Lenovo z5 damaged media executer

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Jan 26, 2021
hello there !
on my phone i installed many custom roms , its L78011 LEnovo Z5 .
QFil always could fix any phone break , but now in factory stock rom there is bugs .
before there was not , but now after twrp and all these qfil cant fix bugs .
i mean auto rotation not works and media player is stopping .
it have 8.1 and 9.0 android , when i install 9.0sound is stopping in every 4-5 second and when i install 8.1 sound is stopping fully and video not playing....reboot fixs it , but after some time its still happening . can anyone help me ?
i really need help , im like this last 3 month .
nothing works.. idk why cant qfil fix it , may be its pernamently damage ? but why reboot fixs then ? it means its programming issue.
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