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LG G2 apps on other phones

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Aug 2, 2015
After all the years of using the G2 I really came to like its app, especially the Calendar and the Memo apps.

I already got all the G2 apps (apk and odex) but when I tried to install the two before mentioned apps on my new phone (Axon 7) the installation process failed.

I'm wondering if it even works and if so, how? Also, if it doesn't, why not?

I guess this is kind of a noob question but in these regards that's just what I am. So hopefully someone can explain how I would go about things.
Or should I be out of luck regarding what I try to do, can you suggest apps where their look and interface is similar to that of the LG G2 apps, especially the calendar and its split screen with month on top, event overview on the bottom?
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