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Sep 30, 2016
Plzzzzz helpppp plz plz plz

My notification LED is not working properly for notifications in leagoo elite 5, only for charging. It was not working at all for notifications, even when i put my phone on charging white its power off not any charging notification show. now Red color ramdonly blinks with or without a notification. Plz help because i miss very important and urgent sms and missed calls notification and its really annoying


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Dec 2, 2016
Wow I hard bricked my phone trying to flash one of the many stock Leagoo elite 5 roms, apparently all the country revisions have different preloaders.

If this case gets to happen to you, simply take out the battery, sim cards, SD card, then plug your phone to the pc, press the vol up + vol down buttons, and while keep it pressed, put the battery on the phone and the PC should detect and install the DA USB VCOM driver, then, SP flash tool should work fine to flash the stock rom

II bricked my Elite5, too. I tried Kingo Root, since there was no way to make Sp Flash to flash the TWRP, but the phone never boot up again. I'm stuck at the green leago logo.

I've tried your way but windows seems to not recognize the phone and does'nt install any driver.

How can I solve this?


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Dec 2, 2016
Bricked Elite 5

I definetely bricked my phone.

I tried to flash other roms via SPFlashTool but it seems that there's non way to get it boot again.

Reading from the info in the factory menu:
MSBoard is hct6735m_35gu_1
Build time 2016 1010
kernel version 3.10.65+
SW version R36_1010

Does anyone have a stock rom like mine (R36_1010) so that I can try to flash it?

Do you know any different method to flash the rom other than SPFlashTool?


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Sep 5, 2013
There are many custom roms available for Leagoo elite 5 but almost all of them got bugs...CM 12.1 works good except video recording ....YunOS 3.0 works awesome (for less ram and battery usage) but the camera app is not ported ......others are not good enough :rolleyes:

is there any solution to fix camera issue in YunOs rom..???? someone please help to resolve it.....it is good rom


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Dec 24, 2010
I know this thread is really old but I had no idea where else to ask, is there any chance in hell of android 6 or 7 being ported to this device? thanks


New member
Sep 2, 2018
Solution for successful flashing of a Leagoo Elite 5 is kindly requested

Dear all, I’m a newbie on this xda forum. Hope, someone could contribute to solve the software problem currently occurring on my phone LEAGOO Elite 5 (bought mid 2017). Due to some problem with bloat ware, I wanted to flash the original stock ROM means of the SP Flashing Tool Version 5.1708.00 (package with firmware) which I retrieved from another web site.
The corresponding SP FT settings on tab <format> were “Auto Flash Format” and “Format whole flash except Bootloader”, and on tab <download> “Format all + Download”. All 11 lines showing on the corresponding table were ticked on. The following download procedure (with battery) means of the scatter file of the firmware package and subsequent flashing procedure was promising O.K. After disconnecting and booting, the phone showed a blackish screen (lit up in the background).
The <read back> procedure on the corresponding SP FT tab showed only the “MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM (Android) (COM6)”.
I’m currently lost.
As I don’t like to throw electronic stuff away I still hope that there is an "easy" solution to the software problem I have unfortunately created.
Hope this is the right place to post my request. Thanks

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    Twrp recovery : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3jWykV-dHRGS0xQcHNNdEd0LUU/view?usp=docslist_api

    Keep sp flash tool and recovery in one folder with scatter file.
    Just open sp flash tool and select scatter file then it will detect recovery image. Click download option in sp tool. Switch off your phone and connect to PC, it will detect phone if drivers are present. Then it will flash recovery. Just move into recovery and backup your stock ROM. Then flash SuperSU v2.46.zip and you have successfully rooted your phone.

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    All Firmware Leagoo Elite 5

    Hello. Can someone come in handy. All firmware, updates, recovery, root in one link:
    Leagoo Elite 5 - flashing rom (firmware) - recovery death phone - guide / how to

    I've asked [email protected] how to recover death phone and they gave me this instructions and files:

    Initially notes:
    - turn off your phone before flashing
    - battery capacity MORE than 30% (my recommendation - FULLY CHARGED battery - read post 115)
    - "Step 3“ in the instruction, please don't choose "DA DL ALL With Check Sum", you only need to click "Firmware→download", after click this option, then please plug your phone to the computer and the phone should turn off.

    Pls report links if broken, I have local backup.
    I Spoke to him and he said I needed custom recovery and supersu. Thing is neither twrp or cwrm seem to be supported by this phone...

    Surprise:: on 4pda there is section of leagoo elite 5 with twrp recovery
    Visit here:

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    Hi guys I'll be receiving the phone in the next days, which steps I should follow in order to have TWRP, Root and possibly Xposed? 07/27 is the latest Rom?
    The Xposed arm64 is working for this device? Thanks!

    Start with this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=62991781&postcount=26 and use the deodexed rom if you want to install xposed (32 bit). In order to flash it you need to install the USB drivers as "legacy drivers". I installed SuperSU after installing twrp- perhaps I had to unlock the bootloader first.
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