LG G5 Issue with USB MTP & ADB

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Jul 1, 2022
I have purchased a used G5 and would like to install Linage 18.1. The Problem is, the only thing that works with the Phone is plugged in with usb on my PC (Linux Mint), is charging.

What I have tried:
1. Two different USB Cables --> don't work
2. A other lower Akku/Mic/USB Connector --> don't work
3. Phone Reset in System Menu --> don't work
4. Developer Function: USB Konfiguration set to MTP Mode (after a reboot it is reset to charging) --> don't work
5. Booting the phone into Bootloader by pressing Volume Up + Power don't work. The phone boot up normal
6. Two other LG G5 --> adb found the device and MTP works
7. Recovery Boot works

What can I try? It seems to be a Software Issue... Please help.

It's a LG G5 H850 with Android 8.0.0
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