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Sep 8, 2007
After Meltdown and Spectre bugs, what should be done with LeTV X600 phones? Do you have any idea, will there be an update for Spectre (and maybe for Meltdown) exploit?


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Sep 27, 2015
nothing else here anymore ? strange ... how could anyone selled this marvelous phone ? I'm very pleased about this phone , I used it right now and I could say it is the primary one for me despite ancient ROM . it run smooth and well for the price ...
why this phone is avoid for any comments from anybody ?


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Oct 1, 2014
Guys, what's the most recent ROM for this phone? Years passed since i turned it on! I'm surprised it had wifi 5Ghz already!

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    Install TWRP through SP Flash Tools - LeTv x600

    Hello guys, is there a TWRP I can flash through SP Flash Tool?

    I cannot install it through ADB because I cannot get my drivers to work... (I also have Jiayu S3 which I couldn't setup on my windows 7 through ADB)

    EDIT1: I did setup drivers, but it doesn't reboot into TWRP but normal recovery....I don'tget message "OKAY" just sits on "FASTBOOT mode..."

    Ok I managed to install TWRP throuh SP Flash Tools.

    EDIT3: MORE DETAILED SOLUTION Since some people ****ed their phones I will post more detailed solution. I used two processes on 3 Letv X600 phones and both worked, but I will post a bit longer process since there is less chance to do wrong...

    Installing Drivers and ROM
    1. Install MTK preloader drivers (Given below. see attachment)
    (To check if you installed drivers correctly Turn off phone, and go to device manager, connect device and it should show up as "MTK Preloader VCOM port "port_number")
    (Here is tutorial on how to install drivers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAxTCvRmlio , you have files there as well )
    2a.. Download LeTv x600 SP Flash Tool ROM from here http://www.androidbrick.com/download/letv-x600-unbrick-rom-scatter-file-sp-flash-tool-mtk-drivers/
    2b. Unpack LeTV_Sx5.0.002SFT.zip to "LeTV_Sx5.0.002SFT" folder and inside you will find SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1516.00.zip
    2c. Unpack Sp Flash Tools as well to "SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1516.00" folder
    2d. Run flash_tool.exe as administrator
    2e. Locate scatter file in "LeTV_Sx5.0.002SFT" folder and all partitions should be checked. Then use Upgrade Firmware option and click download (please, never, ever, no, don't, don't even think of FORMAT ALL + DOWNLOAD)
    (If you are currently on 5.0.002S chinese rom you can use Download Only option as well)
    2f. Now Turn Off you phone and connect it to PC. First will red line pass DO NOT TURN ON OR DISCONNECT THE PHONE then wait for yellow line, it will slowly charge and green check mark will show when finished.
    2g. You may now disconnect your phone. Now Turn On your phone and check if ROM is installed properly. If not working (stuck at boot, bootlooping, black screen etc.) repeat from 2a. to 2f.

    Installing TWRP
    3a. Download TWRP custom recovery in english from here https://mega.nz/#!R8NUSSqC!0coDkQ85edqJG36m-jSaQo5GuMZu37pKDFAYOqnqUrw
    3b. Unpack ADB_LeTV-X600-TWRP_2.8.6.0_MATERIAL_BB72.zip to folder "ADB_LeTV-X600-TWRP_2.8.6.0_MATERIAL_BB72" and copy "MT6795_Android_scatter.txt" from "LeTV_Sx5.0.002SFT" folder to "ADB_LeTV-X600-TWRP_2.8.6.0_MATERIAL_BB72" folder
    3c. Run flash_tool.exe as administrator
    3d. Locate scatter file in "ADB_LeTV-X600-TWRP_2.8.6.0_MATERIAL_BB72" folder and only recovery partition should be checked. Then use Download only option and click download.
    3e. Now Turn Off you phone and connect it to PC. First will red line pass DO NOT TURN ON OR DISCONNECT THE PHONE then wait for yellow line, it will slowly charge and green check mark will show when finished.
    3f. You may disconnect your phone. Now hold Volume up + Power Button at same time (Hold (for about 10-15 seconds) until blue screen with teamwin shows up). If you cannot boot into TWR repeat steps from 3a. to 3e.
    (if you get into chinese recovery with something saying update.zip, chose last thing on the screen it will turn off you phone or if you boot insto system just turn off phone and try 2-3 times more)

    4. Now you can install custom ROMs through TWRP. Copy custom ROM to mobile phone via PC or download directly to Phone. Turn OFF phone (hold for long enough, like 15seconds or something). Boot to custom recovery using Volume UP + Power Button. Choose install and locate name_of_the_rom.zip on your phone. Swipe right to install. Wipe caches. Swipe Right to wipe. And reboot to system. REMEMBER FIRST BOOT MIGHT TAKE SOME TIME (wait 10minutes if needed).

    Many thanks to:
    BB72 team for providing translated TWRP
    ANDROİD1İCK for giving us SP Flash Tool Stock ROM
    We have got the smartphone Letv One/x600 from Chinese reseller. When i got this white one, i was deeply attracted by this high-end smartphone, as you know, Letv has its main line in producing its TVs, not for smartphones. This time Letv expanded its manufacturing line to produce mobile devices to compete with Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. Letv brings the first high-end smartphone for its customers to shock most of us. And its selling price has broken the industry's rule for most cellphones' manufacturers, meanwhile, it's a big shock for them. Therefore, let's probe into this high-end smartphone with me.


    5.5 Inch 1920 * 1080 Pixel FHD Sharp IPS Screen

    When it leaked before it was officially announced, the screen to body ratio is much large, and it is said it’s borderless or bezel-less. Letv cellphone has two types, one is 5.5inch, the other is 6.33inch, today i will introduce 5.5inch version for you first. It comes with 5.5inch FHD Sharp IPS screen (1920 x 1080, 403 PPI) display, providing the ultra-clear screen quality when i watch the video, view the photos and so on. Therefore, Letv one can be the best rival of Xiaomi Mi note pro, even iphone 6 plus. It's worthwhile to experience its nice sharp IPS screen, which is more exquisite and superior than the common screen.




    MediaTek Helio X10 Octa Core 64Bit 2.2GHz + RAM 3GB ROM 16GB

    Letv One or Letv X600 is powered by MediaTek’s Helio X10 (MT6795) 64-bit octa-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz , along with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Letv one is the first time to use Mediatek chipest, Mediatek Helio X10 MTK6795 processor, which means most rapid playing or running speed for more efficient operation. I test to play 3D games, the overall running speed is so fast and swift. Meanwhile, it has come with RAM 3GB ROM 16GB, personally, RAM 2GB storage is much enough for me, but Letv one has RAM 3GB, which is able to make me download apps or run the programs more fluently. You will not agree more with me.


    13.0MP Back Camera 5.0MP Front Camera

    Letv One or Letv X600 has dual camera with 13.0MP Back OIS Camera flanked by a dual-LED, dual tone flash, 5.0MP Front Camera located on the front side of this handset. I can easily use 13MP back camera to take photos clearly and fast to memorize every moment in my life and work. Meanwhile, i use the front camera to make face beautification. I like selfie or self-portraits all the time, this time, i really have my own selfie camera instead of bringing the big digital camera when i go traveling. I can take photos well during the strong or weak light. The 1080p video capture amkes it easy to preserve the important moments, which allows you to shoot crisp, detailed images.


    3000mAh Battery

    I am really satisfied with the battery with 3,000mAh capacity, it can support up to 10 days of standby time. Meanwhile, i don't have to buy a backup, because i can play it all the day without charging under the environment of normal usage. But if i take a vacation outdoors, i will prepare a power bank to charge fast for my smartphone in case of powered-off situation.


    EUI OS

    It has broken the record to use it own original and pure EUI OS, which can be one of the most advantages of this smartphone. Android 5.0 Lollipop comes pre-installed on this device with Letv's EUI OS on top of Google's operating system. Therefore, Letv one utilizes its latest and best system to provide customers with better experience in OS.


    Support 4G LTE, OTG, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Multilanguage, Play Store, IR Remote Control .etc

    This is also a dual-SIM device (micro + micro SIM) which offers 4G LTE connectivity as well. Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0 are also available here. Of course, it can support Multilanguage and google play store, GPS, IR remote control function like other smartphones. 4G LTE Network lets you surf the Web, access social networks, download apps and stream media. GPS function helps you locate unfamiliar destinations. IR remote control function helps me control my TV, air conditioner or other appliance at home more freely and conveniently. Therefore, do you think Letv one is powerful?

    Final Thoughts
    In conclusion, Letv one can be the best and first smartphone for Letv to grab a lot of market share in terms of its hardware, software, or its design. Most importantly, it costs its users less than other high-end smartphone such as Huawei p8, Xiaomi mi note pro etc. This 5.5inch FHD smartphone has taken its first step and have a good standpoint in smartphone line. I know it is in stock now, hope you can share with me.
    Installing TWRP on 09S through 16S version (and probably for all ROMs)

    Can somebody port the new official stable release ? i get really low speed from Letv servers
    edit: after installation i think LETV locked the bootloader.
    as i can't flash TWRP (any method).
    Flashed it manually still boot to the stock recovery

    Thought I was the only one and did something wrong lol. SP Flash Tools works normally, I get the 'check mark' but TWRP isn't flashed.
    -edit- TWRP worked for me. Don't know where I downloaded these, so I just reupped it.
    -edit2- Updated for TWRP
    Quick how-to for others:

    Make sure you got enough battery life left! I would recommend at least 80%.
    Easiest Mode:
    • Download TWRP, ADB Drivers and VCOM Drivers here.
    • Go to Settings > About Phone. Tap 'Version' or 'Build' line (containing 'ABXCNOPxxxxxxxxx1S release-keys' or similar) 7 times to enable Developer mode.
    • Go to Settings > Developer options and enable 'USB Debugging'.
    • Keep your phone switched on.
    • Unzip downloaded file and install 'ADB - Drivers' and 'USB VCOM - Drivers' from their respective directories.
    • Switch off phone and reboot into FastBoot mode (POWER+VOL.DOWN)
    • Run 'Recovery-Flasher (RUN ME).bat'
    • Follow instructions on screen

    Slightly Less Easy mode:
    • Go to Settings > About Phone. Tap 'Version' or 'Build' line (containing 'ABXCNOPxxxxxxxxx1S release-keys' or similar) 7 times to enable Developer mode.
    • Go to Settings > Developer options and enable 'USB Debugging'.
    • Turn off phone. Do not connect to your pc yet.
    • Download Smart Phone Flash Tool (SPFT) 5.1516.00 here or grab the latest version from the official site. Download TWRP, ADB Drivers and USB VCOM Drivers here and install both 'ADB - Drivers' and 'USB VCOM - Drivers' from their respective directories.
    • Open the directory containing SPFT and run 'flash_tool.exe' as administrator.
    • Set mode to 'Download Only.'
    • The 'Download-Agent' should be automatically set to 'MTK_ALLInOne_DA.bin', located in your SPFT directory, if not, do this manually by clicking on the 'Download Agent' icon. Next, click on 'Scatter-loading' icon on the right of the Download tab and select the scatter file 'MT6795_Android_scatter.txt' located in your TWRP directory.
    • Only tick 'recovery' in the raster, double-click on the (empty) space where 'recovery' and 'Location' meet and select 'recovery.img' found in the 'FastBoot' directory of the downloaded zip file.
    • Press download and, after that, connect your phone.
    • Loading bar on the bottom of SPFT will show its status. If succeeded after a couple of seconds, you will get a check mark. (If nothing happens in SPFT and/or your phone just shows the charging icon, try to use another USB port.)
    • TWRP is flashed to your phone! Start your phone (which probably shows a red led by now) by removing the usb cable and holding the POWER button for 10+ seconds. Enjoy flashingSuperSU, Gapps (Select 'ARM64' and your Android version. You're probably only successful with installing the 'Nano' or smaller 'Pico' version, but try for yourself²) etc. Don't forget to wipe caches (cache & Dalvik). To enter recovery mode (TWRP), hold POWER+VOL.UP buttons for about 10 seconds.

    ¹If ADB does not recognize your phone: head over to the C:\Users\<username>\.android folder, create a new file (in Notepad or similar) there, type in '0x2b0e' (without quotation marks) and save as 'adb_usb.ini' (so as a .ini file and not as a .txt file). You might need to delete (or rename or remove) other ADB files that were created while using other phones (i.e. adbkey and adbkey.pub) (courtesy of @fishku here).

    ²As stated by Open Gapps you should flash Gapps directly after flashing a new ROM. So do not reboot to system first but flash Gapps while still in TWRP, after successfully having flashed a ROM.

    Install MobileGO or some similar app. It will show the USB authorization popup on the phone. If it doesn't show up. Go to developer options, revoke USB authorizations and try again.

    Thank you for your help. I have tried that with no luck. After a really long search and trying lots of stuff, I finally found a solution!

    If you are having trouble getting your LeTV to show up on USB ADB (e.g. when trying "adb devices"), create a file called "adb_usb.ini" in your "~/.android" folder. On windows, the home folder "~" refers to your user folder, on mac/linux, it's... your home folder (accessible also via "/home/username/"). In that "adb_usb.ini" file, put:
    On windows, make sure that the file isn't saved as "adb_usb.ini.txt", as this will not work.
    What this does is allow the manufacturing code of "2b0e" for USB devices to connect over ADB. "2b0e" in this case is LeTV. I assume since it is not a common manufacturer, it is not enabled for ADB by default.
    Also, it might be beneficial to delete the "adbkey" and "adbkey.pub" files in the same folder.

    This immediately made ADB work for me on all machines, whereas it wasn't working before!

    Something else: How to get "double tap to wake" to work on 005s without flashing different ROMs first: I found out that you can use the code
    (dial on your telephone) to access some hidden settings. "Double tap to wake" should also be there!