[LEAK][DEV][RUU] Evo 3D ICS 1.13.652.1

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Jan 29, 2011
New Castle
i flashed the rom zip file you have on Virtuous's download site

the partion mount points are wrong :(
sill no boot on my device after fixing

on hw001 eng device, firmware updated 2 weeks ago
with hboot 1.58.0001 ENG

Some if this can be used but not all... I'm not home right now ill check it out later

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Sep 17, 2009
Can someone with a Sprint Evo 3D who flashed this ROM say if 3D works? Because on GSM 2D camera works but the 3D just shows a black preview.


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Feb 7, 2009
Like mourning wood. So exciting I can't stop hitting refresh. LOL i really want to learn how to check if the mounting points are correct or not though just thinking out loud!

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    First off big thanks to Virtuous Team!!!!!!! :D

    Here is a PG86IMG.zip of the Evo 3D ICS 1.13.652.1 RUU.

    Note that this is an unmodified firmware package and I am not responsible for bricked devices. You're choosing to make these modifications to your device therefore I not liable for any damage done to your device!

    Unless you are a developer I HIGHLY recommend you refrain from flashing this firmware because there is an HBOOT inside, and even if you remove the HBOOT I still recommend that you don't. But it is your free choice to do so, but as my previous disclaimer I am NOT responsible for ANY damage to your phone. :)

    Link: http://d-h.st/Lhp
    RUU link: http://d-h.st/Xrp

    Virtuous ROM (Not rom.zip): Here
    md5: 080099ce268627825481ec7326f795b9

    Freeza's post to firmware update without HBOOT and userdata wipe: Here

    Also here is a link to their thread: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/24783-ev...o-sense-edition-100-rc1-sense-36-android-403/
    Here's the firmware update with hboot removed and no userdata wipe.

    This will change your eri banner to "virgin mobile"

    fixed Bluetooth now let me sprintify and upload..
    i wonder with ics, when we get new kernels for that if our quads will go into 4000s with 1.5 ghz, so why upgrade to S4...i mean maybe evo 3d is future proofed for awhile

    quads on sense 4.0 w/ my kernel are 3600 @ 1.5... and i didnt even really optimize **** yet - and its still a GB kernel

    now that everyone will flash the adsp firmware, i can work on a lin3 kernel
    since a full and true linux 3 kernel will infact require an up to date ADSP firmware image

    but... who cares abt quads - i just want a fast stable ass base to build a kernel for :) to make it faster

    ..i already have a kernel - just need to test, and if needed- fix, optimize and publish

    and just like other sensation developers have done... this kernel is a "hex-edit" with ADDED and ADDITIONAL cpu clock steps, and additional features like zram, new thermal drivers, slide-2-unlock,and new beats. etc...etc... all by hex-editing - so dont ask for source when its finally uploaded
    Currently going back to 1.13 S-ON to see if this firmware zip is a valid acceptable PG86IMG.zip

    After I do that, I'm re-rooting and going to flash this rom and try to figure out why it's bootlooping...
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