LG G4 H811 Complete Unbrick Guide - 100% Working

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May 10, 2016
Hi and a very pleasant day. I have an LG G4 LS991 Model that is hard bricked. I have extracted the firmware from the device itself before bricking. I would like to know how can I retrieve the systemImage.bin file needed to do sd card fix?


Senior Member
May 24, 2015
New York
it did not worked for me the phone keeps restarting every time and it wont stay on download mode please anyone has any idea
i flash the LG K7 fimeware into LG G4 H811 and ended up Briked my LG G4 Anyone Please Help me With This i dont know why is not staying in download it keeps restarting and LG UP gives me and error there is no handset connected please help??

Serge Khay

New member
Nov 1, 2018
please i upgraded my lg h811 from andriod 5.0 to andriod 6.0 using lg bridge. After

please i upgraded my lg h811 from andriod 5.0 to andriod 6.0 using the lg bridge software and after the upgrade the phone is completely dead. It wont turn on, show charging or boot into recovery mode. When i connect to my laptop i hear sound but my phone is not showing on the computer. please is there any help?


New member
Nov 3, 2018
help UNLOCKING My LG G4 811 (T-Mobile)

My LG G4 811 (T-Mobile) unable to enable OEM unlock. When I enable, it automatically disabled. Help please:confus:
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Aug 13, 2013
I had the same issue but I tried to downgrade it

I bought used h811, but it has issue of restarting every time I tired to uninstall any app or tried to go to security setting. So I decided to downgrade it (I have no idea about ARB at that time), the device show h811-21y, So I download h811-10n firmware & use lgup to downgrade after it complete 100% it get bricked, and show qualcomm 9008 on the PC. I then open the device and found out it is h810 written on the motherboard.
I tried almost every qfil mbn files present on the internet but failed.
Then I tired this firmware
and use this youtube method to create raw programme & patch
Then I use sd card method as this youtube method suggest
my device show sign of life but stuck in "secure booting error 1009"
At that point I am totally stuck since I does not get any help with this error on the internet

mamad bavi

New member
Sep 24, 2020
I did this at the height of my involvement and difficulty
But you know what happened
1 memory partition corrupted
2 Kurdish regiment systems
3 Nothing could restore the memory partition
4 This is just a waste of time for some malicious software

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    Hello Everyone,

    This is Hamza. I have H811 with v20o. I mistakenly flashed the Modem+Boot+Bootloader+Rom of V20i on my device and hard bricked it. My device was totally dead. No Charging/Notification light, No Download Mode, No Boot & No Recovery.

    I spent more than 2 days in finding the solution and finally i found it.
    Thread by By leptdre, was very helpful for me. But to make it simple the steps to complete unbricking are as follows:

    Tools Required:
    1. Card Reader+Data Cable
    2. A SD Card - 32 GB or 64 GB. I used 64 GB
    3. SD Card Formatter - Download Here - Link Updated
    4. Win32DiskImager - Download Here - Link Updated
    5. Original KDZ - Download Here
    6. SystemImage Bin File - Download Here - Link Updated
    7. LGUP Tool - Download Here

    Steps to Unbrick:
    1. Insert your memory card in Card Reader and Format it using Windows Format. While formatting "uncheck Quick Format" and Change Type to "exFat". You can alternatively use SD Card Formatter but make sure that the card is in exFat format.
    2. Once format is completed, install Win32DiskImager and open it. Add SystemImage.bin file. If it does not show the bin file just rename SystemImage.bin to SystemImage.img and then select it. Select your memory card and Click Write.
    (You can alternatively change the file types on the win32diskimage from .img to all types)

    3. One the Write Completes. Eject Card and insert in your LG G4 H811. Press Volume Up Button while connecting the USB Cable.
    4. There you go, it will open the download mode. Now Open LGUP Tool as admin. It will show the device as connected. Select the Original KDZ Firmware and Click Start. it will complete and your Mobile will reboot.
    5. Now its Done. Enjoy!

    Note: I tried it on my H811 and cannot confirm whether it will work on your device or other variant. I am just sharing to help others
    Plz share Decryption key for mega.com image file
    "When I use that method the phone boot and show secure booting error 1006"
    У меня такая же ошибка, и я предполагаю что нужен дамп с рабочего смартфона, такой же модели и с прошивкой той версии, которая была установлена в умершем смартфоне последняя рабочая. Чтобы это проверить, мне нужен дамп с LS991 zvb. Если получится, можно будет восстановить таким способом много кирпичей.
    FINALLY got this to work 100%!!! I wanted to kick myself when i succeeded on my last attempt. I couldnt understand how i kept failing at 9% in LGUP, so i started again but this time i flashed 20i stock debloated rom in TWRP. Then i let that boot up and go through setup process. From there i went to developer settings and enabled debugging mode. Then i plugged in phone and let drivers reinstall. Then i launched LGUP as administrator and my device was recognized immediately. From there i chose upgrade and selected 20o kdz and closed LGUP and reopened LGUP and started the flash in refurbish mode. The process began and when it reached 9% this time it rebooted my phone to download mode and i then removed sdcard and BOOM, the flash completed and my phone booted without sdcard. I think starting out in download mode doesnt work for every device so i started in the os itself and it worked flawlessly. Thanks alot. I really appreciate this fix. Now i can reformat my 32gb sdcard and get my extra storage back!!! Hope this helps someone that is having trouble!
    Please download the password
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