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LEAGOO M8 Pro - Development & Support (LineageOS 14.1 Available)

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Senior Member
Dec 7, 2013
I installed Resurrection Remix because Lineage OS didn't want to, it is good overall, I installed the camera fix posted here but the front facing camera is dead, also some videos are playing green with audio only, but the phone feels more responsive, even he touchscreen is more sensible, that's why I think the battery life is not as good, but I can scroll and swipe very easily, anyway, hopefully someone releases Android Oreo or Pie for this phone with the annoying glitches fixed.
Maybe, maybe... Someone ...
;) ;) ;)
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New member
Dec 14, 2018
hello, My leagoo m8 after upgrade the system starts to show NOWHERE AND ANYTIME some notifications about virus and App PAY (Pay for payment) and I recovery a million times and deactive any app that I did't need and almost don't have anyone more but still apears. Now show me that have the new system update but I can't downloaded, just start but never continues. Someone can help?

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