Lenovo tab 2 A10-70 Boot looped , Unable to get into bootloader or recovery

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May 31, 2016
*accidently put this in the wrong thread, if a mod could move it. thanks*

So I wanted to get rid of the chinese recovery that was on my lenova tablet and messed up along the way.
I first enabled debbuging USB on my tablet and used adb on my pc to boot my tablet into fastboot (I am unable to enter fastboot any other way).
I ran this line: "fastboot oem unlock" and then "fastboot flash recovery twrp.zip".
The TWRP version i flashed onto the recovery was a wrong version causing my tablet to go into a bootloop on restart.

I get no response from vol up+power, vol down + power, vol up+vol down+power.
I had to let my tablet battery run out since the back battery is unremovable.
The tablet shows the splash screen when it boots and restarts after about 5 seconds.

I have no idea on what to do so i turn for help here
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