post (I like to watch the download count of my attachments :) - This took a lot of my time as such any donation is greatly appreciated)
    Inspirated by juanaraya92679 and wallpaper by vinshehe from this thread by ClassicalGas

    here's mine

    same concept, using Multipicture Live Wallpaper for set each screens.

    Heres my version+files

    Thanks to classicalgas for great idea..

    LauncherProPlus (new transparent gingerbread mod)
    with custom SCROLLABLE dock!

    Was tired of circlebatt and simiclock like all other these days :)

    Wanted devs of "SlideScreen" to make theur app as a fullscreen widget. But for now I've found satisfaction in this.

    Every thumbtitle on first screen (the most left) links to different screens by LPshortvuts. The small images at the buttom scrolls with wallpaper.
    The small banners on each page, links back to homescreen.

    Dock is scrollable too with two options each. Press/swipe up.
    Først dockicon links to "tools" and swipeup is for appdrawer.
    Swipeup on all 5 blank icons centerdock is opening/closin statusbar.

    Updated first screen, the should ofcourse be androidgreen!

    U might ad transparent twitter or calendars to the first screen...

    Widgets are TxClck, MinimalisticText, Snowstorm, ScrollableNews (with custom greaderfeed mixed w 15 rssfeeds), PowerAmp.
    (Might be adding BeyondPod Transparent mod)

    ( http://classical-gas.blogspot.com/2010/11/tutorial-scrolling-wallpaper-20.html for tutorial).

    Links to all my icons and walls and psdfiles...:


    If you use the original wallpaper - I made it darker (its a bit grey - and I cropped the coloured line a bit..)
    But my mod is in the psds...

    champkongen, Denmark

    Beamed from the great DesireHD while drunk
    This doesn't fit on my Desire for some reason. I think the wallpaper scrolls just a bit too much.

    Do you have a working version for 800*480?

    Have you set it to 7 screens?


    Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
    How can I apply screen shortcuts in the dock?

    You have to use LPS files. You can found it in the first post.