Lemfo Lem T Custom Lineage os 17 (MT6739)

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Dec 31, 2021
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Hey. I found on Telegram Android 10 under mt6739.

I flash it on a Lemfo Lem T and it works very nicely. I would like to add that it is the ARM64 version with Treble support and the ability to unlock the bootloader.
(Fastboot flashing unlock). Below is a list of features that work and which are buggy

-Aparat does not work
-Voice works
-Touch works
-Brightness control works
-Bluetooth works
-Sim card doesn't work (Can't see IMEI)
-MTP works
-Wi-Fi works
-Sound works
-GPS works
-Games work
-It is ARM64
-A/B treble support

Link telegram
Open/Android Watch Support
Author ROM: http://github.com/iscle
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    Would be dope if u could link a download. the telegram link doesnt allow folks to join