LG G5 Screen ghosting/burn-in problem

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Nov 23, 2013
I have noticed , my LG G5 have problem with screen ghosting/burn-in
Here is the problem i have found

Capture001.JPG Capture002.JPG

can fix this issue without changing screen ?
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Dec 22, 2010
This issue is fairly new but it happened to me last night. Might be a software issue but I told verizon warranty techs last night about the issue and they suggested a few things before sending me a replacement. Hopefully this will get resolved.


Dec 22, 2010
So the screen issue is under warranty, but LG wants a few things done. Call your carriers warranty and see what they say about the issue. Verizon wants me to do 4 things before issuing a warranty phone.


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Apr 5, 2015
Do you opened your phone for any reason ? I was also having same type of blue spot at the lower right corner after I replaced camera lens. In my case i think it happens due to over pressure on the screen from behind by back cover or something else. So i loose the screws at the bottom of the screen. Due this 60 percent of blue spot fade away.


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Nov 8, 2014
ok, this issue is known! You can find more informations about at other threads and forums.
See here for LG G5 German forum -> http://www.android-hilfe.de/thema/displayflecken-nach-langem-aktiv-sein.790992/page-3
(sorry, but it is only available in German! Please translate by using Google!)
and of curse:
here for new display: ->https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g5/how-to/panel-vs-panel-series-t3480270
here for V10: -> https://forum.xda-developers.com/tmobile-lg-v10/help/ghost-images-screen-image-retention-t3395732
here for G4:- > https://forum.xda-developers.com/g4/help/screen-ghosting-lg-g4-t3451879

Suggested solution:
As i know,all you can do against that until now is to install the following app to prevent this problem:
-> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sisomobile.android.brightness_lite
switch "opacity" up to 15% and selected colour to "black"! That’s it!
But it couldn’t help, if your display IS affected!

As i have read in the German forum, there are two user they tried to use here warranty but LG has not accepted until now.

BTW: This issue is found on G5 devices they where produced in 3->5 / 2016. Newer devices have a new display without this problem but taking more battery power for it. And V10 and G4 seems to be also affected.
You can see the production date at your serial number! The first number is standing for the production year. The second and third number are standing for the month.

So, you are not alone!
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Jul 14, 2009
This will only occasionally be repaired under warranty. It is a normal behavior for LCD screens. There are already 2 threads covering this issue extensively. Please use the search function the next time.
You can find working solutions in the other threads.

Btw LCDs can't have burn in. It is image retention as it can fade away and is non permanent opposite to burn in
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