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Nov 25, 2016

Hi, guys, I have a problem with LG G3 858HK.
Sometimes (once/twice a day) phone loses all signal, tries to connect, connects and loses signal again, again connects, loses and so on, and so on. It’s not only data, it loses mobile signal as well. And it happens in all kinds of areas, even where signal is full 4G. Usually nothing helps, except switching the phone off/on again or pulling the battery. Sometimes when switching it off while having this issue, it wouldn’t switch on again pressing power button. Again, opening it up and pulling the battery helps. Sometimes only connecting wifi/ disconnecting wifi helps.
Phone is running rooted android 6.0 (tried few ROMS, rooted/non-rooted - same thing). I tried everything to solve it: factory reset, changing sims, running with one sim, running with 2 sims, un-rooting, rooting again, multiple ROM's, tried all kinds of settings - nothing helps. The issue is probably with the phone. Sadly, warranty is expired.

Video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq7_jm0-Hp8

The signal in the area where video was captured is really good, full 4G normally.
Anyone got any idea what could be wrong with it?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I had the same problem after rooting it. Nothing helped until i did clean stock install. What I mean is downloading some old stock... installing it via kdz method(using LG Flash Tool) and then update it to the latest using the official LG channels for update. All wiped on the memories before that. Since then I had no problems... however it is not rooted and since latest 30b there is no reliable way to root it(for some people kingroot works... but for most it doesn't). After successful fixing it for me I did several experiments and found out that the root for 30a breaks something... I didn't managed to trace it completely but it is due to something deep that doesn't clean itself even with several rom changing and wipes.... the only real fix was to put the phone in download mode and proceed to official LG rom updates.
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Oct 12, 2020
How do I unlock bootloader? Or is there a way to install TWRP without unlocking it? I cannot install TWRP from this thread, it says secure booting error.
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Aug 7, 2015
Get root, install recovery, download any rom you want to install, reboot in recovey, make backup and flash rom then reboot device. Thats it. [emoji1]

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thanks for help
my phone is rooted
but actually i dont know how to do all this steps
will it affect my files as pics videos messages contacts whatsapp chat
i even dont know what is the recovery :confused:
i searched for roms for d858hk but most of roms are for 855
dual sims has no roms
thats why i'm asking for help
could you plz give me links for any rom for d858hk nougat and recovery file ? :angel:


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Feb 20, 2014
OnePlus 7T
please help me
as you own the same model of my phone
i need a custom recovery
Here my steps and my android version is lollipop or marshmallow i cant remember [emoji1]

Root with kingroot
Install auto recovery twrp
After then install latest version. Take d856 twrp image from dadi11 thread of twrp and upgrade
Backup existing rom in case if anything goes wrong
Wipe delvik, cache, data and system
Install new rom and reboot

Hope its helpfull for you. Good luck [emoji1]

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Apr 5, 2011
Need a quick help

I am using Fulmics 6.9 and phone have started boot looping. I don't want to factory reset my phone and lose all the data and apps on my phone for time being as I did not take any backup. But I want the phone back in running condition. Can somebody help me with the procedure to get that done? Thank you.


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Feb 20, 2014
OnePlus 7T
I am using Fulmics 6.9 and phone have started boot looping. I don't want to factory reset my phone and lose all the data and apps on my phone for time being as I did not take any backup. But I want the phone back in running condition. Can somebody help me with the procedure to get that done? Thank you.
Below steps can helpfull for
1- reboot in recovery and copy all your data to pc
2- dirty flash 6.9, mean flash 6.9 again without any wipe and etc as some times its replaces some corrupt or error files which helps you in normal boot.
3- if you have installed any new app then check it and delete thru recovery manually.
4- replace battery with new for testing purpose as some time its causing for bootloop.
5- connect your phone with charger try to turn on it because ita helpful in this condition if battery not healthy.

One of above method should work for you. Good luck [emoji6]

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May 11, 2017
Good day guys after many weeks I observed my d858hk and the problem is the same both you guys. Now I found a solution which phone mobile data lose Everytime and can't even boot/reboot sometimes. Finally my phone was fix it I can installed other rom as well problem nothing


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Nov 13, 2012
Sorry but i dont talk english and have a questions
Have LG G3 D858HK with Android KitKat 4.4.2
What firmware i need flash to upgrade my device?
I am from Paraguay and need a firmware with spanis

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    Marshmallow v6.0 for LG-D856/857/858/858HK

    Decided make new post because need make so much changes!

    Known bugs:
    1. Not working 64GB SD cards, smaller cards work perfect
    2. Some users report that Bluetooth not Switch ON over Quick Menu. OFF works. Ovr Sytem menu Bluetooth works (I dont had on my D858HK)
    3. Some users report that camera have so much noise and not all menu options not show up (I dont had on my D858HK)
    4. No connection with android wear clocks (different models reported)

    5. USB OTG works, but you cant install at connected device programs, you must copy these to internal disk or sd.

    First for all!

    1. Make nandroid backup over TWRP
    2. Make backup of any personal information (conact list, SMS, Photos, Music and etc)

    If you kill your phone when you make bottom steps then all responsibility goes only for you! My guide is only for knowledge base.

    Version: v.6.0
    For models:LG-D856/857/858/858HK

    Link to original forum thread

    You must have:
    1. Lollipop 5.0.1 installed
    2. Root
    3. TWRP recovery v2.8.5.1

    Installation over recovery by zip file
    Wipe data, cache and dalvik!!! Then start install!

    1. Install M-856-8.zip on recovery (dont reboot yet!!!)
    2. Install Patch-6.0Mm.zip over recovery <- IT NEEDED FOR WORK WIT DUAL SIM!!!
    3. After install over recovery both zip files make reboot
    4. Before reboot TWRP asks about installation SuperSU, install it with swipe!
    5. After you get working phone on left top corner you see icon that SuperSU need to be updated. Accept it and make choice over PlayStore (Not over recovery!). PlayStore opens and make update
    6. After update SuperSU over PlayStore again SuperSu icon show that it need to be updated over normal or recovery method. This time make choice to recovery and phone itself goes to recovery and make update
    7. If phone going to TWRP and it get start loop, then just pull out battery and start normally phone again. And make previous step (6.) again. With same problem second time just pull out battery, start phone to recovery and install SuperSU v2.46 zip

    In this ROM dpi changed (not by me) to 560. Normal is 640. You can change it inside build.prop at 530 to 640, depends at your needs.

    All this take about 10 min.

    Download ROM M-856-8.zip
    Download Patch Patch-6.0Mm.zip

    Additional stuff
    If you dont have TWRP v2.8.5.1 installed then you can do next:
    1. Download D858_TWRP_2.8.1.0.apk and install it normally
    2. Go to recovery and install update twrp-

    For unknow reason I uploaded SuperSU v2.46 zip (for insallation over recovery) here too

    Service menu can be opened with *#546368#*XXX# (replace XXX with your phone model number)

    Please dont make mirrors!

    Ask persmission over PM to copy this information! If you like then dont forget :good: Thanks button
    "Bumped" TWRP for D858 (and D858HK)

    Hi Friends,

    I found a newer version of TWRP (custom recovery) from the Chinese forum again, from here (click me!). It's version I tried "bumping" it using the instructions from this thread: click me!

    Here is the file, already "bumped": click me!

    Based on the Chinese thread, it was designed for the D857 and D858. I tried it on the D858HK (since I assume that the only difference between D858 and D858HK is the Google Apps already built-in) and it worked!

    P.S.: I shared my findings to the appropriate "bump" threads: click me! and me too! to give due credit to its creators.
    My feedback:

    Worked fine so far (tried for a week). I personally feel it's better than the stock firmware (Marshmallow) as the Phone and Messaging apps retained the "dual" buttons when making a call or sending SMS. The stock/official Marshmallow firmware no longer retained this feature (that was already there during Lollipop/Kitkat). You will have to "switch SIM" whenever you want to change the SIM card to use for calling/texting.

    Plus: if you are coming from Lollipop which you already have (presumably) rooted, with Busybox, and TWRP-installed, you get to retain them. :)
    Phone and Messaging apps with "dual" button for 858НК_30а
    Update for TWRP.
    screenshots: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B99GLucn_oGINkM5OGZfMzFHMjA&usp=sharing
    download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99GLucn_oGIc1d5ZVRld1BSX00/view?usp=sharing
    D858HK Rooting Guide Android Lollipop

    HI Friends,

    Here's the rooting guide (Android Lollipop) for the D858HK.


    This is based from the procedure in @autoprime's thread of manually flashing the firmware. I just added an extra step from his tutorial to "bump" the boot.img and therefore, keep custom recovery (TWRP) as well.

    For those with other LG G3 variants who want to try this, please do share your results, LG G3 variant, and Android version (5.0.1 or 5.0.2).