LG G4 different color calibration

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Sep 27, 2013
Hi, i had a opportunity to compare my LG G4 with another. I've noticed quite another display calibration. My G4 has white color calibrated to warm (yellow) and the second G4 doesnt. How is this even possible?


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Mar 5, 2014
I cant think of the post but look up on the g3 same problem. Theres some adjustments u can make. It was a known issue on g2 and g3. Mine included. You can change the red green blue. Again i dont know exacts but theres a few post again for the g3


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Dec 12, 2008
It's very normal to have differently calibrated LCD panels. I had 2 LG G4 and both of them had different color tint/temperature. One had warmer colour calibration with yellowish tint another one had cooler colour calibration with bluish tint. Unfortunately unlike Samsung devices and several others the screen colour temperature can't be adjusted so it all comes to personal preference which one you like more. I kept the one with warmer looking screen.


Senior Member
Sep 27, 2013

I fill info to posted image. I have 2 LG G4 in my hand and the difference is the same.

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    I tried app "Screen balance" and it is working well, so I dont know why producer does not set it to default.
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