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I have no idea what i did wrong, but now lg home doesn't even appear, i'm on D850 :(

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Nvm it works now, though the animations in the Lg g4 home launcher is really choppy and stuff, but where can i find lg smart notice widget?

i believe its in OP should called LGSmartNotice might be removed will check

Seems the link for the music widget is down and my current widget is not working either. i'm on marshmallow and the music widget keeps loading in smart bulletin. Can you please reupload the apk or does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

use the V10 apps for it, it's "same" music widget. i can't see the image

Also this project is no longer supported.
I don't own a G3 nor is g4 the Latest thing[emoji14]
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Nov 4, 2013
I has got a LG G3 D855.
I install Crdroid v.2.2 rom(LOS based-7.1.1).

I need Quickmemo and quick remote.

How can i install this programs on my phone.


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    Some applications here, I gathered as a single file. You can install using CWM. You can select the applications that you want to AROMA.

    I refresh the file.
    - Added G4 Smart Notice and Active smart cards.
    - Added G4 Fonts.
    - Added G4 LG Alarm Clock.
    - File Manager(Fixed White Status Bar)

    New File
    Aroma installer ###### lg g4 apps
    link : in progress
    Thread cleaned
    Lets try and keep the thread neat please.

    Theres no need to post in others thread to announce a new ROM coming soon. When you've finished building, testing, uploading etc. and want to share just create a new thread. Most of the users will find it.

    Have a nice day!
    I'm the first who made SmartNotice working
    No offense but, what I don't understand is; why all you guys don't team up and work together to port as much as you can? Because one of you does something, the other one does another thing and so. Isn't it more beneficial to work all together instead of accusing each other as a thief?!

    As a plain user, I don't care who pisses further. I like to experience new stuff on my device, and you all are more than enough talented to achieve miracles for this device.

    Just my 2 cents.