Question LE Audio (LC3 Codec) Support w/ Pixel 6 Tensor Chipset?

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May 13, 2016
My Bluetooth earbuds support the modern LC3 Codec (LE Audio). I know Android 12 supports LE Audio. However, LE Audio also requires phone chipset support....E.G. MediaTek MT6891Z handsets support it. Has Google included it in this latest Tensor chipset?


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Mar 6, 2022
using the codec info app from fdroid. "LC3" is not listed in the audio section or any other for my pixel 6.

just another thing google skimped out on with this "flagship"

this page what MUST be included in the hardware for android 12
( i think that is how it reads)
section 222

Handheld device implementations MUST support the following audio encoding and decoding formats and make them available to third-party applications:

  • [5.1/H-0-1] AMR-NB
  • [5.1/H-0-2] AMR-WB
  • [5.1/H-0-3] MPEG-4 AAC Profile (AAC LC)
  • [5.1/H-0-4] MPEG-4 HE AAC Profile (AAC+)
  • [5.1/H-0-5] AAC ELD (enhanced low delay AAC)

so lc3 is not required at minimum.( not that the minimum is what should be followed IMHO)

rumors say that lc3 will be in android 13 but it might also be in android 12 custom roms depending on the developer.
so you could try android 13 beta
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