LG G5 and UX 5.0

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Feb 19, 2013
LG G5, at MWC 2016 on 21st Feb, will be presented with UX 5.0..


it will have some cool features.. sample screenshots below.


changes from UX 4.0

- edit quick settings button in notification panel header (no more as a qs button)
- ability to edit quick settings directly on notification panel (drag&drop items)
- 2 more buttons below sliders (screen sharing, receivable)
- wifi ap text shown below wifi qs toggle

- 3 bottom app icons (search, call, camera)

note that this is not the definitive software will come with lg g5.
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Feb 19, 2013
so.. as expected all UI changes mentioned earlier are there on G5 :)



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Jul 3, 2014
The design of the UI is something like Samsung Android 6.0 Touchwiz with white accents.

Now without the app drawer (I like it because my home screen is always empty so the home screen is useless for me and settings app looks more cleaner but they bloated with a tons of features that you use it for first time and then not use it at all.

Some people will use these features daily but the average Joe will just use the phone like any other phone. OEM needs some work to advertise these new features when you buy a new phone and the most common thing is to have it enabled by default like the active display otherwise no average user will ding down in settings to see what features does this phone has. Some will some not.

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Jul 5, 2011
I really like where they're going with the g5. Kinda tired of getting a flagship that just has a processor updates, some hardware updates, and maybe a few gadget apps. This modular thing could really come in handy. Seems like the options could be endless to what module they or third party can make. And wireless charging, I'm sure LG or a third party come up with something. I'll bite!

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Feb 19, 2013
will you be getting the lg g5 because I will probably but i will have to wait untill somebody posts screen on time duration because a bad battery could break the deal
90% yes and when I'll reach the necessary amount of money of course :)

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