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  • Jan 4, 2012
    OnePlus 9 Pro
    Can people post here with the LE number shown on your phone under Settings > About Phone > Model so we can compile a list of which device is which?

    I haven't been able to find a definitive list, if you know of one then by all means post a link.

    Please include your country and provider if it's a provider specific model

    I'll start :

    LE NumberModelRAMStorage (ROM)
    LE2123OnePlus 9 Pro (EU)8GB128GB
    LE2123OnePlus 9 Pro (EU)12GB256GB
    LE2125OnePlus 9 Pro (US) (Verizon?)12GB256GB
    LE2127OnePlus 9 Pro (US) (T-Mobile?)12GB256GB

    One reason I wanted to do this is because there was MSM released but it says it's for the LE2125 so there's no guarantee it would work for anyone with a OnePlus 9 Pro
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