Leather Case for the S7


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Dec 11, 2016
Hello guys,

I’ve been a reader of this site / forum for a long time, and as I’ve gotten lots of information I’ll contribute something now, too.

Since about 2 months I own the Galaxy S7. Although the phone’s design and „feel“ is great, I’ve always wanted some kind of protection for my phones, and it’s no different with the S7. As I’ve had excellent experience with „Noreve“, a company from Saint-Tropez / France, I ordered one of their cases this time as well.
If you take a look at their website you’ll find a huge variety of different cases for (nearly) every smartphone. And the great thing is, that you can really personalize the cases, as there are lots of different types of leather you can choose from.

I decided to go with the „Horizontal wallet flap“ style, I’ve had this kind of case before and really liked it. As the case is handmade it took some time till I received it, but quality takes its time ...

After opening the package, first thing you see is a black & red box with the NOREVE logo and lettering.

Opening this box, you still can’t see the product, but a nice red soft pouch that „protects“ the case.

After unwrapping the pouch, you finally can see what you waited for: the case.
I chose the colour „Indigo“ from the „Ambition Couture“ line of leathers.

The S7 fits perfectly, inserting it the first time the case is pretty tight, but it „loosens“ / adapts after a few days.

The case got a cutout on the back fort he camera as well as the flashlight. When it’s closed you can still reach the on/off button on the right, and when flipping it open you got cutouts on the left fort he volume up / down buttons. The clasp is fixed with a magnet and holds the case closed very well.
The front, well better to say the leather on the front, is soft and feels very nice, whilst the back is pretty stable and (should) protect the phone well in case it’ll fall down on the floor etc.

After using the case nor for about two weeks I can say it’s been the right decission to go with the Noreve case again. Even after some pretty harsh treatment and a few bumps there are no signs of weardown or similar, it’s still nice and pretty.
Although the price is higher than for other cases, what you get is superb quality and a case that’s going to be with you and your S7 for a long time ...

Maybe I helped some of you that are in search of a case for the S7, if you got any questions don’t hesitate to write some comments and just ask :)

I wish you all a nice day,
with best regards from Germany