LED control on stock with any app!

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Sep 29, 2012
South Florida
Flash the zip in recovery, select the options you want, finish install.

I've always used ClockworkMod with my S3
When I try to boot to recovery with my nexus 6 i get the msg no command with the laying droid I'm guessing that means theres no recovery app installed ?

What to do now ?
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Feb 12, 2012
Thank you for this great mod! Could you tell us what exactly was changed in the original file? So we can make these changes ourselves when newer versions of the file appear in new updates. THANKS!

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    Thanks to an idea from the dev of GravityBox, we can now have full LED control on stock with almost any LED control app. I tested it with GravityBox, and a few ghetto LED control apps from the play store and they all worked perfectly!

    This also enables the LED to light up when charging.

    You can either use the flashable zip, or replace the file manually. To replace it manually download the file attached to this post, place it in /system/lib/hw/ and replace the file that is already there. Make sure it has the same permissions as the other files, and then reboot.
    This has only been tested on 5.1.1 (I'm running LYZ28E).

    And no, it doesn't blink. Either the CM team hasn't cracked it yet or the LED drivers are just not there to make it blink.

    A flashable ZIP has also been added to this post. ZIP created by @spacetaxi
    Your title is a little misleading.

    To me stock means no root. You should add the line, (Rooted). Stock is stock, Stock (root required) is not stock. Stock ROM with root would be less confusing.
    Flashable zip (aroma installer)

    I've built a flashable zip of this mod, so it may be easier to install it. See attachment. Have fun! :D
    Here's a flashable lights.shamu.so zip file taken from CM13:

    The file comes from an unofficial/developer CM13 alpha build (version cm-13.0-20151110-UNOFFICIAL-shamu) kindly compiled by @albinoman887 at http://forum.xda-developers.com/nex...ndroid-6-0-t3231497/post63443030#post63443030
    I made a systemless flashable zip.

    Credits to OP. I took the adaway systemless flashable zip as template: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2190753

    EDIT: You need to flash the latest supersu beta for this to work.
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