LG G4/LG V10「G/v-フォース」フォース Project」

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LG G4/LG V10「G/v-フォース」フォース Project」

Welcome to the 「G-フォース Project」 aka G/v-Force Project
A project to bring the most G4/v apps and features to our belowed G3

for v10 apps,

Try: https://mega.nz/#F!bpQGBbLQ!Q3eTeYxe5fIBLegkQjiI6A
These are all apps deodexed, and all libs inc lib folder,
PLEASE note that these are untested and i have no possibility to try them myself so if anything doesn't work please use log

PLEASE DON'T ask me for trying to port the G4 camera Read statement from LG driver support http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=62021176

If that statement is true and the G4 uses cameraapi2 there isn't any need of trying to make it fully working. best thing would then be to Try reproduce a similar method. For sure manual iso could be fixed by doing some modification (since the Iso is always changed depending on how picture is taken and in what condition) same might be with manual focus. But white balance is probably a no go.

Please Read Here for detailed info



Wan't to help? or try for yourself?



method public Disclaimer();

You're allowed to take my work and create your own rom, or do anything with it.
I (Laststandingdroid) provide these app as/is by no EULA or anything else. 
I share this with the community and you [I][B]don't[/B][/I] need to ask for permission.
Your cat, dog, horse or even your baby is allowed to take these apps and put it in your phone without questioning me.
Even for the retailers to use it and fake the phone to a copy G4. All i do ask is that you put correct credits. however if you don't want to it isn't a must i won't die, nor get a heart attack. I know how the internet works. people will always copy and being willing to take credits for others work ;)
.end method

Since the system dump was released by @hoangnova

Post 1 Contains apps that does work without issues

Post 2 Contains apps that has bugs and is partially working

Post 3 Pictures and videos

Make sure to go Here and thank @lamhoang_vt lamhoang_vt for providing working weather widget and other apps (Voice memo) Calc and LG Health !

I decided to start porting over some G4 apps for our beloved G3. For Screenshots See post #3

I take no responsibility for slow usage, or anything else that may happen to your phone. This is tested before upload so no harm should be done, however if you're phone explodes it is maybe due to some cool stuff happening under the hood (upgrading apps)

  1. LGAlarmClock

    LGAccount https://mega.nz/#!2p5XRL7J!hmKDNFoJ2CJrAtKQ_dolfBPFM2Eg84fkKInKgMRULmM

    LGAirDrive https://mega.nz/#!WwRGnZoT!K7qVw-6gjRcz1n2lRzYmjhlX6Tcy5uiRa6LuidlWpGg
  2. LGAlarmClock FC-Fix
  3. LGCalc
  4. LGCalendar
  5. LGCalendarProvider
  6. LGCamera
  7. LGContacts & LGContactsProvider
  8. LGCamera swap fix

    LGCb https://mega.nz/#!r5IVCAjI!L6Bv_yoFEC9NypJXqnwccv7lu-qTTwYWwSko2Ox9ajc
  9. LGConciergeBoard
  10. LGConcieregeBoardTextFix

    LGDriveActivator https://mega.nz/#!r95XFbQB!iEkWU8sztJ9ehytEYhsSC0dcPj-7oWflAUFjnA5Lvl4
  11. LGEmail
  12. LGEula&LicenseProvider

    LGExchange https://mega.nz/#!Swp0QRJT!SMJjEiNO0Eephl3ygm7rc2yodGd-EjYGESrvD8Nsndk
  13. LGFileManager
  14. LGFileManager-Whitestatusbarcolorfix
  15. LGGallery

    LGHomeThemeOptimus https://mega.nz/#!a15RSSjb!41WeCkxK0OLSJSDKiHtlveCs4jX323WTC-KORQ5ZJT8
  16. LGMediaFolder
  17. LGMessage Download
  18. LGMessage-OrangeBeGone
  19. LGMessage-Fix D855-flashable
  20. LGMessage Fix LS900
  21. LGHome
  22. LGIME
  23. LGInternet
  24. LGMusic
  25. LGMusicWidget
  26. LGMyGuide
  27. LGMyWellness

    LGPCSuite https://mega.nz/#!yxJ3CbKT!57udDKEtXgys99Pd83F6HNwi9zoCY9N7GRtC2eGk6N4

    LGPCSuiteService https://mega.nz/#!mopRxJ4Y!Ss1r9t6zpZ3KEElf-RcbZGIED07fJ9ocDZ5vn1KVcm8
  28. LGSmartSettings
  29. LGQuickMemo(proper)
  30. LGQRemote
  31. LGQuickSetSDK
  32. LGQVoice Works Fine
  33. LGTask
  34. LGVideo
  35. LGVoiceRecorder
  36. LGWeatherApps

G4 Boot/Shutdown Animation


Installation Instructions
Extract the package to your SDCARD
Macke backup of your old apps if you wan't to revert later!
Copy and paste corresponding apps in their named folder's (Note that you will need to rename Previous apk to .old if you don't delete it!
Set Permissions rw-r–r– (0644) for each app & lib if any!

If you still don't get it. watch this video How to set permission lollipop: http://youtu.be/1ikr5LyLdJU


Credits @hoangnova system dump @autoprime for letting me use he's release to port over stuff @xda-developers.com for Giving excellent tutorials on how to port apps which i learned from :)
Everyone out there that appreciate my work, it is taking time to fix all apps (specially deodexing) since the app is very slow :)
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Great and excellent report that deserves to be here

Thanks @topet2k12001

HI @LastStandingDroid,

Thanks; I am currently on the road (on my way home) and will try this ASAP. I will report back.


Hi @LastStandingDroid,

I'm done testing. Here are the steps I have taken and the results.

1. Replaced lge-res with the modified version provided.
2. Rebooted the device.
3. LG "Life's Good" Logo (powered by Android) showed up. LED light flashing green-blue (normal)
2. Next screen: LG Boot Animation with music (normal)
3. Next screen: PIN entry. Screen went blank (off), LED light flashed green 2 times (quick flash)
4. Tried to turn on the screen by pressing the power button. Display showed up but went blank again.
5. Tried pressing power button again. Display showed up again but went blank again.

Please advise. Thank you in advance.
Report on testing other LG G4 ported apps: LG G3 D858HK (Dual-SIM variant)

By the way I have tried the other LG G4 apps as well, and here is my report.


1. Clock and Alarm Clock: working. WARNING: make sure to apply the LG G4 "Alarm Clock FC Fix" after installing the LG G4 "Clock" and then reboot!
2. Weather: working
3. Home: working
4. Smart Notice: working. WARNING: complete LG G4 "Weather" apps, LG G4 "Home", and LG G4 ConciergeBoard (and ConciergeBoard Fix) first (in the order I mentioned) before adding LG G4 Smart Notice Widget, otherwise "Home" will always force close! Same with LG G4 "Weather" Widget!
5. Music: working
6. Music Widget: working
7. Contacts: working
8. Contacts provider: working
9. Calculator: working
10. File Manager: working
11. LGIME: working
12. LG My Guide: working
13. LG My Wellness: working. WARNING: as per the thread, make sure to set up your profile first (LG G3 version) before accomplishing the move to the LG G4 version!
14. LG Quick Memo: working
15. LG Quick Remote: working. WARNING: make sure to accomplish the move to LG G4 version of QuicksetSDK first!
16. LG Voice Recorder: working
17. LG Video: working


1. Gallery: will force close if you select "Hide/Unhide Albums or Photos". Other than that, it's working.
2. Calendar and Calendar Provider: WARNING: make sure to accomplish LG G4 "Tasks" first before accomplishing LG G4 "Calendar" and "Calendar Provider" otherwise it will force close! Anyway I got them to work, but only partially. If I select "Choose calendars to sync", the "Calendar" app is just stuck in loading animation.
3. Email: I tried adding my work email (Microsoft Exchange), but it always gives a message showing something like "disabled feature" blah blah...
4. Smart Settings: this is new to me, and looks cool! Toggles are responding/working, but you have to set your "Home" location in Settings->Location (and then you're supposed to see "My Locations"). Although I didn't see it. I'm not sure if this app is considered "partially working" or if I just made a mistake.

DID NOT TRY YET (because I got into a situation as described above; will try again once I finish reflashing):

1. Camera
2. LG Internet
3. Messaging (due to the problem encountered above)
4. SystemUI (I found this apk in the complete LG G4 flashable zip for D855). What does this do, by the way?
5. Media Folder (ringtones, notifications, etc.). Will try copying to my device when I reflash
6. LGQVoice: installed successfully but I didn't try it yet. It requires agreement to a specific EULA (End-User License Agreement), which I think I haven't copied to my device yet because the screen will turn dim only.
7. EULA (End-User License Agreement): I saw this in the LG G4 flashable zip for D855. Is this the EULA that is needed by LGQVoice?
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Manual Camera Mode


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Apr 3, 2010
Carson, CA
Here's what i found in LGHome


Transitions are the same.
App drawer is the same
Widgets are the same
I did see different animation when removing widgets or apps from home screen.
It also removed theme menu.
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Here's what i found in LGHome


Transitions are the same.
App drawer is the same
Widgets are the same
I did see different animation when removing widgets or apps from home screen.
It also removed theme menu.

smart bulletin needs Specific apps (eg LGMusic from G4)

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Cool. wonder what other apps work with it and if we can make other apps appear there.

Yes there's probably more to come, i need to deodex all files manually since Joeldroid batch deodex somehow failed

EDIT: LeakagePowerDetector, this can be good if it will work
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    Some applications here, I gathered as a single file. You can install using CWM. You can select the applications that you want to AROMA.

    I refresh the file.
    - Added G4 Smart Notice and Active smart cards.
    - Added G4 Fonts.
    - Added G4 LG Alarm Clock.
    - File Manager(Fixed White Status Bar)

    New File
    Aroma installer ###### lg g4 apps
    link : in progress
    Thread cleaned
    Lets try and keep the thread neat please.

    Theres no need to post in others thread to announce a new ROM coming soon. When you've finished building, testing, uploading etc. and want to share just create a new thread. Most of the users will find it.

    Have a nice day!
    I'm the first who made SmartNotice working
    No offense but, what I don't understand is; why all you guys don't team up and work together to port as much as you can? Because one of you does something, the other one does another thing and so. Isn't it more beneficial to work all together instead of accusing each other as a thief?!

    As a plain user, I don't care who pisses further. I like to experience new stuff on my device, and you all are more than enough talented to achieve miracles for this device.

    Just my 2 cents.